Blue Level 50 Solution And Detailed Walkthrough

Blue Level 50 Hints and Video Solution (Bart Bonte)

Blue Game Level/Nivel 50 detailed hints and solutions with video solution and a complete step-by-step walkthrough. Just Scroll below to find out the hints.

After the success of Red, Black and Yellow here is a new game- ‘Blue‘ Can you make the screen blue in each of the 50 levels?

The game is free but there is a ‘premium unlock’ in-app purchase which also removes the ads. I suggest you support the developer by purchasing premium unlock.

All Blue Levels Index (1-50)

Blue Level 50:

  • Hint 1: You have to open all the taps.
  • Hint 2: when the tap is to the right side it is Open, So if a tap is upside down, it must be in left side to make it open. 
  • Hint 3: If the tap is in the left side of the Pipe it must be in the up position, And it tap is in the right side of the pipe it must be in the down position.
  • Hint 4: This is the solution and position of all the tapes, Solve it accordingly:

In case if you are unable to get the solution of blue level 50 right, I suggest you watch the video to get the exact hint:

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