Brain Test Answers [All 147+ Level In One Page]

Brain Test Answers & Brain test Solutions [Level 1-147]

Brain test game solutions and walkthrough with detailed hint and tips are solved in this page. Scroll below to finds all the levels with answers.

Brain test Solutions Or Answers:

  • Brain test level 61 Solution & Answer: Tap two fingers on both exposed ends of the wire to complete the circuit so that current flows through your body.
  • Brain test level 62 Solution & Answer: There are 4 dots in this level, one is inside the question but the other three are near the setting button which shows the “level menu”.
  • Brain test level 63 Solution & Answer:
  • Slide down on the left side of the carpet to tilt it so that the mouse will slide down the carpet using gravity into the cat’s mouth.
  • Brain test level 64 Solution & Answer: Shake your device to see the strongest building then click on it.
  • Brain test level 65 Solution & Answer: In the question text, the “I” word can be moved. So Drag ‘I’ before the “SCREAM” word and that will make “ISCREAM (ice-cream)” and the baby will stop crying.
  • Brain test level 66 Solution & Answer: The minus “-” sign can be moved from the second equation &  the smallest number possible in the 3digit is -999. Put that negative sign before the 999 at the answer section. So the answer is “-999”
  • Brain test level 67 Solution & Answer: Two same structure (or pair) will make each other disappear. So, find the pairs and make them disappear. But the last carrot card will disappear after dividing it into two parts by swipe it from up to down then making a pair.
  • Brain test level 68 Solution & Answer: First, it asks for the red color, not red text. Then, it asks for yellow color so click on a yellow color, not yellow text.At last, it asks you to pick the red so just click on the red text color that is in yellow color box.
  • Brain test level 69 Solution & Answer: There is a power-up tool or fuel is hidden in the right upper corner of the crowds. Click on it and drag it on the blue car, now blue will be able to win.
  • Brain test level 70 Solution & Answer: The letter “E” occurs twice in a ‘week’, once in a ‘year’ and never in a ‘month’.

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