Brain Code Level 28 Answer (vla soxv ilyh)

Brain Code Level 28 Answer Solution

Brain code level 28 hints with detailed step by step walkthrough is given here, please scroll below to find the brain code level 28 in this page. vla soxv ilyh

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Brain code vla soxv ilyh

Brain code level 28

The Coliseum is a reference to Rome, in this context, the laurel wreath refers to Caesar.

The message is encrypted and according to the references is using the “Caesar cipher”. This cipher consists of shifting the letters of the alphabet. According to some texts, it is believed that Cesar used it with a shift of 3 to the left, being: a=x, b=y, c=z, d=a and so on.

Finally, after decrypting the ‘vla soxv ilyh‘ message we get “six plus five” which is 11

To decrypt online go to then put ‘vla soxv ilyh’ in input box and then shift is 3 then click on decrypt, it will decrypt it to six plus five

Command: /text:11

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My review: The reason the puzzles are hard is that they challenge you to think outside the box. Sometimes the best way to find the solution is you guessed. This game had me thinking outside the game and outside my phone. There were many things I had I simply did not know of, causing me to go and learn them in order to complete the level.

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