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Brain Out Walkthrough Level (1-185) Hints

Brain Out Game All Levels are Solved on this page, Just scroll below to find All the answers of this game in this single page.

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Solutions Brain Out [All Levels]:

Watermelon is obviously a bigger one.

One of them is a chick. so only 9 ducks

don’t forget the sun.

You Can Move The Watermelon.

try to drag the square a little bit off the screen (it will look like rectangle)

There are 11 triangles. Look closely. Upper two triangles make a new triangle

Fire plus fire, Make a large fire by combining all fires.

why don’t you move the car out of that parking space?

Give this game full marks.

Owl awake in the night, drag the sun out of the screen.

What is the answer to 4+5, All the above Answers are wrong answers, you have to give the correct answer.

is pumpkin is a food? Do not click on the pumpkin.

use your two-finger to fill the “o” at the same time, make your 3 “o” on a row.

hold and shake the mother hen, the chick is hiding behind the hen

what is the color of texts?

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The boy is wearing a wig, take it off, Then count hairs, There are 3 hairs.

Stop filling the bottle, there is water on the ground, Just move chicken to the Water.

drag “-” from 1 to ? and make it becomes 2

drag two figures together to create meat slice.

hold the pony and monkey by hand and let the bunny run to the end.

open the can and feed my dog, she would tell you.

people like listening to the cd.

click on cigarette

put all coins into a piggy bank and then tap the piggy bank to break it.

do you remember how the poached egg looks like?

1 cut, you can fold this circle before you cut it.

Zoom into the Mountain (Total 17 ants are there)

Binary code is there (16 8 4 2 1 ) So 8+1=9

Tap a butterfly above the texts. Move the text below the butterfly then tap the Butterfly.

touch two red wires at the same time.

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tap cloud and then earthworm would show up when raining.

You have to rock the baby to put him to sleep. You have to move the phone slowly as a swing (Like a pendulum) keeping it horizontally.  Watch this Video If you can’t

Click both at the same time using both fingers to save both.

move the clouds upon the sun after that drive the car to the road.

just move the carrot and feed it.

enlarge the boat and turn it into a bridge.


put everything including the level text

Grab and hold the mole and take it closer to the Mallet.

rotate your device and get the key out of the paint bucket.

1+2+3+11+2+3+11+2+3+1=39, just enter 39

find the objects from image

tap on the doorknob to open the door, A beautiful girl will show up.

if 1=5, of course, 5=1

there is an extra unconnected cup (Cup 1) please remove it first.

965 is the largest number you can make.

can you eat the hen house?

Grab her bag and give it to tom.

feet and drag the spaceship over.

rotate your device.

try to move fries, there may be some hidden fries

right end in the second row.

clean up the wrong paint.

after 6th tap, wait a few seconds until the color change back to green.

Rub the Aladdin’s lamp several times and then tap the book, only knowledge can you make you realize your dream.

a circle has infinite sides.

The answer is 91, You may have found from other sources. But I will tell you why:







press and hold the envelope then rotate the phone to find the photo. (click above to get detailed hint)

long press her nose until she wakes up.

click the dog several times?

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Mix blue and yellow color to make Green color and click on green color. (Drag blue square on to yellow to make green)

try to create a hexagon by yourself by using two shapes.


Just pin all the darts on the wheel carefully.

9. it’s just a picture, the clock doesn’t work.

notice the hidden chicks under the buttons.

Rub the dog’s’s body to pet him and comfort him.

Shake your phone very fast.

make 1-0=1

move the screen to find it.

Don’t forget the keypad numbers: 7+8+9=24

text can be used as a board for the bunny to jump.

the mirror will reflect out the correct answer. What will you see in the mirror image you will see 70773

long press to duplicate one more elephant,

It’s not tricky, You have to click just after 3rd blub is glowing, Try Hit and trial. You will succeed.

What is the perimeter of this figure?

Which claw is similar to a cat’s outstretched claw? Cats another claw.

try to rotate 3.

the maze is closed, please use the bypass.

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tap on the bottom of the glass, get the juice sediment to give it to Zoe.

maybe we can put some of them into the same frames?

Pull table down, then find the differences.

Note that there are 2 holes in the front side+ 2 holes in the backside.

1 upper hole+2 pockets holes+2 legs holes=9 holes

210= 1024

  1. Fire the wood
  2. Take it to the one end of the pipe (let us say right as shown in the picture in detailed hints)
  3. From the other end (Left), smoke will come out as shown in the picture below.
  4. Leave wood there (Right)
  5. Then close the Other end (Left) by tapping and holding your finger for some time, Due to smoke rat will come out from right end in 1-2 seconds.

don’t forget using the mouse, move and right-click.

rise the sign “-” and make the answer becomes -999

 Zoom the dartboard by zooming it with your two fingers, Then play the game. (Watch out for direction change)

cover gamepad with your finger for a little while.

Move two circles from the fourth row to the second row, and then move the first row to the bottom. (Image in the detailed hints)

memorize the order before you start tapping.

Move the middle board to the left then use controls to jump.

16 years

move the circle to the 3rd column and make three circle columns.

Put noodles in the bowl, then pour milk. then you have to heat it with your finger (Long tap for at least 6-8 seconds)

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By moving the sticks make a flipped chair (click above for detailed hints)


please try to take off the scarf and then pay attention to the buttons and ears. (panda is in the right bottom side)

tilt your device upside down.

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Use two zeros to make an Infinity sign (∞)

Use two sticks from 0 to make 1 after 8, the number will be 31181. Refer to the Detailed description for the exact image hint.

Put your phone facing down on the table to solve this level.

put 1 finger on the screen to attract it and then use another finger to kill it.

which number is the smallest?

He is just dreaming, Just wake him up, shake your phone.

add a line at the sign “+” to make it into 4, 5+545=550

First tap 3 fruits in left to right order. then tap hexagon. then tap square and then again tap square (because the square is also Diamond shape and vice versa) don’t tap on the star.

Shake Phone for atleast 5-10 second then  give the orange bottle to Jack.

click on 3 buttons at the same time.

look carefully, a menu at the bottom right corner.

No one can open the box with only one hand. Use two hands, or tap one finger at the bottom art and use another to open the box.

43215, It is easy. (not always answer will be 1)

cake 6, fork 2, 8 in total.

Do not look at the counter, the counter shows wrong reading. just count yourself.

Remove everything from the balance. Then Balance is automatically balanced.

There are hairs on the back, rotate the boy and count all the hairs. There is a total of 38 hairs.

Whole cat=10, Face=5, two Paws=2 (or One paw =1), But look carefully at the last cat in 3rd equation have only One paw, So answer should be 5+1x(10-1)=5+9=14

Light up the middle candle and tilt your device to light up another one.

Try to zoom out your screen. Pinch to zoom out, you will see Mother hen.

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Hide the sun by Cloud, then Rain will fall and the container will fill. Then move duck near the tube to help the duck drink water.

Put your finger on the thermometer and take your temperature. Put your finger at the lower part of the thermometer. It will show 96.8 F after 2-3 seconds.

Use your finger to block the opening then shake your device.

Zoom the fridge and then drag giraffe into it.

Swipe left to right 3-4 times to Remove the bulb

Total is 140, From 0-99 there are 20 1’s, From 100-199 there are 120 1’s

1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 31 41 51 61 71 81 91 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199

1. Feed One Heart to Rabbit, It will get bigger
2. Go to the Extreme end, Then Jump

total letters? 26 what if ET left? (Hint Says ET left with UFO) So total character left=26-5=21

you just need to drag the last one out from the screen.

They have the same height whey they got burned out=6 hours

5+3= (5-3)(5+3)= 28


7+3= (7-3)(7-3)= 410

 Keep your phone in hand, shake it left and right about its middle (More details in detailed hints)

Then use the trimmer.

Shake the bottle and pop the cork by tapping on the cork.

A grape is missing and now try again. (answer in detailed hints)

Check the image

Drag the meat to all the sheep you will see the difference and then use another finger to remove the fake cloths of the wolf.

Go for the clock. Change the time to the next two hours by turning the minute half.

First, take your phone in hand, Straighten your hand. Then move it left-right very fast 3-4 times then tap on the windmill to rotate it very fast. (click above for more detailed hints with image and Movement of hand)

Combine both red figures to make a heart.

Use the real-time of your own device.

Use three-finger to lift up the stone.

Drag the middle triangle and try counting again.

Shake your phone to rise the fish hook then put earthworm on it and try shaking it again.

Drag the items and make a skate by yourself. (image in detailed hints)

Its ZOZO’s birthday and the date on the calendar is yesterday’s so the answer will be: 20030816

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Remove the bulb then escape without letting him get to the gate.

Shake the monster and put the hoop on the monkey head and then click on the chair leg and give that stick to monkey to beat the shit out of the monster.

Find the item shown above in the picture nothing tricky, For image and video hint click above.

Use Wooden logs to make a ladder (stack logs above each other) and then use both ropes to tie them. For image hints click the link above.

Rotate 9 to make it 6 then fill 6+11+13=30 to complete the equation.

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after finding ping pong 2 times it shows 10 so to reduce speed you have to rub the zero and make it 1× then find the ball again 2 times.

You have to tie both ropes, By stretching one rope at end to another to pass to make a knot.

They are 7 sons and one daughter, so each brother have one sister so total is 8

Find the shovel near tree stem, Make a hole and cover with dry grass in front of him. The thief will get trapped. Video here

Use one finger to hold the weight and save the egg using another finger.

Exchange the riders before the start of the race.

Put one finger on the Machine and one Finger on white space and try to zoom in, You will find a power outlet near it, plug it in. then add ice and milk to make an icecream.

this will happen if two candles blew out:

Drag the ‘protect’ word from the question text and put it on the rocket to make a shield around it.

The dog is wearing glasses, So move glasses from the dog’s eyes and put them on the boy’s eyes to see the FLY.

Tap and hold a dollar and stack it on other currency notes to lift all of them.

To catch (capture) birds pull out the phone from the boy’s pocket and put it into the boy’s hand to capture all birds.

Connect your device to a charger to pass this level.

Two fours? Two zeros can make out an 8. click on zero two times.

Pick the sausage from the plate and feed it to the boy’s mouth but try to avoid touching the dog. (click above for detailed hints)

Try to zoom the ball and when it gets bigger, play in the straight direction.

Ping pong ball is too small. try to find a smaller ball. Look into the level Number Lv.167,  the dot after Lv is the ping pong ball we are searching for.

How many triangles? 12 triangles are there in the figure but you forgot the left-right buttons that are in shape of a triangle. so answer is 12+2=14

First, take out the box of cigarettes from the left pocket, then click and slide over cigarette to stop smoking.

Zero, Pineapples don’t grow on the tree.

follow these steps:

  1. put shampoo/soap bottle in the water
  2. put the cat into the tub
  3. lift chair, you will find a fish, then put the fish into the tub.

Find the exit, Find ‘exit’ word. tap the exit word in the question text.

  1. Try to put red bucket near the black bull, It will kick the calf.
  2. Try it 3 times, the cow will come to the rescue
  3. Now milk the cow by putting the bucket under the cow.

Put bucket into the Glass pot then put that glass pot under the tap to fill the bucket.


Minimum 3 cuts are required, two cuts to cut them into 4 parts then make a horizontal cut. (image solution in detailed hints)

Pinch to zoom the blue creature,It will eat the monsters.

Slide your fingers left and right on the cards, Without lifting it cards will start to disappear.

Put all Four remaining circles in a single turn, by clicking quickly in the same row.

In right Bars, there is enough space for the chick to get out, See the middle space of the right side.

  1. Click on the right side of the machine to open the grip control. Then click on that button to increase the grip.
  2. Drag the coin to play the game.
  3. Move the catcher, to right using Right button
  4. Click on the yellow button to catch the doll.

Brain Out Level 182 Solution (Click Here to get detailed Hints):

Before following the next two steps, Goal two times, it is easy if you fail you can try many times, after the 3rd goal, this red ball appears:

1. Click it very fast until the red bar is full
2. Then grab the ball and put in into Goal

From comments, I did know that there is specific pattern: Left right left left right, Click in this order to get oast this level.

Use one finger to lift the container at the left and another finger to rotate it to pour water in the glass. (do not lift another finger until the glass is full)

Hint: Move the car to the right from above the cars, You will see move empty parking spaces.

Park the car in any of the spaces using four buttons.

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