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Braindom Answers & Solutions Complete

Braindom all levels answers with detailed hints and image explanations are given on this page, this game is developed by MATCHINGHAM GAMES LIMITED and available for iOS devices for free in Apple App Store for free. Braindom: Brain Games Test allows you to know how genius you are and improve your brain skills. It is a great brain test. this game concept is like Brain Out and Brain Test. But it will be fun playing some original levels. Below are the Detailed hints related to each level on this single page.

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Braindom Solutions:

Use the search feature of the table to quickly find the Required level. If your level is Put the wallet in the bag

Then you can search for ‘Bag‘ Or ‘Wallet‘ or any word from the level title. Try it in below Box! (I am adding image hints to all levels Soon…)

Braindom Level 1 Which belt has the highest levelYellow color belt is at highest level.
Braindom Level 2 Save the wilting plantTake the wilting plant from shadow and move it aside under the sun.
Braindom Level 3
Braindom Level 4 Who is lyingA is lying, mom and child have same birthmark on their neck.
Braindom Level 5 Give us a rating our of 5 stars5 star rating
Braindom Level 6 What’s he sayingI love you
Braindom Level 7 Find the “Donkey”Upper right corner Donkey is there
Braindom Level 8 Find the hidden objectsHidden objects marked in the photo:
Braindom Level 9 He forgot his phone in his room. Help him find itLift the pillow to find the phone
Braindom Level 10 How many tails are there on the screen6 tails on the screen.
Braindom Level 11 Which logo is fakeTwitter logo is fake because it is flipped.
Braindom Level 12 What is wrong in the pictureZoom the photo to find out that there is a cat having only two legs
Braindom Level 13 One of the planes below should cross overWord “plane” can cross, drag the word 'plane' from the question, and put in right of the red cross.
Braindom Level 14 Match the correct emoji couples with this wordEye+Phone= iPhone
Braindom Level 15 How many are thereThere are 5 Sad face.
Braindom Level 16 Help me wake up my cat so that I can take it for a walkTap your finger multiple times on the cat to wake the cat
Braindom Level 17 Which one of these is unnecessaryWithout toothbrush toothpaste is unnecessary
Braindom Level 18 Click the following in this orderRemember the order and click the animals.
Braindom Level 19 Find the hidden objects
Braindom Level 20 JumpMove stone to find milk packet, give milk to boy and then jump using button
Braindom Level 21 Find the horseTap Seahorse (upper right corner)
Braindom Level 22 Which logo is fakeFirst logo is rotated and it is fake.
Braindom Level 23 What’s he sayingStrawberries
Braindom Level 24 Which way is safeWhales can't eat humans, tap on the upper right option.
Braindom Level 25 Help catch the thievesMove things to find 4 thieves then bring all thieves to the police
Braindom Level 26 Which door will you chooseFirst door, he can survive fire in ice world.
Braindom Level 27 Find the hidden objects
Braindom Level 28 Find the total number of the green ballsmix blue and yellow balls to make another 2 balls, there are 4 balls now.
Braindom Level 29 Find the “Shark”Upper right corner.
Braindom Level 30 Level 30 Caged parrotTap the cage to free the bird and then open the window.
Braindom Level 31 Which logo is trueFirst logo
Braindom Level 32 How many balls are below4 balls, tap on every ball 2 balls will disappear
Braindom Level 33 Put the wallet in the bagRotate the wallet vertically then zoom out to make it smaller using two fingers.
Braindom Level 34 What’s the greatest starPinch to zoom out the screen using your two fingers 3-4 times to see a big star.
Braindom Level 35 Who is lying?B is lying, because red dress girl is coming from men's bathroom.
Braindom Level 36just fill two puzzle parts.
Braindom Level 37 Deliver the order to the guy falling asleepRub on Zzzzzzz to wake him up, then deliver the order.
Braindom Level 38 One of the bottles is full of water. Which one do you think isPut them in freezer, water will freeze and the bottle will turn whitish.
Braindom Level 39 How many four-leaf clovers are there0, all of them have 3 leaf.
Braindom Level 40 Which one has 6 circles in itFirst choose number 8, then number 4, then 2 (Question is asking for number 2, not 2 circles)
Braindom Level 41 Find the hidden objectsAll marked in the photo
Braindom Level 42 Match the correct emoji couples with this wordSun+Glasses=Sunglasses
Braindom Level 43 Find the “Rooster”Bottom right is rooster
Braindom Level 44 Here we go, spin the wheelSpin with your finger, slide your finger on the wheel to rotate it.
Braindom Level 45 Tear off two pieces from the toilet paperPull down toilet paper then swipe on the line to cut the two pieces.
Braindom Level 46 Save the cat from the dogsZoom cat to make him large.
Braindom Level 47 Find the correct shadowSecond Shadow from left.
Braindom Level 48 How many gray pieces are thereThis is an optical illusion, Middle shape looks like it is having two different colors, Put black shape between 2 big grays, you will find that they are of the same color (Grey) so there are 6 gray pieces.
Braindom Level 49 Find the “Whale”Hidden in girls hairs:
Braindom Level 50 Pick the mulberriesShake phone.
Braindom Level 51 Find the “Heart”See image:
Braindom Level 52 Come on! Carry on racingPut them close to the car and then stop the car
Braindom Level 53 Try to get the cheese from the trapHold the trap with one finger and take cheese with another finger without lifting the first finger.
Braindom Level 54 (12+6-5x3)x(2x2+1-7+2)=?(12+6-15)x(4+1-7+2)
Braindom Level 55 Who would you safe firstThe dog can swim and money can be earned, so you have to save the child.
Braindom Level 56 apple+pear=5Apple=2
Braindom Level 57 One car wheel missing. Fix itCan you see the menu circle in the upper left corner? use it as a wheel.
Braindom Level 58 Help him lift the barbellUse 2 finger to lift the weight.
Braindom Level 59 Match the correct emoji couples with this wordIron+Man=Ironman
Braindom Level 60 Help me sieve itTap your finger repeatedly to sieve it.
Braindom Level 61 Find the “Deer”Left Lower corner.
Braindom Level 62 Which logo is fakeFacebook logo
Braindom Level 63 Please help me clean it. Make sure there’s no poison leftPut all the poison in the Poison-box. Also Put word “poison” in the BOX.
Braindom Level 64 Find the correct shadowFirst One shadow
Braindom Level 65 Which logo is trueFirst
Braindom Level 66 Find the “Pizza”
Braindom Level 67put first two pieces in place
Braindom Level 68 Make sure the envelope can be written onSwipe to change envelope to another side and then drag the pen to it.
Braindom Level 69 Help him to sleepTap and hold your finger on the moon to hide it.
Braindom Level 70 How many squares are there same color with “A” squareMove “A” square around and all marked yellow are the same, totally 4
Braindom Level 71 This old building should be taken downShake your phone
Braindom Level 72 Find the “Fish”
Braindom Level 73 Clean the scribbled pageShake your phone to move the eraser.
Braindom Level 74 Order the geometric shapes below from top to bottom according to their side numbersConnect 2 triangles together to make a star, and then put shapes as shown:
Braindom Level 75 How many wheels are there15 (Wheel Word from question too)
Braindom Level 76 I want my other half of the cherry backDraw cheery
Braindom Level 77 Tap in the right order
Braindom Level 78 Spot the “F”
Braindom Level 79 Find the twinsyellow dotted eggs are twin
Braindom Level 80 The monkey is very hungry. Help itTap multiple times on bananas to break them
Braindom Level 81 Try to find the mistake7 is written flipped
Braindom Level 82Remember the order and click the animals.
Braindom Level 83 Spot the foreignerDog, because all the other animals are of cat family.
Braindom Level 84 Stall is not stable, please fix itPaint one more leg
Braindom Level 85use last two images to fill the puzzle.
Braindom Level 86 Find her shadowlast one is correct shadow
Braindom Level 87 Which pieces suit each other best
Braindom Level 88 Match the correct emoji couples with this wordman+dead=walking dead
Braindom Level 89 Find the cheese
Braindom Level 90 Which one do you think is a law bookMove the word “law” on the book

Braindom Level 91 Remember the story of “Alice in Wonderland”, she needs the keyGive her cake and she will grow
Braindom Level 92 Let Alice go to Wonderland through that small doorGive her drink and she will be small
Braindom Level 93 Please help Alice match the right key with the right shadow so we can narrow
Braindom Level 94 Which key opens which door, Alice is confused
Braindom Level 95 Thanks for identifying the right key, but this is too big for this keyholeZoom out keys to make them smaller
Braindom Level 96 One burger for me, pleaseDraw upper bun of the burger:
Braindom Level 97 Let’s see if you can find the numbered ballConnect all balls together to make 1
Braindom Level 98 Find the twinsred blue butterflies
Braindom Level 99 Chill, relax and match as you will need it later
Braindom Level 100 The phone will be out of battery, please help mePut 100 from level number to right corner of the phone to charge the phone to 100%
Braindom Level 101 Which circle is greenPut word “green” to empty circle
Braindom Level 102 Find the lady bug with 4 dots
Braindom Level 103 Something doesn’t seem rightdraw teeth on the saw as shown:
Braindom Level 104 Match the correct emoji couples with this wordHeart+Gun=Heart Attack
Braindom Level 105 Find the bone
Braindom Level 106 Help me make my strawberry milkPut strawberry inside and switch on blender
Braindom Level 107 Now, I want a strawberry milkshakePut strawberries inside the blender and shake your phone
Braindom Level 108 Hey, you made all drinks for me, but Emma and Max are drinking it. Who’s who? Drag names to its ownerMove the names as shown:
Braindom Level 109 Help ladies to be together in the lineLift women and put her with last women
Braindom Level 110 What will it look like from a bird’s-eye viewNumber 3
Braindom Level 111 You know what you are doing, right
Braindom Level 112 Help me ride a bike and be carbon-freeDraw a circle to make a wheel for bicycle
Braindom Level 113 Can you spot spot the mistakeSpot is two times in the title.
Braindom Level 114It is number of legs, ant have 6 legs cow has 4 and chicken has 2. 6 is the answer.
Braindom Level 115 Find the twinsRight one and middle one.
Braindom Level 116 Pick the odd one outBook's cant fly.
Braindom Level 117 Chill, relax and matchLast shadow
Braindom Level 118 Who is lyingA is lying, you can see the same bracelet.
Braindom Level 119 Tap in the right order
Braindom Level 120 Match the correct emoji couples with this wordPlant+star=Lucky Star
Braindom Level 121 He is about to miss his favourite show, help himDraw wire
Braindom Level 122 Can you stop the droneLand the drone, then double-tap the Drone top to remove the battery.
Braindom Level 123 Who is telling the truth? tap on their namesTake phone from his pocket and then tap both lucy and jennifer at the same time
Braindom Level 124 Chillax and match
Braindom Level 125 Click the following in this order
Braindom Level 126Use middle 2 parts
Braindom Level 127 Find the tiny mouse
Braindom Level 128Pull the parking barrier aside and let cars go
Braindom Level 129 The salad needs more saltShake your phone
Braindom Level 130 Which one is the championPut the word “champion” to place number 1
Braindom Level 131 How many people live here? Find the cluesAnswer is 2, you have to find the clue as shown in image.
Braindom Level 132 Find the bananaBanana id in the yellow curtain in the right upper corner.
Braindom Level 133 Find the goose that lays the golden eggsSqueeze each of them with your two fingers to see what egg they lay.
Braindom Level 134 Find the darkest colorDrag the word 'darkest' from the question text on all balloons then you will find a balloon with dark color.
Braindom Level 135 Which glass has more waterFirst glass has the more water.
Braindom Level 136 Which logo is fakeTwitter logo is fake
Braindom Level 137 Who is lyingAnswer is A, There is a photo on right side you can see.
Braindom Level 138 Find the boxlower side of the bed, drawn on bedsheet.
Braindom Level 139 Who is lyingclick on his ring, you will see his wife's name. Answer is Margot
Braindom Level 140 Who is lyingClick on the man's pocket to find DNA results. Answer is A
Braindom Level 141 Save the daymove 5 and make 50
Braindom Level 142 Poorly lady is in a difficult position. Nature calls her more that others but there is only one toilet for ladies. Helppaint skirt to man icon
Braindom Level 143 Can you mow the grass for memove machine and cut grass and Drag machine with your finger to grass
Braindom Level 144 Who is CinderellaDrag their dresses up and put shoe to middle girl
Braindom Level 145 Who is CinderellaDrag their dresses up and put shoe to middle girl
Braindom Level 146 He’s going to sneeze! She looks afraid, keep her safeopen medicine box and give mask to him
Braindom Level 147 Something went wrong while she was playing with a string. Can you help herclick on face and take string from her mouth
Braindom Level 148 The door is locked, help me open itshake your phone
Braindom Level 149 The door is locked, help me open itshake your phone
Braindom Level 150 Which car would you buyshake your phone and tap
Braindom Level 151 Help him scoreDrag bag and give milk to boy
Braindom Level 152 Spot the foreignercat is the foreighner.
Braindom Level 153 The salad needs more saltshake your phone
Braindom Level 154 Help me open the dooropen the door with your finger manually
Braindom Level 155 The bird wants to play seesaw as it is bored of flyingdraw stone with your finger.
Braindom Level 156 Coffe mug is too hot to hold!Draw cup holder manually to hold coffee
Braindom Level 157 Help me pour my tea. Be careful, it might be hotpaint kettle keeper
Braindom Level 158 The car’s battery is flat. help him run his car againOpen red car and then draw a wire in between cars
Braindom Level 159 Find her shadowthe 3rd shadow is correct.
Braindom Level 160 Hey, it’s the twins’ birthday today! Where is your presentGive them gifts from down
Braindom Level 161 Who is the father?Tap on their clothes
Braindom Level 162 Stop the rainTilt your phone upside down
Braindom Level 163 How many people live hereAnswer is 4
Braindom Level 164 How can you help save the patient who is in danger?connect fourth woman to medicine
Braindom Level 165 Find the force affecting the water levelput the plate
Braindom Level 166 Help entertain the catmove fish around cat
Braindom Level 167 Make her happycreate an aliens like her dream
Braindom Level 168 Find your stolen beautiful red carTap water and wash all cars till you will find red color car
Braindom Level 169 Who is their childBoy with blue eyes
Braindom Level 170 Which one is a cherry tree?Dig all bones and put water

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