Brain Puzzle IQ Challenge Answer Solutions [All 138 Levels]

Brain Puzzle IQ Challenge Solutions Walkthrough & Answers

Brain Puzzle Level 1-138 Are solved in this page please scroll down to find out all level’s hints.

Brain Puzzle IQ Challenge all levels are solved on this page but if you need detailed image hints you can click on that level link.

The developer is Shuffling levels with updates so If you can’t find the level please use the search button.

Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge Walkthrough:

Watermelon is the biggest in real life.

The egg came first, click on the egg.

Tap on duck’s head and Swipe down to shorten its neck.

Yes!! Everyone wants to move to Mars.

Drag and move the mountain underneath Bob.

move the bottom bun left and right by swiping and catch all the ingredients.

Tap the word ‘ANYWHERE’ In the question text.

Tap on the animal again an again multiple times to wake him up.

White color is lightest, Which is the background color, tap on white background.

Take the paper and wrap it on stone by dragging it on it, then drag it on the scissors to win. Click the above link for detailed image hints.

Move the road by dragging to the left so that chicken crosses the road.

Search the whole screen by dragging white spot until you find something in the lower-left corner which looks like a fruit.

tap multiple times on the tree repeatedly to shake it so that apple will fall down on the boy.

Tap/Swipe on his hairs 2-3 times so that he looks good.

The score is too high to list here

Grab the tree and place it above Bob, so that bob can hide behind it so that he can get over his fear of bananas.

To fix the sink, make a path for the water to flow, Click above link for image hints.

I don’t know, how big the universe is.

Tap on the banana 3-4 times until it disappears then click on the apple 2-4 times to make that disappear.

you have to remember the cards and match the cards by clicking the same card.

Tap on the duck, to pass the level.

Swipe up on the booger so that it will hit the bob.

Awsenr tihs qseuiotn- Aihglrt (all other options are written correctly other than ‘alright’)

Play this game by tapping, avoid lower and bottom lines and go over the moon to pass this level.

The ball is hidden inside the right tree, Banana in hairs of girl, matchsticks below box and tomato is inside the hat of the boy.

15 is the largest in size

Drag his hair to pull out the wig and move it aside so that hairs won’t get wet.

  • Brain Puzzle IQ Challenge Level 28 

This level is skipped by the developer for obvious reasons that you will know in level 31.

find the polar bear, it is in the right middle of all, click the link above to get image hints.

Click the green button 2 times in the next screen there is no button so click on ’30’ to pass this level 30 is the level number, click above link to get image hints.

The skipped level is level number 28.

Pull the feathers of chicken by pulling (Dragging) off the chicken until all the feathers are removed. that is the weight of all data i.e. 50 grams.

Move the map by sliding down, this will reveal the groundhog then place the paper on the groundhog that will eat the paper.

First, start the race by tapping on the screen then, drag the old man to the finish line to win the race.

Lift the scissors and put on the slice of Pizza.

Tap on the tree multiple (20-30) times to shake the tree so that hidden pizza falls down.

Elf on the Shelf= Dog on the Log, put the dog on the logs to pass the level.

I have seen better

Rotate your phone upside down (180 degrees) to turn a sad face into a smiling face.

Do not touch anything for 5-10 seconds, the level will be solved automatically.

I am heavy forward, but backward I’m ‘not’. What am I?

Backward=not => Forward= ton, A bear weight a ton, so click on the bear.

Middle of mAp, tap ‘A’ because it is in the middle of mAp.

Lift the rock and put it on the egg to break it so that you will find a treasure map.

do not catch the viruses, Only catch what you can eat. (go to leftmost to save yourself from first 2 viruses)

Pick your nose (Lift and put finger inside the nose) a dinosaur will appear, click on it to solve this level.

Rate this game? how many stars will you give? 5 stars

you can find ‘j’ in 3rd line (right side)

A serve in tennis is a shot to start a point. A player will hit the ball with a racquet. So drag the tennis racket on the ball to serve.

Try to hit his head, Try again and again you will succeed.

For high ten, tap on both hands using your 2 fingers at the same time.

Connect both wires to let current flow through you, to do this, tap one finger on one wire and another on other wire at the same time. screenshot from other app but works fine:

Tap and hold both racers with two fingers until the old man wins the race.

total fingers=8, One hand is hiding behind this hand so total fingers 4+4=8

2 backpacks are there so far.

It’s simple, the number is written on screen: 55543945102

Stretch the duck head in the upward direction, so that she can reach the apple.

drag and move the tree to find the hidden number i.e. 39

Pull the feathers of the chicken until there is pizza on the screen.

tap the green button 3 times, when all are red, move that red middle block, the green button is hiding behind that red button. Click it. (click above link for detailed image hints)

Cover both of his nostrils with two of your fingers at the same time.

  1. Tap on tree multiple times tap as much as you can.
  2. You will get Battery, rock, paper, and wooden logs.
  3. put paper, battery, and rock on the logs to ignite the fire.

Copy the pattern, You have to repeat the pattern again and tap in the same order as it was. Pattern changes each time so you can make a video on another phone if you can’t remember the pattern or retry again.

Try to read the sentence: Hit the guys; don’t hit the guys with hats! there are 2 guys without a hat that you have to tap 9in both lower corners)

Some stickmen are hiding behind each other so move each stickman before counting. there are a total of 9 stickmen.

Put the ring(donut) on the finger. you can get married by wearing a ring.

Rub on his head by swiping over it again and again so that it gets shiny.

You are most handsome (Screen is black so if you look closely you will find a reflection of yours that is most beautiful) so put ‘ME’ in the input box to solve this level.

Click any color of your choice, that is the best color.

Scroll the screen to the left so that you can find bob on the right, click on that bob (image hints in the above link)

Rub on his teeth 7-8 times with your finger to clean his teeth.

Turn the phone upside down (rotate 180 degrees)

tap the weight using one or more fingers multiples times very fast, to lift it.

Use this Image:

Tap all 5 hands using 5 fingers at the same time, you can also take help from your siblings.

Tap No/Yes

1. Click Multiple times on the food can to open Dogfood.
2. Give the opened food to Dog.
3. The dog will poop, you will find the key there.

Swipe Away the poop

  1. Put the Seed in the Soil first.
  2. Click multiple times on the cloud, So that it will give a drop of water.
  3. Click again multiple times on the cloud for the second drop.
  4. After the second drop of water, the seed will convert into Watermelon, Click on it.

(Another level ‘Find 0’ numbered as 80 on level 85 see below)

Snow is missing, Type ‘Snow’ to pass this level.

Drag and remove the chocolate cover from icecream then give the icecream to Bob.

Find the fish- Fish is in the right corner, search there.

Put everything in the box, All the obects+The question text+level 84

Do you see level 80? (Actually this level 85) Click the zero inside the 8′0′ This is the only Zero, which is deliberately put to confuse us. Click on it.

You have to remember the light flashing order, and then tap in the same order again, you can take a video from another phone and then play it and see it then click the colors in the same order.

Last time you could life weight by clicking with 2 fingers very fast, but this time you have to click as fast as you can using all of your fingers until he eats the food.

Hw mny dys r thr n n wk? How many days are there in one week? Answer is 7

Avoid every virus except top bun.

There are Zero potatoes, there are only tomatoes (0 Is the answer)

Many of the two-digit numbers are two single-digit numbers, move them around to know if there are two single number which can separate then count the two-digit numbers. There are only 3 two-digit numbers.

ATM password is 123456

Hit the start button, when light is on the fifth house click on the stop.

Again play this game avoid all the viruses when you see a tomato collide with it to kill the tomato.


Tap on the screen with all of your fingers you can use your siblings’ help and tap as fast as you can.

Drag green triangle in his way to stop, Then click on the frog. (for the detailed image hint click the above link.)

Turn your phone upside down (rotate 180 degrees) a donut will fall down.

Slide screen to left, you will find A carrot. Click on that to feed the chicken.

You may have heard elf on the shelf but have you heard ‘Girl on the squirrel’? Put that girl on the squirrel.

Please wait… all levels will be updated within 8 hours.

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