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Brain Find Answers Solutions All Levels

Brain Find Answers All levels are provided on this page, you just have to scroll and find the required level. All the solutions with detailed hints and walkthroughs are provided on this page.

Brain find is another game by Focus apps with all new mind-twisting puzzles. Just think differently and everything will help you feel refreshed. If you are a fan of tricky games, riddles, brainteasers, brain games, or any other quiz game, Brain Find another game to exercise your brain. The fascinating brain puzzles would definitely surprise you by testing your brain with outside the box solutions. Some of the levels are hard, so I have solved all of them here, Please visit to find answers and support us.

Note: This game’s levels are shuffled in each update, so you have to find the required level by searching the level name in the below box:

Brain Find game Answers (level 1-100)

for eg. if the level is ‘Where is my diamond ring‘ you can search for ‘diamond‘ or ‘ring‘ in the below search box. Click the link on the left side to find an image hint.

Click on level to find Image Hints

Detailed Hint (Click Left link for image hint)
#1 Where is the duckOn top of upper duck
#2 I want that cakeTap 2nd cake from bottom right
#3 Which one is orangeMove the watermelon to the left to find out the orange
#4 Give a high fiveSwipe screen to from left to the right to find another bird with correct orientation.
#5 Where is the candyDrag balloon to the pump and then tap to blow the balloon until the balloon breaks and you will find canty in it.
#6 Give yourself a flowerPut water in pot, then put fertilizer bag in it. Then move the clouds aside so that sunlight make the flower boom, then click the flower.
#7 Eyesight challengeRightmost cup has the lemon in it.
#8 Seriously, what’s your score for this gameTap 100 and then click the thumb up button.
#9 I just want the biggest coinDrag the piggy box up in the air and then drop it from a height to break it and find the coin.
#10 You look so good to smileDrag the upper right smile to make it smile.
#11 Add up all the numbersMove the box to find all the numbers, the password is 21. 2+5+4+1+3+6=21
#12 Where’s grandma’s glassesGive the wool ball to the cat to make the cat busy, then give newspaper to the grandma, she will put on her glasses to read the newspaper.
#13 Find the nailUse the x ray vision to find out the nail inserted inside near his shoulder.
#14 Where’s the diamondUse your two fingers to open the doll and find the diamond.
#15 Let’s play hide and seekOpen the wardrobe and pull the clothes to the right by sliding your finger to the right on the clothes, then you find the boy, click the boy to pull it out
#16 Find 2 differences1. Hand is in pocket, 2. There is a card in the pocket of the shirt placed on the chair.
#17 Help me, my cat is missingDrag the butterfly to the cat's tail in left upper screen to reveal the cat.
#18 Let me outFind the hammer under the pillow, and use it on the floor when the guard is not watching
#19 What is the highest peak in the worldMount qomolangma
#20 Greatest findingRotate 6 into 9, then start digging
#21 Where is my diamond ringOpen the right cabinet and find the food for the dog, give it to the dog, then flush the dog poop with water to find out the diamond ring.
#22 Give me a bananaDetach pump handle and finger to make a banana
#23 Cunning gopherCombine all the holes and then hit the gopher with hammer
#24 Teacher, you lost your thingsSlide the window to let sunshine come, then click sunglasses.
#25 Move 1 match 6-4=3 to make the equation hold6-4=2
#26 The puppy is so naughtyYou have to turn on the tv to see the puppy, pur your two fingers on the two ends of wires to make a circuit throught your body.
#27 Where did the cockroachesSlide the bottle cap to open it, then turn your phone upside down to let cockroach come out. (Flip 180 device vertically)
#28 Can you do magic?Press both end of the spoon woth your two fingers to bend it.
#29 Find 2 differences1. Recycle sign on the box, 2. The dialogue box
#30 I’m hungrySlide up the cabinet on the wall to find apple
#31 Vampire hunterDrag the hunter to the right and pull out the garlic, then pass that galic to the person in the front.
#32 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 []+[]+[]=?4+2+7=13
#33 Where’s the little ducklingTap and hold a hen and shake it until it lays a small duckling.
#34 Give you a dessertTurn upside down your device, to find a cupcake.
#35 What is the percentage of ocean on the earth?0.71
#36 Test your eyesightSwipe the screen to the right using your two fingers.
#37 Buzz, buzz, buzzHit the same fly 10 times in a row to kill it.
#38 Make a pot of soupFirst empty the pot to the trash can to discard the resudial in the pot present already, then put water and food inside the pot to prepare fresh soup.
#39 Which glass has lemon in it?Lift up the both cup at the same time using your two fingers.
#40 Move 1 match 3-9=3 to make the equation hold 3-0=3
#41 Only smart people can inherit the throne Long press to copy the key, then use both key to open the treasures.
#42 Do not touch dangerous goods Hold the bottle mouth using your 1 finger then shake the phone to mix the chemicals.
#43 It’s dark, light up the lamp Drag the hint button on the, lamp to use it as a bulb.
#44 Which is the largest country Russia
#45 Defeat the dragon Use the rubber hidden in the middle window of the castle to erase the dragon.
#46 Where is the pink pigTap and hold on the pig nose for a few seconds to block his nose and it will turn into a pink pig.
#47 Play with catUse your two fingers to lift up the cat. Then click the wool.
#48 Elementary school student can do itPut the yellow and blue color in one tube then put on finger on that tube and shake to get (yellow+blue)=green color
#49 What instrument can you playDrag and move all the instruments in the phone, then turn the volume up.
#50 The wolf is comingThe sheep in the middle is wolf, remove the fake sheep skin by dragging it with two fingers.
#51 What color is the world in the eyes of the dogBlack white and grey!
#52 Humph, bad guyTap the trash can 3 times, then turn your phone upside down, to find a letter.
#53 I want a fish todayShake your phone to find a fish from the bucket.
#54 Move 1 match 3-8=3 to make the equation hold9-6=3
#55 Monkey, come onThrow the banana to the audiance to let tehm eat and get the banana residual.
#56 I want one moreCombine table leg and stone to mak a hammer then use it on the piggy bank to get the coin.
#57 Again? (Lemon & glass)Click quickly on the lemon before the lemon gets into the glasses. (Click quickely in the start on the lemon)
#58 Draw a standard circleZoom out the screen to find out a compass in left screen, then make a perfect circle.
#59 Let it bloomLong press to melt the ice, then put that water into the plant.
#60 Huh, where did the fish go?Hold the cat with one finger and then shake it on the screen to vomit the fish.
#61 Who do you think looked best?Zoom out the screen using your two fingers then turn off the beauty mode.
#62 When is world environment day every year?2020-06-05 00:00:00
#63 Puzzle challengePut all the pieces in place then copy the puzzle piece and put it in the required place.
#64 Conjured a white rabbitRub 'white' from the question to remove white and make it as 'conjured a rabbit' then turn your device upside down to find a black rabbit.
#66 Rescue the princessGoblin is the princess dressed as goblin, drag the sun near goblin so that he remove his cloths due to heat.
#66 Find 2 differences1. Shadow 2. Chilly/flowers
#67 Did you see my new socks?Give the mask and gloves to the boy then move th boy over the man to take out the socks
#68 Give me an eggIt is a cock not hen, so remove the feathers and head red to make it a hen.
#69 So lazy puppyTurn the trash can with two fingers, then click the foot paddle to open the trash can. Then click poop.
#70 A magic trick for youMove the magician out of the screen, then audience will shower slippers on you.
#71 Play badminton after the classOpen the schoolbag on the right and then shake your phone. Then shake again when book falls out, you will find badminton cock.
#72 Hand over my princess!Zoom in on the dragon using two fingers, you will find the primcess on it.
#73 What is detoxification organ of the human body?Liver
#74 Will the wolf pretend to be sheep this time?Move the sun our of the screen, wolf will appear in night.
#75 Move 1 match 5+1=9 to hold the equation true5+1=6
#76 Test your hand speedTo make him laugh, scratch his underarms.
#77: The sequel to the wolf is comingDrag the sun out the screen and drag the girl’s balloon to the sky to make it moon, now you will find moon.
#78: Healthy grandpaSwipe on the TV antenna (blue part) 5 times to change the channels of TV, you will find the required man on the TV.
#79: Which of the following animals Cannot blinkSnake.
#80: Where will the princess be at this time?Pinch to Zoom out the screen to find the prince, give him the sword, then drag him to kill the dragon.
#81: Find 2 differences1. Cat’s bow tie 2.Giraffe’s sun-glasses.
#82: Catch the bird’s eggHold your finger on nest and then shake your phone.
#83: Run the wolf is comingErase the clouds by rubbing your finger on the clouds. you’ll find the wolf.
#84: $1000 challengeZoom in the man using 2 fingers to make him bigger, now tap his pocket to find 1000$ bill
#85: What’s in the girl’s schoolbagPress Volume up button on your phone, now tap on the headphone on left girl.
#86: Where did Jerry go?Jerry is in the cake like can, drag it and put it on candle, now tap on it multiple times to take jerry out.
#87: Who invented the electric lightEdison
#88: Agent must have itemAgents wear black color shoes, so drag paintbrush on question text to pick black bolor, now put it on boots to make them black.
#89: What else can you find out?Put your phone onthe table, screen facing down for few seconds until it gets night, now tap on the wolf.
#90: Do not ignite!Pull the string on the cannon, to shoot the rabbbit. now tap on the rabbit.
#91: Happy BirthdayDrag the balloon on the boy’s mouth, when he inflate it, Pop the balloon by two fingers like zooming out it to find the surprise.
#92: The $1000 challenge is here againFirst, Grab the bomb, it explodes and clear the surrounding and now you can get the diamonds which worth $1000.
#93: The gold coin must be foundSwipe on the robber’s pocket (not on the bag) then shake your phone to get the gold coin from him.
#94: Who would steal my cheese?Drag out the man’s shoe and sock, put the sock in front of the rat’s hole, it comes out and tap on it.
#95: Lunch timeSwipe on the bird to pull out the feather and put it on the bear’s nose to wake it, now drag the bear to get the bee-hive.
#96: Does the orangutan have a tail?NO
#97: How big is the dinosaur egg?Take the weapon from the caveman. Put one of your finger on stone and the other on under side of bone and separeate bone and stone. give the bone to dinosaur and tap on his egg.
#98: Go Find itDrag out the sheep from circle down the screen, we need to just tap on the wolf.
#99: I like to watch puppiesDrag the word “puppies” from question and put it on the button, now click on it.
#100: What is the proportion of blood in the human body?The is 7-8%.
#101: Eyesight challengeDrag One glass and shake your phone in the same time, now lemon falls and tap on it.
#102: Watch out for wolvesDrag out the dog’s face to find a boy, Drag on the crescent moon to turn it into a full moon.
#103: Once more $1000 challengeThis time $1000 is under the 'grab' button, try to grab it and tap on the money.
#104: There are too many rats hereThe rat is behind the man, first remove both shoes and socks then take the mouse trap on his feets then he will stand and you will find the mouse.
#105: Who is the kingThe pig has a bag, drag and give him the objects like banana, bone and fish, the crown comes out from bag and tap on it.
#106: Precious jewelry boxOpen the box using two fingers, One finger at top One at bottom, Tap for a few times in empty compartment in the box, it tears and tap on your object.
#107: The largest continent in the world.Asia
#108: It’s dark turn on the lightConnect your charger, to the phone to charge your device.
#109: Why do guards have big beards1. Give the gold coin to right guard, then give wine to same right guard to make him drunk, then Take his gold bag and give it to left guard, Now open the door.
#110: I hate yellowDrag the knife and cut the balloon rope, by swiping the knife over the string multiple times, now it goes up, there is your red balloon there.
#111: Where is my granddaughterShake your phone, Grandma’s phone falls to the floor, tap and hold your finger on the middle button, you’ll find the granddaughters photo.
#112: Play with it for a whileDrag and give cat the ball or woolen yarn, then take back it from him and move it out of the screen. he jumps and then tap on his paw.
#113: It’s nap timeRotate the yellow object in middle of screen by scroll left with two fingers 2-3 timess to find the cat, tap on it.
#114: Can you play pokerDrag out one of the hearts from the first card, then drag out the diamond from the fifth card, now put the heart on fifth card to have ace of hearts.
#115: Can you play itShake your device six times, then drag up the dish to find the dice.
#116: How does the dog dissipate heatOpen mouth to breathe.
#117: Quack quack quackSwipe left the screen then swipe 4-5 times on the middle grass so insects fly and the frog jumps to eat them.
#118: Do you hate cockroachesDrag and remove the cat out of the screen, shake your phone wait for sometime to find the cockroach.
#119: Want to eat ice creamRub the cat with your finger, she goes and then tap on the remote, then tap on ice cream in TV.
#120: So hungryDrag the left cloud and Swipe up and down on the other cloud, it starts lightning and the tree get fire, now drag and put the meat in fire to cook it.
#121: He is also hungrySwipe left the screen to find wood and rope, drag the rope and put it between two woods to make a ladder, now drag the ladder and put it under the tree for boy to climb and eat the apple.
#122: I haven’t been in a hot spring for a long timeGive all the pig the foods on the table, Now cover his nose with your finger for a while, then he farts and every one escape, now tap on the dog’s shorts.
#123: Cockroaches everywhereShake your phone, the trash bin falls, then drag the bread and put it next to crack on the wall, cockroach comes to it.
#124: Beautiful soundsDrag and move the apple and put it to the snake’s mouth, it gets poisonous, now drag and put it to princess’s mouth, she gets sick and the boy comes to help with first aid box.
#125: When I was 17Drag out the photo from Grandma's pocket, by swiping over pocket.

Thanks for the support, We are updating all the levels in 24 hours. comments if you need specific help.

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