Brain Surfing Level 90 Solution Answer

Brain Surfing Make the blue boat win

Brain Surfing Game Level 90 is Solved on this page, With detailed image and text hints. Just scroll below to find it.

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Brain Surfing level 90 hint

Hold down on the red and green boats with your two fingers to stop them from moving, then tap go to make the blue boat go without lifting the other two.

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My review: I love this game it’s is educational and good for playing and understanding. This is very funny and challenging at the same time. there are mini-games in this android iOS game, you have to think various topics like a car, money driving and think out of the box. you may have to sometime do calculations and sometimes do various physical activities with the phone to pass the level like shaking and moving. You may have to sometimes think like a kid and sometimes think like a scientist this will increase your IQ

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