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Discover Acrostics game answers for levels 1-3000 all in one place! Whether you’re tackling a tricky level or seeking valuable hints to elevate your gameplay, we’ve got you covered. Our team has meticulously compiled solutions, answers, and detailed hints for this thrilling game created by Severex. You can download this game from the Play Store and embark on an exciting world adventure.If you love logic games and enjoy deciphering words with friends, explore our world of puzzle challenges featuring Acrostics mini crossword puzzles, word hunts, and word travels. Engage in daily crossword puzzles to keep your mind sharp and entertained. Test your vocabulary skills and strategic thinking with Acrostics Quordle, a unique word game that will challenge you.Bookmark this page for easy access whenever you’re playing Acrostics. We’re committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to help you progress smoothly through each level.
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Acrostics Game: Answers for All Levels

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Level Answers (Search Above)
1-1 Affirmative answer: YES
London or Paris, e.g.: CITY
It’s made over a cake: WISH
Family map: TREE
Able to pay any bill, wealthy: RICH
Sunset direction: WEST
Shopper’s aid: LIST
Increase the staff or employ: HIRE
1-2 Swimming spot: POOL
Not difficult: EASY
Date or go out with: SEE
It’s better than never: LATE
Handle the bill: PAY
Bad luck when spilled: SALT
What a criminal breaks: LAW
Washington paper: POST
1-3 Playthings for children: TOYS
Crop-growing place: FARM
Term-ending test: FINAL
What a fashionable person has: STYLE
Entertainment for the listener: RADIO
It can be changed or made up: MIND
Sight organs: EYES
1-4 dca + len: CANDLE
Path or route: WAY
What waves a flag: WIND
Rock group: BAND
Speed contest: RACE
Trash container: BIN
Put on the market: SELL
Number of dwarfs: SEVEN
Every 24 hours: DAILY
1-5 Get older: AGE
Hunger ___,2012 movie: GAMES
Hard water: ICE
Zodiac division: SIGN
Payment option: CASH
Small hotel: INN
Camp housing: TENT
Throw into the mix: ADD
Made for ___ other: EACH
Piece of news: ITEM
Last word in many books: END
David Copperfield’s strength: MAGIC
A special happening: EVENT
2-1 Mouse chaser: CAT
Twelve months: YEAR
All You Need Is ___ (Beatles): LOVE
Be in the game: PLAY
Red, white or blue: COLOR
Hot afternoon drink: TEA
Uncommon, hard to find: RARE
Go abroad: TRAVEL
True statement: FACT
Storey in a building: FLOOR
Real and true: ACTUAL
2-2 It’ll show you the way: MAP
Steve Jobs’ creation: APPLE
Country with 50 states: USA
Can be healthy or junk: FOOD
Kind of apartment: STUDIO
What a programmer writes: CODE
Soy, tomato or pesto: SAUCE
Shopping-mall unit: STORE
Pick from the menu: ORDER
Retail cost: PRICE
2-3 Blue expanse on a map: SEA
Permitted or authorized: LEGAL
Part of a treaty: ARTICLE
Motionless or quiet: STILL
Meal served during a dinner: COURSE
Basic unit of life: CELL
Core of one’s identity: SOUL
Message on a phone: TEXT
Lilliputian in nature: LITTLE
Instantaneous reaction: QUICK
Inbox contents: MAIL
2-4 A group working together: TEAM
Monday to Sunday: WEEK
Volleyball barrier: NET
Copper coin: CENT
Place for cooking food: KITCHEN
Pretty ___, Julia Roberts movie: WOMAN
Where great wall is located: CHINA
Has no other choice: MUST
Pepsi competitor: COKE
2-5 The stuff we breathe: AIR
Student’s trial: TEST
It helps you get in: DOOR
Adult-to-be: TEEN
Blu-ray buy: DVD
At this moment: NOW
What each star on the American flag represents: STATE
Word to the chauffeur: DRIVE
One or the ____: OTHER
Broadway event: SHOW
Aircraft without a pilot: DRONE
3-1 Daily newspaper based in London with “The”: TIMES
What boys will be: MEN
__ U Been Gone: 2004 Kelly Clarkson hit: SINCE
Alternative to cash and credit card: CHECK
Period of time: MONTH
Rapid economic growth: BOOM
More than better: BEST
Rock, jazz or disco: MUSIC
Prepare a meal: COOK
Coalition or fusion: UNION
3-2 Unlock or set up shop: OPEN
Render a reply: ANSWER
Giant heater in the sky: SUN
__-friendly (easy to operate): USER
It’s measured in watts: POWER
Where 60% of earth’s population lives: ASIA
Now I’ve __ everything!: SEEN
One more time: AGAIN
In the past: AGO
3-3 Out of fashion: OLD
Shopping event: SALE
___ Farm (Orwell book): ANIMAL
Poseidon’s realm: SEA
It’s given to a newborn: NAME
Debate or argue: DISCUSS
Postal delivery: MAIL
Once ___ a time: UPON
Puzzle part: PIECE
Result of an agreement: DEAL
Safe and __ (out of danger): SOUND
3-4 Time period: DAY
Thorny flower: ROSE
Little or minor: SMALL
Aircraft personnel: CREW
___ awake, I’m not sleeping U2: WIDE
Lawyer’s concern: CASE
Press, TV and radio: MEDIA
Polite way of saying “If you are willing”: PLEASE
Like horror films: SCARY
3-5 Lock opener: KEY
Small land mass in the water: ISLAND
Written and printed literary composition: BOOK
Japanese cartoon genre: ANIME
University attendee: STUDENT
Labradoodle or puggle, e.g.: DOG
Supervisor or executive in a company: MANAGER
Frank Herbert sci-fi novel: DUNE
Happy, Cheerful, Glad: SAD
4-1 Take the prize: WIN
___ for speed, video game series: NEED
Where Buckingham Palace is: LONDON
Paying customer: CLIENT
Place to stay for tourists: HOTEL
Fireplace fuel: WOOD
Earth’s hemisphere where the USA is: NORTHERN
Kid, youngster: CHILD
ecce + tron: CONCRETE
Little, Miniscule, Small-sized: TINY
4-2 Tea alternative: COFFEE
Python or anaconda: SNAKE
Subscribe on Instagram or Facebook: FOLLOW
__ Macbeth: LADY
Identifying mark of a company: BRAND
Ahead of schedule: EARLY
Financial resources: MEANS
Tulip, iris or daffodil: FLOWER
dec + moy: COMEDY
4-3 Not false: TRUE
Drop by or go to see: VISIT
Language spoken by Shakespeare: ENGLISH
Measured distance or dimension: LENGTH
___ John Malkovich (1999 film): BEING
Can be pop or corporate: CULTURE
Come back to some place: RETURN
Not married: SINGLE
Opposite of give: RECEIVE
rle + uts: RESULT
4-4 Summer follower: FALL
Pinocchio’s lie detector: NOSE
Nearby, in the neighborhood: LOCAL
Head part: FACE
Atomic energy: NUCLEAR
Still life subject, perhaps: FRUIT
Mother of flora and fauna: NATURE
Newspaper piece: ARTICLE
Very quick: FAST
Ideal, free of flaws: PERFECT
acc + tri: ARCTIC
4-5 ___ time no see: LONG
Place of study: COLLEGE
On vacation, not at home: AWAY
Back in history: AGO
First or economy: CLASS
Not high, close to the ground: LOW
Money borrowed from a bank: LOAN
Kind of lens: CONTACT
Workshop items: TOOLS
No specific person, whoever: ANYONE
Engineering school or college, for short: TECH
Timid, Reserved, Modest: SHY
5-1 Robin or Red Riding ___: HOOD
Chocolate is made from it: COCOA
Natural land elevation used for climbing: MOUNTAIN
Gluten-rich grain: WHEAT
Head of a faculty: DEAN
Share knowledge, instruct: TEACH
Cinderella’s horses, really: MICE
Synth-heavy disco music: TECHNO
ead + nim: MAIDEN
Sane, Calm, Sensible: MAD
5-2 Yahoo! rival: GOOGLE
Unable to hear: DEAF
Bug that bit Peter Parker: SPIDER
Word with food and supply: CHAIN
Opinion survey: POLL
Money or other liquid resources: FINANCES
Airport waiting area: LOUNGE
___ education (college and beyond): HIGHER
U.S. president, 1861-1865: LINCOLN
held + sour: SHOULDER
5-3 Parrot or sparrow: BIRD
Give a hand: ASSIST
Library visitor: READER
Bat-and-ball sport: BASEBALL
Warehouse use: STORAGE
Offspring “Spare Me the ___”: DETAILS
District, area: REGION
Moneymaking part of a loan: INTEREST
Near, Close, Housed: ABROAD
5-4 Use the phone: CALL
Estimated worth: VALUE
Guide for conduct, regulation: RULE
Far beyond the elementary or introductory level: ADVANCED
Ford, Audi, e.g.: CAR
Middle point: CENTER
Gregorian or Julian: CALENDAR
elec + turr: LECTURER
Attempt, Endeavor, Strive: TRY
5-5 Take it easy: RELAX
Keep an appointment: MEET
Credit or ID ____: CARD
Sahara animal: CAMEL
Online auction site: EBAY
Machine next to a washer: DRYER
Value added ___: TAX
Movie genre: DRAMA
ned + try: TRENDY
6-1 Quiet, Calm, Noiseless: STILL
Indian or Arctic: OCEAN
Behind-the-__: SCENES
Videos on Instagram: REELS
What goes around: CIRCLE
Biology or geology, e.g.: SCIENCE
laic + nolo: COLONIAL
6-2 Informidable, Unastounding, Unstartling: TERRIBLE
… upon a time: ONCE
Listen and pay attention: HEAR
One with an anthem and a flag: NATION
Post office delivery: MAIL
Place of worship: CHURCH
Left, right, or U: TURN
Try for election: RUN
Subject of a doctor’s diagnosis: HEALTH
Originate, invent: CREATE
Record-company name: LABEL
6-3 Dissolve, Liquify, Colliquate: MELT
Quarter or semester: TERM
Kind of beam: LASER
Queen of the tides: MOON
Toward the rising sun: EAST
Monet or Manet: ARTIST
6-4 Marina vessel: BOAT
One who’s got the goods: SELLER
Verbalized, spoken: ORAL
___ late than never: BETTER
Name on the cover: AUTHOR
They may be current or foreign: AFFAIRS
Student about to graduate: SENIOR
Not connected to a computer network: OFFLINE
6-5 Weight-loss program: DIET
Limited book’s printing: EDITION
E-mail button: SEND
Newspaper typography: PRINT
Bohemian Rhapsody band: QUEEN
Time of year: SEASON
Summary of recent developments: UPDATE
Data to be processed: INPUT
7-1 Small store: SHOP
Discover by study or experiment: FIND
Ego or personal nature: SELF
Outcome, consequence: EFFECT
Pay out money: SPEND
At no cost: FREE
Computer folder item: FILE
Purchase price: COST
__ and chips: FISH
pic + trs: SCRIPT
defi + will: WILDLIFE
7-2 ahab + util: HABITUAL
Fight sport: BOX
Enduring literary work: CLASSIC
Shower alternative: BATH
Chicken Soup for the ___, book series: SOUL
Protest or challenge in court: OBJECT
7-3 While You ___ Sleeping, movie: WERE
Club or board chaser: MEMBER
Settle a debt: PAY
Cassette contents: TAPE
Shakespeare’s Globe, for one: THEATRE
Emerge, show up: APPEAR
Game played with a straight face: POKER
Groundwork or foundation: BASE
Make inquiries: ASK
Cool, Refrigerate, Revive: REFRESH
Not different: SAME
7-4 Later on, subsequently: AFTER
Novelist’s starting point: PLOT
___ Theft Auto, video game: GRAND
Sock and shoe inserts: FEET
___ One Bites the Dust,Queen hit: ANOTHER
Popular currency: DOLLAR
News broadcast: REPORT
Leaf in a book: PAGE
Human right in a Constitution: FREEDOM
Repeatedly, many times: OFTEN
7-5 Nectar collector: BEE
Action in court: LAWSUIT
Sword metal: STEEL
Capital of Greece: ATHENS
Give a clue: HINT
Handkerchief alternative: TISSUE
Womb mate: TWIN
Containing little or no fat: LEAN
Sugary, Luscious, Fragrant: SWEET
Close, Contract, Confine: SHUT
8-1 rea + sus: ASSURE
Purity, Faultlessness, Perfection: VICE
Song’s words: LYRICS
Submicroscopic infectious agent: VIRUS
Guards at the entrance: SECURITY
Hospital employee: NURSE
Puzzle answer: SOLUTION
Make certain: ENSURE
Study or kitchen, e.g.: ROOM
8-2 Young woman’s title: MISS
Vapor of fog, smoke, etc.: HAZE
Grand manor: ESTATE
Agent in “The Matrix”: SMITH
Word with solar or school: SYSTEM
Dough raiser: YEAST
Small, medium and large: SIZE
8-3 Great Barrier __: REEF
Pasture land: FIELD
Camera attachment: FLASH
Rapunzel’s ladder: HAIR
Watering place in a desert: OASIS
Nike competitor: ADIDAS
Failure to pay financial debts: DEFAULT
8-4 Collection of books: LIBRARY
Coffee preference: BLACK
Once a year: ANNUAL
Group with members: CLUB
Use your head: THINK
Land of pizzas and piazzas: ITALY
Rock-group instrument: GUITAR
Acquire, Get, Win: GAIN
khi + swy: WHISKY
Stench, Fetor, Bad smell: STINK
8-5 River motion: FLOW
East Coast ocean: ATLANTIC
Brick road color: YELLOW
Spring, summer, fall and winter, e.g.: CYCLE
__ Prime: AMAZON
T-shirt material: COTTON
Sleeper’s headrest: PILLOW
Copper or nickel: METAL
Write with a keyboard: TYPE
Total trust: FAITH
anil + topo: OPTIONAL
9-1 League member: TEAM
Currency exchange statistic: RATE
Live on Youtube: STREAM
Chair part: SEAT
Explanation to question why: REASON
In a minute or two: SOON function: SEARCH
sea + tut: STATUE
9-2 Birthday celebration: PARTY
Winter month: DECEMBER
Real estate unit: LOT
Action rather than thought or ideas: PRACTICE
In-depth examination: ANALYSIS
Nobel Prize category: PEACE
Show on a screen: DISPLAY
Guard against, schield: PROTECT
9-3 Without a cloud in the sky: CLEAR
Of kingly ancestry: ROYAL
Some are out of it in summer: OFFICE
Bottle material: GLASS
Running off current: ELECTRIC
Courtroom activity: TRIAL
Art exhibition site: GALLERY
Sports page item: SCORE
9-4 Be nostalgic: REMEMBER
What Manchester United plays: FOOTBALL
Firm’s symbol: LOGO
Combination at poker: STRAIGHT
All well and good: FINE
Start a garden: PLANT
What FAQs offer: INFO
Auctioneer’s word: SOLD
Exotic, from abroad: FOREIGN
Buyer and seller: DEALER
moi + trp: IMPORT
9-5 Influence, Riches, Abundance: WEALTH
Halloween month: OCTOBER
Select on a computer: CLICK
TV news segment: WEATHER
Brief review or announcement: NOTICE
Sound track: AUDIO
Stage of a video game: LEVEL
Surfing the web: ONLINE
Computer input: DATA
10-1 nef + tos: SOFTEN
Brief period of time: MOMENT
Stealer’s crime: THEFT
Very spicy: HOT
Get the picture: SHOOT
Beginning stage: ONSET
Emma ___, La La Land star: STONE
10-2 Writing fluid: INK
Valentine symbol: HEART
___ Town, South Africa: CAPE
Purchasing agent: BUYER
Zodiac sign between the Twins and the Lion: CANCER
Waiter’s income, partially: TIPS
Part of the coast: BAY
Intemperate, Drunk, Intoxicated: SOBER
10-3 Hours of sunlight: DAY
Medial sum: AVERAGE
Zeus or Thor: GOD
Central Internet computer: SERVER
Can be king or queen size: BED
Opinion poll: SURVEY
10-4 lag + ono: LAGOON
Top-10 song: HIT
The color of nature: GREEN
Common to the whole country: NATIONAL
It’s set for supper: TABLE
Brazil has the world’s largest: RIVER
Kind of warming: GLOBAL
Head-to-toe distance: HEIGHT
10-5 Pastime at Las Vegas: GAMING
Vacation purpose: REST
Air circulator: FAN
It’s symbol is Ag: SILVER
Risk-free: SAFE
Method of education: TRAINING
Compass direction: NORTH
T or polo: SHIRT
Top chess player: MASTER
Experience emotion: FEEL
Advancement, Advance, Movement: PROGRESS
11-1 Cape of ___ Hope: GOOD
Financial plan component: BUDGET
It ___ without saying: GOES
When the day starts: SUNRISE
Trick or __: TREAT
Take the wheel: DRIVE
Kick off: START
11-2 Meal you serve yourself: BUFFET
Get rid of: LOSE
Song for one person: SOLO
Electrical power units: WATTS
Elevator direction: DOWN
Hide-and-___: SEEK
Villain in some fairy tales: WOLF
Clerk’s spot: DESK
lea + tnt: TALENT
11-3 Small talk: CHAT
Title for a nun: SISTER
Be concerned: CARE
Little Pigs count: THREE
Place to stand and wait: LINE
New, up-to-date: RECENT
Gambler’s mecca: CASINO
Back, End, Tail: REAR
11-4 Beethoven’s ___ Sonata: SPRING
Gave out for publication: RELEASED
Bargain-priced: CHEAP
Polo participant: HORSE
Architect’s art: GRAPHICS
More ___ You Know: THAN
Museum employee: GUIDE
Sewing kit item: THREAD
Degree of interest: PERCENT
Information bank: DATABASE
11-5 Reduction of price: DISCOUNT
In the area: AROUND
Savings institution: BANK
Academy Award: OSCAR
Race place: TRACK
Stupid, Stolid, Doltish: DULL
12-1 Winter ground cover: SNOW
UFO passenger: ALIEN
Early American furniture style: COLONIAL
The X on a pirate map: TREASURE
Computer add-on: SCANNER
Office note: MEMO
Novels, for example: FICTION
Surpass, exceed: OUTREACH
Type of soda: CREAM
12-2 It’s checked before taking off: LUGGAGE
One of four in a square: ANGLE
Portrait painter’s session: SITTING
Stamp of approval: SEAL
Be inclined: TEND
Not out of eyeshot: INSIGHT
Smell, sight or taste: SENSE
Slowness, Tardiness, Delay: HASTE
gie + uns: GENIUS
12-3 Permit to drive: LICENSE
Wedding-cake figurine: BRIDE
Safe and sound: SECURE
Influencer on Instagram: BLOGGER
Jungle king: LION
Marathon participant: RUNNER
Tailless amphibian: FROG
Romano or Swiss: CHEESE
Music’s antithesis: NOISE
deed + snig: DESIGNED
12-4 ___ Diego: SAN
Titanic, immense: HUGE
Lightbulb, in a cartoon: IDEA
Like hereditary factors: GENETIC
Coins returned: CHANGE
Instruct, Nurture, Discipline: EDUCATE
bede + seth: BEDSHEET
12-5 Sound receivers: EARS
Diplomat’s building: EMBASSY
0,000 a year, for Obama: SALARY
Circle measurement: RADIUS
Environmentalists’ concern: CLIMATE
Smooth as ____: SILK
Coffee or cognac: LIQUID
13-1 Block of stamps: SHEET
Emotionally affected: TOUCHED
Kind of energy: SOLAR
Ask about: QUERY
Summer wave: HEAT
Piccadilly ___: CIRCUS
Menace, danger: THREAT
Town plaza: SQUARE
Flow regulator: VALVE
Smash to pieces: DESTROY
ido + sou: ODIOUS
13-2 ____ Of The Flies: LORD
Sport participant: ATHLETE
Saw features: TEETH
Amsterdam native: DUTCH
Instill confidence in: ASSURE
White Halloween costume: GHOST
Minimum wage: SCALE
cade + sere: DECREASE
Globe, Earth, Universe: WORLD
13-3 32-member board: CHESS
__ Island: RHODE
Medal of Honor recipient: HERO
Highway measure: MILE
Outer limits: EXCESS
Cook over coals: GRILL
Tagged for sale: PRICED
Egotistical, Self-minded, Self-indulgent: SELFISH
13-4 Long for: DESIRE
Turning point: CRISIS
Heavy metal figure?: ROBOT
Hockey great ___ Richard: ROCKET
__ of Damocles: SWORD
Ocean trip: CRUISE
Auctioneers ask for it: BID
13-5 Christmas visitor: SANTA
Shade of deep blue: MARINE
Data for computer processing: INPUT
Race line: START
Hollywood or Bollywood production: MOVIE
Guide-book user: TOURIST
Birthday party favor: PRESENT
Put on tape: RECORD
What critics do to albums: RATE
Ship’s leader: CAPTAIN
14-1 Very low-priced: CHEAP
Sushi foundation: RICE
___ Bros. studio: WARNER
Game of bishops and knights: CHESS
Kitchen reading: RECIPE
Make a sketch: DRAW
Businessman’s handout: CARD
Seven-day period: WEEK
Notre Dame’s city: PARIS
French fry, to a Brit: CHIP
14-2 Railroad vehicle: TRAIN
Time for hobbies: LEISURE
Press statement: RELEASE
Flight board posting: ARRIVAL
These fall in the fall: LEAVES
Peter Pan never became one: ADULT
Suitable for TV, but not radio: VISUAL
Book of maps: ATLAS
American Indian: NATIVE
lee + vss: VESSEL
14-3 It’s checked by radar: SPEED
Like Bluetooth: WIRELESS
Assembled experts for a discussion: PANEL
Friendly greeting: WELCOME
A limited one can be valuable: EDITION
Newspaper story: ARTICLE
Like a piece of cake: SIMPLE
laic + toon: LOCATION
mid + wos: WISDOM
14-4 Highway or avenue: ROAD
___ Valley: SILICON
One in the script: LINE
Appliance type: ELECTRIC
Rush hour issue: TRAFFIC
It’s typically easier to give than take: ADVICE
Phone or tablet: DEVICE
Taciturnity, Stillness, Calm: SILENCE
14-5 Holiday of the egg hunt: EASTER
Give permission: CONSENT
Talk show star: HOST
Annual report illustration: CHART
Screen graphic: ICON
Place for a plug: SOCKET
They speak Mandarin: CHINESE
In good __ (fit): SHAPE
15-1 Airplane seating request: WINDOW
URL connection: LINK
Area on a computer screen: DESKTOP
Guest popping in: VISITOR
Hardly the most: LEAST
Type of reality: VIRTUAL
Evolve gradually: DEVELOP
One with homework: STUDENT
One skilled in defense at court: LAWYER
15-2 Sleep phenomenon: DREAM
CD alternative: TAPE
Season of gathering: HARVEST
What an emoji often indicates: MOOD
Dance element: MOVE
Back part: REAR
Garlic avoider, traditionally: VAMPIRE
Protection from the sun: SHADE
15-3 Organ part: PIPE
Important flower in Buddhism: LOTUS
Ticker on a chain: WATCH
Brief signature: INITIAL
Keep one’s fingers crossed: HOPE
Shirts and shorts: CLOTHES
Eyes Wide ___ (1999 movie): SHUT
Dracula’s title: COUNT
15-4 Slot-machine fruit: CHERRY
It’s what you think: OPINION
What bill collectors seek: PAYMENT
Buildings of a university or college,: CAMPUS
Completely cut calories: FAST
___ picture: MOTION
Automotive, steel or tourist, e.g: INDUSTRY
Serious attempt: EFFORT
Cleanness, Clearness, Immaculateness: PURITY
15-5 Class leader in school: TEACHER
Oral contest: DEBATE
Recorded notation: ENTRY
Subsidiary location: BRANCH
Scottish flowering plant: HEATHER
Monitor part: SCREEN
Alternative to a lighter: MATCH
Music composed for a text: SETTING
___ Shark (children’s song): BABY
Part of a movie that can be spoiled: ENDING
Dry region: DESERT
16-1 Machine for grinding grain into flour: MILL
Midday meal: LUNCH
Prince Harry’s brother: WILLIAM
Single part of the whole: UNIT
Vegan’s taboo: MEAT
Put money in the bank: SAVE
Chlorine, argon, or potassium: ELEMENT
hie + tss: THESIS
16-2 Thanksgiving feast finale: PIE
Word with angle or eyed: WIDE
First episode in a long line of sitcoms: PILOT
Chihuahua’s home: MEXICO
I ___ you so!: TOLD
Cattle ranch unit: HEAD
Kind of report: ANNUAL
__ of fortune: WHEEL
Demand for insurance payment: CLAIM
Kind of nature: HUMAN
Place of worship in Asia: TEMPLE
Running Up that ___ Kate Bush: HILL
16-3 Place to sleep: BEDROOM
Dear book: DIARY
Place on eBay: SELL
Put in working order: REPAIR
Occupied with many things: BUSY
Spot for shots: ALBUM
Thing requiring a payoff: DEBT
Hurricane or blizzard: STORM
pro + uts: SPROUT
Envelope contents: LETTER
16-4 Dungeons & Dragons figure: KNIGHT
Sharp part of a blade: EDGE
Bengal cat: TIGER
Flood’s antithesis: DROUGHT
Just the right amount: ENOUGH
Kind of algebra: LINEAR
Verified fact: TRUTH
Captain Jack Sparrow, to Johnny Depp: ROLE
Street in New York: WALL
Mysterious, Hidden, Obscure: UNKNOWN
16-5 Picasso’s homeland: SPAIN
Sister, cousin or aunt: RELATIVE
A diet may slim it: WAIST
TV or Youtube watcher: VIEWER
Circle on a shirt: BUTTON
Hallucination or sight: VISION
‘____ Strawberries’ (’57 film): WILD
Reserve for later discussion: TABLE
Actor’s big day: DEBUT
17-1 Wheat or rye: GRAIN
Court sport: TENNIS
What rises in a flood: WATER
Word with common, good or horse: SENSE
Babysitter’s employer: PARENT
New face, outlander: STRANGER
Dressmaker’s aid: PATTERN
___ dreams!, song: SWEET
Goliath or Cyclops: GIANT
Elevation of a mountain: HEIGHT
17-2 Personal possessions, informally: STUFF
Suffolk or Cork, for example: COUNTY
Sesame ___: STREET
Kind of center with exercise machines: FITNESS
Conduct rules: CODE
Lack of money or material possessions: POVERTY
Faith, Hope or Charity: VIRTUE
One-tenth of a millennium: CENTURY
Be in favor of: SUPPORT
17-3 Do the crossword: SOLVE
Home-security device: ALARM
Boxing need: GLOVE
Friday the 13th genre: HORROR
Planetary path shape: OVAL
Concert venue: HALL
1955 Disney title character: LADY
17-4 It’s just a feeling: EMOTION
Straight from the garden: FRESH
Holder of baby’s milk: BOTTLE
Candidate’s promise: REFORM
One thousand million: BILLION
Truckload at a garbage dump: FILL
Drift in the water: FLOAT
Young men: BOYS
Almost identical: SIMILAR
Fact, Truth, Verity: FICTION
17-5 Places for pupils: SCHOOL
Product of genetic engineering: CLONE
The “N” of PIN: NUMBER
Action with a post on Facebook: SHARE
Website base: ____ page: HOME
Made of roses, violets, etc: FLORAL
McCartney “___ It Away”: TAKE
Arts’ companion: CRAFTS
Picnic container: BASKET
Petroleum or propane: FUEL
18-1 It’s smaller than a city: TOWN
Medicinal measure: DOSE
Passage through: TRANSIT
Mermaid costume part: TAIL
___ Jones, H. Ford role: INDIANA
Staging area for acting: THEATER
Trip on a train: RIDE
Castle construction material: SAND
Judge-and-jury event: TRIAL
18-2 Without escort or isolated: ALONE
Face painting: PORTRAIT
Full amount: TOTAL
Midnight activity, often: SLEEP
Earth Day month: APRIL
Sky transport company: AIRLINES
Part of many a puzzle: PIECE
Jacket material: LEATHER
Smells Like Teen ___: SPIRIT
Traveler’s computer: LAPTOP
18-3 Social position: STATUS
Bizarre, extraordinary: UNUSUAL
Pie chart piece: SECTOR
Reporter’s information supplier: SOURCE
They “speak louder than words”: ACTIONS
Distance from here to there: LENGTH
18-4 Respond to an SOS: HELP
Pool dimension: DEPTH
With empty pockets: POOR
Retail distributor: DEALER
Oyster’s output: PEARL
Karaoke performance, usually: SOLO
Spicy-tasting: HOT
Wedding planner’s purchase: DRESS
Two that match: PAIR
Kind of coffee or whiskey: IRISH
Third planet from the Sun: EARTH
Line of latitude: PARALLEL
Coast, Bench, Strand: SHORE
18-5 Cowboys home: DALLAS
French currency: EURO
__ China Sea: SOUTH
Kind of ray or wave: HEAT
Valuable green stone: EMERALD
Half a weekend: SUNDAY
Far From ___, movie: HEAVEN
One way to get a program: DOWNLOAD
High public esteem: HONOR
In the open-air: OUTDOOR
19-1 Big name in cameras: CANON
Kind of dances: LATINA
Filmmaker ____ Lukas: GEORGE
Like the other side of the pillow: COOL
Under no circumstances: NEVER
Judge respectively: COMPARE
Singer’s talent: VOICE
Minute particle of matter: ATOM
It’s all the ____ to me: SAME
Type of group: ETHNIC
Exit, Egress, Departure: ENTRANCE
19-2 Google Maps offering: ROUTE
Pretend not to notice: IGNORE
Gallbladder neighbor: LIVER
Demon’s doings: EVIL
Hero of Trafalgar: NELSON
Dentist’s focus: TEETH
Red, green or amber signal: LIGHT
Herbicide’s target: ROOT
Not deceptive: HONEST
Item of income: REVENUE
hoe + trs: OTHERS
19-3 First aid ___: KIT
The Hunger Games venue: ARENA
Census unit: PERSON
Possessions, collectively: PROPERTY
Web search tool: ENGINE
Most recent info, with “the”: LATEST
If I were in your ___ . . .: SHOES
Member of royalty: KING
Gossip well told, per Elbert Hubbard: HISTORY
19-4 Breakfast choice: EGG
Fabric store purchase: CLOTH
Environment study: ECOLOGY
The Whole ___ Yards (2000): NINE
Exact knowledge of natural laws: SCIENCE
Brandenburg ___ in Berlin: GATE
Soho elevator: LIFT
Watson’s companion: HOLMES
Sock bottoms: FEET
Maximum raise at a poker table: LIMIT
Act of planning in graphic design: LAYOUT
19-5 Pro or con, in a debate: SIDE
Fiancee, after saying “I do”: WIFE
Like the Beatles and Stones: BRITISH
Plane and copter: AIRCRAFT
Pooh or Paddington: BEAR
We’re all in the same ___!: BOAT
pie + trs: STRIPE
20-1 Miraculous event: WONDER
Strawberry ice cream’s color: PINK
A+ or B-: MARK
English novelist Jane___: AUSTEN
Quick ghost costume is made out of it: SHEET
Chaos or mess: DISORDER
Enjoy an e-book: READ
Aladdin’s vehicle: CARPET
Action in tennis, swimming and golf: STROKE
ace + tsp: ASPECT
20-2 The “A” of UAE: ARAB
Record shop stock: VINYL
Donation to the Red Cross: BLOOD
Time off: HOLIDAY
High season in Hawaii: WINTER
Area between mountains: VALLEY
Combination of two things: HYBRID
What the landlord receives: RENTAL
Type of trial or diagnosis: CLINICAL
Backwardness, Cold, Silent: RESERVED
20-3 Magnet for a narcissist: MIRROR
Pinocchio swallower: WHALE
Like some modern videos: VIRAL
Classic Stanislaw Lem sci-fi novel: SOLARIS
African wildlife-viewing trip: SAFARI
Necessity in muscle-building: PROTEIN
It’s a piece of work: TASK
Netflix’s “The Kominsky ___”: METHOD
Where Seoul is: KOREA
Coin part: REVERSE
Toothpaste ad feature: SMILE
20-4 It stays the same: CONSTANT
Flesh and bones: BODY
_____ Jessica Parker: SARAH
___ Man, Tony Stark’s alter ego: IRON
Farm measure: YIELD
Fair-haired girl: BLONDE
dca + rle: CRADLE
20-5 Barbie or Ken: DOLL
Far from obvious: HIDDEN
Person who has authority or influence: LEADER
Small print advertisement: NOTICE
Do film cutting: EDIT
Produce, as art: CREATE
It’s smaller than a town: VILLAGE
ged + nol: GOLDEN
21-1 First to move in chess: WHITE
Facebook connection: FRIEND
Unquestionable or confirmed: CERTAIN
Two’s company, three’s a ___: CROWD
About 29% of the earth’s surface: LAND
Object of campaign: FUNDS
Kind of cookies in China: FORTUNE
Psychotherapy technique: ANALYSIS
Sacred, Reverend, Pure: HOLY
21-2 Hard __ Cafe: ROCK
In sci-fi, may it be with you: FORCE
Radio transmission: SIGNAL
Sharp-eyed bird: EAGLE
Wine-label info: VINTAGE
Supermarket roller: CART
Hugh___, actor: GRANT
Insurance for teeth: DENTAL
Close at hand: NEAR
Beam with happiness: GLOW
Sleeping Beauty awakener: KISS
Without ever stopping: FOREVER
21-3 Leave Vegas empty-handed: LOSE
New York hotel in “The Great Gatsby,”: PLAZA
Trick or treat reward: CANDY
Lord or duke: TITLE
Type of church: CATHOLIC
Opposite of division: UNITY
Full moon or first quarter: PHASE
Ibuprofen target: PAIN
Relating to the mind: MENTAL
Even, Plain, Level: SMOOTH
21-4 New___City: YORK
Highway rumblers: TRUCK
Warehouse supply: STOCK
It’s good for a laugh: HUMOR
Alphabetize or systematize: SORT
Department in a hospital with operating room: SURGERY
Fixed charge: FEE
Oracle’s concern: FUTURE
Prescription for stress: REST
Boil or broil: COOK
21-5 Paper in a coffeemaker: FILTER
Egomaniac’s obsession: SELF
Smurf-colored: BLUE
Increase in amount: BOOST
Foe of Robin Hood: SHERIFF
Potato chip feature: RIDGE
How some like their coffee: STRONG
Lady Gaga’s “___ This Way”: BORN
Waiter’s delivery: BILL
One Guinness adjective: MOST
Deal with it: COPE
Homepage location: WEBSITE
22-1 Club sport: GOLF
Marriage ceremony: WEDDING
___ on you!: SHAME
Enter one’s computer password: LOGIN
Chicken farmer’s purchase: FEED
Fish of Norway and Alaska: SALMON
One of 10 on hand: FINGER
Absorb one’s lessons: LEARN
22-2 Look what you’ve ___!: DONE
Word for a birthday: HAPPY
Use a dressing room: CHANGE
New to the world: YOUNG
___ Games: OLYMPIC
Carbon power source: COAL
Mythical story: LEGEND
Expensive hotel room: SUITE
Be pregnant: EXPECT
Garage items: TOOLS
ido + uts: STUDIO
22-3 ___ Madrid (soccer team): REAL
Permission for a search: WARRANT
Dry cleaner’s challenge: SPOT
Dinklage of “Game of Thrones”: PETER
Two-speaker system: STEREO
ola + tsp: POSTAL
That’s a __!: director’s cry: WRAP
Like one of the two jaws: UPPER
22-4 Penalty, Suffering, Distress: PAIN
Engagement proof: RING
Lady-in- ___, historically: WAITING
You can hang your hat on it: HOOK
Spare in a trunk: TIRE
British nobleman title: DUKE
You have some ___!: NERVE
Process of getting older: AGING
Like the eye of a needle: NARROW
Expansive woods: FOREST
22-5 Horizontal landscape: FLAT
Shopping center: MALL
Reaction to a question: RESPONSE
Pin the ___ on the donkey: TAIL
What Noah built the Ark for: FLOOD
Person getting on-the-job training: INTERN
Good trait or quality: ASSET
Person with serious skills: EXPERT
Times New ___, font: ROMAN
Filmstrip unit: FRAME
23-1 Earl ___, tea: GREY
Football team quorum: ELEVEN
Louisiana territory, in 1804: ORLEANS
Put into categories: GROUP
Land of pharaohs and pyramids: EGYPT
Gear used when parallel parking: REVERSE
Doctor’s customer: PATIENT
Screamers at a concert: FANS
Insurance or travel, e.g: AGENT
Business of selling houses: REALTY
23-2 Online conversation: CHAT
Money earned: INCOME
Mouse trap temptation: CHEESE
Prepare in advance: PLAN
The hardest known mineral: DIAMOND
Make an impression on: IMPACT
Nowhere to be found: LOST
lina + topo: OPTIONAL
23-3 Genre for the Harry Potter books: FANTASY
Tax on imports or exports: TARIFF
They may be cheap or reserved: SEATS
Cherry or lemon, e.g: TREE
Abominable, as weather: NASTY
The upper house: SENATE
Cold storage: FREEZER
Dangerous ice: THIN
Alternative to rain: SHINE
23-4 Blue pants: JEANS
Market analyst’s discovery: TREND
US President ran in 2000: BUSH
Version ripe for revision: DRAFT
Fame and fortune: SUCCESS
Cigarette filling: TOBACCO
High school beginner: JUNIOR
23-5 __ Stream, warm current: GULF
Homeowner’s liability: MORTGAGE
Small watering hole: POND
Highest-ranking: SUPREME
Stock-exchange deal: TRADE
All ___ the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix hit: ALONG
Coughing or sneezing for a doctor: SYMPTOM
Presently, according to the calendar: TODAY
Periodic celebration having a specified focus: FESTIVAL
Privileged, as info: INSIDE
24-1 Mona __, da Vinchi: LISA
Fictional story: TALE
Manicure target: NAILS
Nations joining together: ALLIES
Peace maker agreement: TREATY
Short film used for advertising: TRAILER
Vatican City’s official language: LATIN
Fin-footed mammal: SEAL
24-2 Couch potato’s device: REMOTE
Western style house: RANCH
Waiter’s aid: TRAY
Yours is a safe place in a boxing ring: CORNER
Yoga ___: MAT
Come on stage: APPEAR
Completely unpredictable: RANDOM
ace + tup: TEACUP
24-3 New ___, India’s capital: DELHI
Computer error that may cause data loss: FATAL
Irish stew veggie: POTATO
Superior class: ELITE
Bottom part of a boot: HEEL
Subject- changing word: ANYWAY
Shoplifter’s crime: THEFT
When the checks go out: PAYDAY
Young guy, slangily: DUDE
Grant, Accept, Concede: DENY
24-4 Covering for the head: HOOD
Sustaining an injury: HURT
Don’t ___, Be Happy: WORRY
Tiny neighbor of Spain: ANDORRA
Vampire’s bedtime: DAWN
Line between two cities: BOUNDARY
Second point in tennis: THIRTY
Spare-time occupier: HOBBY
McDonald’s clown: RONALD
24-5 Solar-system component: PLANET
Past the deadline: LATE
Maugham’s “The Razor’s ___”: EDGE
Future flower or plant: SEED
Join together, as dots: CONNECT
A is a very good one: GRADE
Spicy Mexican sauce: SALSA
What Franklin famously asked for: RESPECT
25-1 Scout’s outing: HIKE
Sing-along at a bar: KARAOKE
After-swim need: TOWEL
Put the collar on: ARREST
Like early ’20s movies: SILENT
Natives of Cardiff: WELSH
Sugar substitute: HONEY
naa + tos: SONATA
25-2 Form of lotto: BINGO
Hare relative: RABBIT
C.S. Lewis’s “The Chronicles of __”: NARNIA
An indirect allusion: HINT
Bow partner: ARROW
Formal expression of opinion: VOTING
Too small, as pants: TIGHT
Wave a red flag, e.g: WARN
Delirious, Furious, Violent: RAVING
25-3 What a roommate saves on: RENT
Financial burden: DEBT
___ Reynolds, actor: RYAN
Having supper: DINING
Chicken portion: BREAST
Football, to Americans: SOCCER
___ support (help for some users): TECH
Shakespeare work: TRAGEDY
Scorpions “No Pain No ___”: GAIN
Alternative to pregnancy: ADOPTION
25-4 Alcatraz was one: PRISON
Two-year-old: TODDLER
Lunar or solar event: ECLIPSE
Queen’s accessory: CROWN
Of great value or high price: PRECIOUS
Proof of purchase: RECEIPT
Voter’s place: BOOTH
cede + trot: DETECTOR
25-5 ____ Cooper: MINI
Dr. Frankenstein’s creation: MONSTER
Famous fictional wizard: POTTER
Like a moonless night: DARK
Cosmetic compact ___: POWDER
Recipe instruction: STIR
Toward the Orient: EAST
First to settle in a territory: PIONEER
Covid face covering: MASK
Lasso material: ROPE
26-1 So close!: ALMOST
Decline to bid, in bridge: PASS
Shot taken at a party: PHOTO
Flight terminal: AIRPORT
Summer refresher: POOL
Batman and Robin, the ___ Duo: DYNAMIC
Opposite of “home” in sports: AWAY
Gas or electric service: UTILITY
Vehicle engine: MOTOR
Go from zero to 60, say: COUNT
Craven, Dastard, Recreant: COWARD
26-2 Oscar-night word: BEST
Garage occupier: AUTO
Arctic or antarctic: POLAR
__ Kong (Chinese region): HONG
Bug spray target: PEST
Armor-plated horseman: KNIGHT
I ___ the Line,song by Johnny Cash: WALK
Coffee unit: BEAN
Pen name: PARKER
noh + uro: HONOUR
26-3 Sunbathing risk: BURN
Respiratory desease: ASTHMA
Common air freshener scent: PINE
Word in the Hippocratic oath: HARM
____ Willis of Hollywood: BRUCE
Leave, Forsake, Desert: ABANDON
26-4 Mood influencer: HORMONE
Language of Israel: HEBREW
Sushi order: ROLL
Old and New Testament: BIBLE
Blanket in winter: SNOW
Think tank member: BRAIN
Reason for rehab: ABUSE
Florida city: MIAMI
Basil and rosemary: HERBS
26-5 Be frightened of: FEAR
Venus de Milo lacks them: ARMS
Fishing spot: LAKE
Voice transmitter, briefly: MIKE
One way to get a car: LEASE
Who works with soil and plants: FARMER
Fourth power: MEDIA
Skateboard park feature: RAIL
Pieces of commentary: REMARKS
Member of a ship’s crew: SAILOR
27-1 Charitable gift: DONATION
Alternative to letter writing: EMAIL
Symbolic creature in Chinese myth: DRAGON
Monopoly surface: BOARD
Planet’s path: ORBIT
Captain America carries one: SHIELD
Kind of triangle: BERMUDA
Narrow of shape: SLIM
27-2 ____ Roberts, actress: JULIA
Summary of key points: OUTLINE
Printing technique: OFFSET
Enormous sea waves: TSUNAMI
Eighth of a workday: HOUR
Protester’s sign word: UNFAIR
It heals all wounds: TIME
ide + umm: MEDIUM
27-3 ATM output: CASH
Shirt measurement: NECK
Take one over another: CHOOSE
Long-running Broadway musical: CATS
Vampire hunter’s weapon: STAKE
Yard barrier: FENCE
Couch potato’s place: SOFA
Empty auditorium effect: ECHO
Frequently, Repeatedly: OFTEN
27-4 Consider, in court: HEAR
Advertiser on TV: SPONSOR
Beach surface: SAND
Trig or algebra, e.g: MATH
Hiring/firing type: BOSS
Prince who married Meghan Markle: HARRY
Rudolph or Bambi: DEER
Modify formally: AMEND
Rhyming verses: POETRY
Separator of a.m. and p.m: NOON
Opposite of up: DOWN
27-5 Rescue from danger: SAVE
Tranquil, cross-legged exercise: YOGA
Bond, ___ Bond: JAMES
Chess finale: MATE
Luxurious country dwelling: VILLA
Woodland way: PATH
Honorable and fair: JUST
A must for Miss America: BEAUTY
Indonesia’s most populated island: JAVA
Like a soprano’s voice: HIGH
Streets after curfew: EMPTY
Hollywood offering: MOVIE
28-1 The ___ Wears Prada, movie: DEVIL
Used for carrying oil or gas: PIPELINE
Some KFC pieces: LEGS
Population per square mile, e.g: DENSITY
Someone in a doctor’s office: PATIENT
Type of discussion: PANEL
Option on “Wheel of Fortune”: SPIN
Where computer files are kept: SERVER
gae + tin: EATING
28-2 Apartment alternative: HOUSE
Third rock from the sun: EARTH
Animation creation: CARTOON
Severe prison sentence: LIFE
Charmingly attractive: CUTE
Office workers: STAFF
Standards or rules to judge by: CRITERIA
Locomotive vehicle: TRAIN
Make, as a living: EARN
Moral and emotional nature: SOUL
28-3 Preschool attendee: CHILD
Natural environment for species: HABITAT
Drinking vessel: GLASS
Nobody in particular: ANYONE
What carats measure: WEIGHT
Ingmar Bergman’s homeland: SWEDEN
Crime scene discovery: BODY
Like works of Shakespeare or Frank Sinatra: CLASSIC
28-4 Whole-wheat or white: BREAD
London or Brooklyn, e.g: BRIDGE
Alice’s trip to Wonderland was one: DREAM
Apple MP3 player: IPOD
Ask for proof of age: CARD
How interest is shown: RATE
Vitamin C fruit: ORANGE
Console maker: NINTENDO
Peril, Hazard, Risk: DANGER
oeci + turp: OUTPRICE
28-5 Postponement at an airport: DELAY
Appetizer, entree or dessert: DISH
Clean with water: WASH
Football player’s seat: BENCH
Property holder: OWNER
___ Voldemort, villian: LORD
Australia’s largest city: SYDNEY
Considered individually: EACH
Swedish King __ XVI Gustaf: CARL
Temple activity: WORSHIP
29-1 Christian with a big house: DIOR
Short biography: PROFILE
Band’s first recording: DEMO
Hundred cubed: MILLION
Twilight Saga character: VAMPIRE
Highway division: LANE
Fashion-show poser: MODEL
Chauffeur’s instruction: DRIVE
deed + fren: DEFENDER
29-2 Instrument with a bench: PIANO
Titanic, for one: SHIP
Lay one’s hands on: OBTAIN
Like overcooked steak: TOUGH
Help, as in an operation: ASSIST
Argument’s foundation: BASIS
New Guinea neighbor: PAPUA
Word with paper or plastic: BAGS
Enlist or register: SIGNUP
goi + ssp: GOSSIP
29-3 It’s played in a play: ROLE
Entrance requirement, often: TICKET
Up on the latest info: AWARE
Vacation location: RESORT
Mammal with flippers: SEAL
Ginger in the kitchen: SPICE
Senator’s sphere: POLITICS
Free from danger: RESCUE
Wash-and-__: WEAR
Hoist, Raise, Heighten: LOWER
29-4 Given at birth: NAME
Join or merge to form a single unit: COMBINE
Type of web site ad: BANNER
Ready oneself: PREPARE
Cirque du Soleil performer: ACROBAT
Debaters’s focus: TOPIC
Definition of a word: MEANING
Transaction, Negotiation, Business: BARGAIN
29-5 Relieve from: FREE
Not quickly solved: HARD
Wrecking-ball swinger: CRANE
Toasters drink to this: HEALTH
A couple of times: TWICE
Fifth-most abundant element: NEON
Preceding all others: FIRST
Symbol of Christianity: CROSS
Graceful avian swimmer: SWAN
Public disgrace: SCANDAL
30-1 Aphid, to a rose: PEST
They’re counted at night: SHEEP
Adele song “Rolling in the ___”: DEEP
|| on a YouTube video: PAUSE
To whom a husband leaves an estate: WIDOW
Home of Socrates: ATHENS
Small storage building: SHED
Meat and potatoes dish: HASH
Oregon or Oklahoma: STATE
Project starter: IDEA
30-2 Carpentry or basket-weaving, e.g: CRAFT
Movies, collectively: CINEMA
Driver’s fee: TOLL
City founded by Cadillac: DETROIT
____ Karenina, in literature: ANNA
Collection of items of same data: ARRAY
Kilimanjaro’s continent: AFRICA
Politically extreme: RADICAL
Unit of currency: DOLLAR
High-tech prefix for space: CYBER
30-3 Rockers Guns N’ __: ROSES
Chip seasoning: SALT
It may be stranger than fiction: TRUTH
Flip-chart diagram: GRAPH
You may train to get in it: SHAPE
Anonymous one, sometimes: AUTHOR
Cyclist’s protection: HELMET
Uncertain, Ignorant, Dubious: SURE
Be emotionally affected by: FEEL
Difficult attempt to achieve something: STRUGGLE
30-4 Insurance assessment: RISK
Where to buy wares: MARKET
Nice to people: KIND
Turn on the ignition: START
Lock openers: KEYS
Way more than a few: MANY
Something to chew on: FOOD
adda + ryme: DAYDREAM
emma + toro: ROOMMATE
30-5 Finding in geometry: AREA
Fifth Republic nation: FRANCE
Star ____, 1960s series: TREK
Photographer’s gear: CAMERA
Women’s History month: MARCH
Sprint against others: RACE
Gas container: TANK
Celeb’s achievement: FAME
Winter wear: COAT
Public transit system: METRO
31-1 Internet cafe service: WIFI
Short-distance train: RAILWAY
C in chemistry class: CARBON
Fact-finding process: RESEARCH
Eating utensil: FORK
Floor’s opposite: CEILING
Decorator’s selection: COLOR
Food grown without pesticides: ORGANIC
In fashion: STYLISH
Natural history museum sights: BONES
31-2 Newton’s inspiration: APPLE
Best-selling rapper of the 2000s: EMINEM
Short message: NOTE
Dance move: STEP
Murder mystery nonsurvivor: VICTIM
Computer mouse sound: CLICK
Drop in the mailbox, e.g: SEND
Physics concern: MATTER
City on the Seine: PARIS
Sell directly to the consumer: RETAIL
31-3 Companion of Snow White: DWARF
One who’s been initiated: MEMBER
Progress against corruption: REFORM
Campsite warmer: FIRE
Better Call Saul, genre: DRAMA
Sun-deck locale, often: ROOF
Sphere of influence: DOMAIN
Steak or ground round: BEEF
Livestock exhibition: FAIR
ead + err: READER
31-4 Ship’s goods: CARGO
Fossil fuel: COAL
Hard to squeeze through: NARROW
Like some media: SOCIAL
Bring in from abroad: IMPORT
Economic forecast: GROWTH
Whole of civilization: WORLD
Put on the hard drive: INSTALL
Picturesque, Illustrative, Descriptive: GRAPHIC
Luminosity, Radiance, Beam: LIGHT
31-5 Newspaper frequency: DAILY
Fill out a form: APPLY
What fuel provides: ENERGY
They rise during inflation: PRICES
Deodorant form: SPRAY
Computer access code: PASSWORD
Car alarm: HORN
Subject for a philosopher: BEING
Black magic weapon: CURSE
Brewer’s grain: BARLEY
32-1 First name of Curie or Antoinette: MARIE
Wrist ornament: BRACELET
Athletic shoe manufacturer: ADIDAS
Graph-paper pattern: GRID
___ Balm, ointment: TIGER
World of Warcraft event: RAID
Be absorbed in something else: MERGE
Not at all homogeneous: DIVERSE
bee + tel: BEETLE
32-2 Bachelor no more: HUSBAND
50% off event, e.g: SALE
Give support or relief: SUSTAIN
Cause of an outburst: ANGER
Surpassing another: BETTER
Pledged in marriage: ENGAGED
Drinking tube: STRAW
Player in American football: HOLDER
Sauce for adding to a dish: DRESSING
Game with strikes and a ball: BOWLING
32-3 ___ Fly Now, song from “Rocky”: GONNA
Reason for a handshake: DEAL
Cupid’s attribute: ARROW
Stage performance with singing: OPERA
Socket insert: PLUG
Car transmission choice: GEAR
Airplane console: RADAR
Divine messenger: ANGEL
Bit of rain: DROP
Given as a prize: AWARDED
32-4 Bill or Hillary: CLINTON
Beauty parlor: SALON
A philanthropist might set one up: FUND
Unfortunate event: DISASTER
Group of ships: FLEET
School year segments: TERMS
Like Cinderella’s stepsisters: CRUEL
Screech, Shriek, Yell: SCREAM
Divide, Separate, Rive: SPLIT
32-5 ___ and blood: FLESH
April 1st victim: FOOL
When daylight ends: SUNSET
Pisan attraction: TOWER
Capital of Ontario: TORONTO
What ___ Want, 2000 movie: WOMEN
Two quarters: HALF
Person who might take a bow: HUNTER
General plan or makeup: FORMAT
33-1 Where rockets travel: SPACE
One part in a hundred: PERCENT
Absolute essential: MUST
Role for an actor: PART
True piece of information: FACT
Student grade factor: TEST
Machu Picchu’s land: PERU
Bond between friends: TRUST
Atlas components: MAPS
Sunday school site: CHURCH
33-2 Mickey Mouse creator: DISNEY
Author ___-Exupéry: SAINT
Bumper occurrence: ACCIDENT
Hot spot in the gym: SAUNA
Sentries’ jobs: WATCH
Love-__ relationship: HATE
Script segment: SCENE
Extensive property: ESTATE
Drained river area: BASIN
Law assignment: CASE
Type of bar: SUSHI
Pirate’s treasure container: CHEST
33-3 Permission to travel: VISA
Lilac or violet: PURPLE
Test the cooking: TASTE
Do duty for a term: SERVE
Aim or objective: PURPOSE
Library unit: VOLUME
Times to come: FUTURE
Great victory: TRIUMPH
pier + ussr: SURPRISE
33-4 Pie portion: SLICE
Emerging adult: TEEN
High anxiety cause: STRESS
Paddy product: RICE
Official permit to work: LICENCE
Building construction material: CEMENT
Lemon relative: LIME
Word next to a coin slot: INSERT
Deceitful plan: SCHEME
Hear, Attend, Hearken: LISTEN
33-5 Highway or byway: ROAD
Periodic table’s Fe: IRON
In the vicinity of: AROUND
Gandhi’s homeland: INDIA
Address book entry: CONTACT
Tinder meeting: DATE
Pearl ____, historic Hawaiian site: HARBOR
Lease payment: RENT
Electrical flow: CURRENT
Seek game: HUNT
Pinterest collection: BOARD
34-1 Kind of rehearsal: DRESS
Sculptor’s creation: STATUE
Part of a needle: EYE
Medal recipient: HERO
Not sweet, to a wine drinker: DRY
Japanese car manufacturer: TOYOTA
Safe place to go during a hurricane: SHELTER
Prison recreation area: YARD
Recover, medically speaking: HEAL
PC take-out key: DELETE
Same as always: USUAL
34-2 Tasty clove: GARLIC
Champagne feature: BUBBLE
Smell detector: NOSE
Pledge in marriage: ENGAGE
Main part of the nervous system: BRAIN
Guitar with no plug: ACOUSTIC
Egg-hatching spot: NEST
Pick from the pack: SELECT
34-3 Fairy tale starter: ONCE
Clickable item: LINK
Weather channel forecast: CLOUDY
What ___ Wrong, Blink 182: WENT
Word with “Kingdom” or “Nations”: UNITED
Draw up plans for: DESIGN
Things in inventory: STOCK
kin + sny: SKINNY
34-4 What tons measure: MASS
Device with valves: PUMP
Baboon or Macaque: MONKEY
Time limit for a task: DEADLINE
A wrong definition: MISTAKE
Get a divorce, informally: SPLIT
Passion, Feeling, Excitement: EMOTION
34-5 In foreign territory: ABROAD
Earn a diploma: GRADUATE
Astronomer’s prime time: NIGHT
Blood’s starting place: HEART
Money-raising performance: BENEFIT
Tourist’s handbook: GUIDE
Gain’s opposite: LOSS
Rock’s Pink _____: FLOYD
35-1 Low-rain region: DESERT
Dumpster filler: TRASH
Wide side to side: BROAD
Homeric inspiration for Joyce’s “Ulysses”: ODYSSEY
Henry ___, American industrialist: FORD
Worker’s demand: RAISE
Trousers surrounder: BELT
Word with “up” or “down”: SHUT
U.K. political party: LABOUR
35-2 Good fortune: LUCK
Converting device for a traveller: ADAPTER
Nine-to-five routine: WORK
Desire of a dove: PEACE
Law enforcement group: POLICE
Judge’s workplace: COURT
Curry ingredient: CHILE
Travel with the band: TOUR
Guinness Book entry: RECORD
35-3 Tequila serving size: SHOT
Art gallery: MUSEUM
Item in a recycling bin: BOTTLE
One and the other: BOTH
Athletic association: LEAGUE
Three-month period: SEASON
Don’t go out that door!: STAY
holm + tosy: SMOOTHLY
35-4 Essential for a healthy diet: FIBER
Source of ethnic pride: HERITAGE
Milieu for the Wallendas: CIRCUS
New parents’ celebration: BIRTH
Opposing force: ENEMY
Protector or defender: GUARDIAN
Chess or charades, e.g.: GAME
Kitchen guru: CHEF
35-5 Woman with a niece: AUNT
Steady flow of water: STREAM
Resistance against attack: DEFENSE
Action in casino with dice: THROW
Peril at sea: STORM
Horned animal, informally: RHINO
Punching hand: FIST
Race named for a Greek plain: MARATHON
Ride the waves: SURF
36-1 Sincere attempt: EFFORT
Jack Sparrow, for one: PIRATE
Set the stage: PREPARE
Capricorn sign: GOAT
Word with fruit or play: PASSION
One of a kitchen set: KNIFE
TV teaser: PROMO
Persistent one: STICKER
Japanese comic style: MANGA
come + spor: COMPOSER
36-2 Laboratory maze runners: RATS
Speleology topic: CAVE
Push a button: ACTIVATE
Hunt the fox: CHASE
Hourly workers’ pay: WAGES
Man behind “My Fair Lady”: SHAW
Original state of the universe, in myth: CHAOS
Slap a curfew on: RESTRICT
Wall Street worker: TRADER
36-3 Flying mammal: BAT
Lion or coyote: PREDATOR
One of a square’s four: SIDE
Be economical with, as resources: REUSE
Video go-with: AUDIO
Work at a keyboard: TYPE
Characters in a popular PC game: SIMS
Active support: ADVOCACY
Tall grass of a swamp: REED
Lay, Inflict, Fix: IMPOSE
36-4 Interior home unit: ROOM
Language of Helsinki: FINNISH
Foremost part of anything: FRONT
Where most stay when it rains: INSIDE
The ___ Strikes Back, Star Wars: EMPIRE
Have an alternative: OPTION
One of three in hockey: PERIOD
hee + rps: SPHERE
nim + too: MOTION
36-5 Get out of bed: ARISE
Reason to miss work: ILLNESS
Communicate manually: SIGN
Momentary view: GLANCE
Like a skyscraper: TALL
Common fix for computer problems: RESTART
Pet store purchase: CAGE
Red facial spots: ACNE
Dairy farm animals: CATTLE
37-1 Take a bungee jump: LEAP
Interior part of a country: MIDLAND
One of India’s official languages: HINDI
Appropriate without permission: ANNEX
Come into contact with: TOUCH
Depress, as a button: PUSH
Junk mail, Internet-style: SPAM
Overabundance or surplus: EXCESS
37-2 There is no place like it: HOME
Fail to remember: FORGET
Blond or brunette: HAIR
Developed by stages: EVOLVED
Church title: FATHER
African trumpeter: ELEPHANT
Canvas cover: PAINT
37-3 Software purchaser: USER
Sworn promise: OATH
Dear ___ movie: JOHN
Luxury boat: YACHT
Graduation month: JUNE
Fire’s need: FUEL
Call for a pizza: ORDER
Dry-mop’s target: DUST
Feel concerned about: CARE
37-4 Capital of Italy: ROME
Opposite of debit: CREDIT
Leave no doubt about: ENSURE
Uncle Tom’s home: CABIN
Great Wall of China component: STONE
Group of parade marchers: BAND
Place to play tennis: COURT
70s dance genre: DISCO
dian + sour: DINOSAUR
37-5 Reach a career high: PEAK
Sri follower: LANKA
Canadian tree: MAPLE
Object of a stake out: CLAIM
Type of opera: SOAP
Source of some omega-3s: FISH
Computer component: CHIP
Taxable amount for an investor: GAIN
Super ___, playoff game: BOWL
Six-day race vehicle: BIKE
38-1 Get the opinions of others: POLL
Pancake topper: SYRUP
Money holder: PURSE
When ____ met sally, movie: HARRY
Suggest itself (to): OCCUR
Not making sense: CRAZY
What a predator follows: PREY
Thunderstorm by-product: OZONE
Spherical green veggies: PEAS
38-2 Model’s session: SHOOT
It’s often left out to dry: WASH
Containing much sugar: SWEET
Bubbly drink: SODA
Of later vintage: NEWER
Document of ownership: DEED
___ Armstrong of Apollo 11: NEIL
Organ- transplant need: DONOR
38-3 Royal seat: THRONE
TV’s “America’s Most ___”: WANTED
Barber’s service: SHAVE
Ice cream or cake, maybe: DESSERT
Lamb’s product: WOOL
Pointer of a compass: NEEDLE
Skyscraper transport: ELEVATOR
Merit, Earn, Justify: DESERVE
Vend, Retail, Hawk: SELL
38-4 Popular bear among children: TEDDY
Reach one’s destination: ARRIVE
Brutus betrayed him: CAESAR
Business-card symbol: LOGO
Bowler’s goal: STRIKE
Get bloated: SWELL
Hamlet, for instance: TRAGEDY
38-5 Touch emotionally: MOVE
One may require a coupon: REBATE
Substantiate: VERIFY
Drummer’s asset: RHYTHM
Land of Damascus: SYRIA
Avocations: HOBBIES
Ph.D. prerequisite: THESIS
View from a beach house: SHORE
One of Taylor’s husbands: TODD
Anything you say: WHATEVER
39-1 Couples may be in it: THERAPY
Order letters: SPELL
Letter ender?: YOURS
Holmes’s aim: SOLUTION
Annual report item: ASSET
Central principle of Baha’ism: UNITY
Found on this page: HEREIN
Pitcher-turned-slugger Babe: RUTH
Hurricanes’ university: MIAMI
39-2 Escalator part: RAIL
Things you want for birthday: WISHLIST
Bit of information: DETAIL
Cash register: TILL
Playground fixture with a ladder: SLIDE
Partner of “go seek”: HIDE
had + sri: RADISH
gae + trt: TARGET
39-3 Financial backing: SUPPORT
Like some interests: COMMON
Partner of faith and charity: HOPE
Place to shop: STORE
Diner’s card: MENU
Flower emission: SCENT
___ of the Jedi, Star Wars movie: RETURN
Curtail, Lessen, Abridge: SHORTEN
Regain, Repossess, Resume: RECOVER
39-4 Official news report: BULLETIN
Subway passage: TUNNEL
8 bits, commonly: BYTE
Slow reptile: TURTLE
One’s early years: YOUTH
F = ma formulator: NEWTON
American candy bar “Baby___ “: RUTH
39-5 Cape, westernmost point of Africa: VERDE
Main route: HIGHWAY
Adjust a receiver: TUNE
Catch one’s ___: BREATH
All the time in the world: ETERNITY
In need of calories: HUNGRY
Moral excellence: VIRTUE
On the floor above: UPSTAIRS
40-1 Girl’s doll since 1959: BARBIE
Conclave’s choice: POPE
Agatha Christie genre: MYSTERY
Morning glory: SUNRISE
Don Quixote was written here: PRISON
Strange or unusual: ODD
Go to an event: ATTEND
Snowball fight defense: FORT
Earth circler: MOON
40-2 Dentist’s advice: BRUSH
iba + urs: AIRBUS
Deck for telling the future: TAROT
Season for pumpkin-spiced everything: AUTUMN
Get smaller: SHRINK
Sorrowful drop: TEAR
Everest or Kilimanjaro: MOUNT
Like vinegar or lemon: SOUR
Flimsy home: TENT
40-3 Memory unit: BIT
Many are called but few are ___: CHOSEN
Copper-coated coin: PENNY
Octopus tentacle count: EIGHT
Raise on a farm: GROW
Book deal maker: AGENT
Something that affects a result: FACTOR
Western worker: COWBOY
Befall, Happen, Betide: OCCUR
40-4 Alpha, beta and gamma: RAY
Chromosome constituents: GENES
Lawn-care item: HOSE
Swiss canton or lake: GENEVA
Where the buffalo roam: RANGE
Update, as a web page: REFRESH
Medical specialist: SURGEON
40-5 Taking no sides: NEUTRAL
Cash and credit cards holder: WALLET
Fairy tale residence: CASTLE
National head count: CENSUS
Nobel Prize winner ___ Bunche: RALPH
Designating a form of energy: NUCLEAR
Mounted policeman of Texas: RANGER
Beethoven’s “Choral Symphony,” with “The”: NINTH
41-1 Narrow ribbon: TAPE
Collared garment: SHIRT
Radio part: SPEAKER
Summit meeting events: TALKS
Fell down from bad news: FAINT
Vocal cords’ location: THROAT
Catch with one’s ears: HEAR
Blackmail tactic: THREAT
From Dublin or Cork: IRISH
Spaghetti and vermicelli: PASTA
Artist’s studio: LOFT
41-2 Persian Gulf state: QATAR
With confidence: SURELY
Marching-band instrument: FLUTE
Carpenter’s tool: HAMMER
Of the same measure or quantity: EQUAL
What supermodels do: POSE
List of a ship’s cargo: MANIFEST
Temporary suspension: HALT
Climber’s goal: SUMMIT
Geese, ducks, etc.: POULTRY
41-3 Sleeping site: MATTRESS
Stretch on the throne: REIGN
Middle-age event, perhaps: CRISIS
Room at the top: ATTIC
Shakespearean prince: HAMLET
Gaelic reunion group: CLAN
Knit cloth: TEXTILE
cee + rex: EXERCE
41-4 Say no to: REFUSE
Baseball accessory: GLOVE
Bakers’ supply: EGGS
Blanket material: FLEECE
Reason for slowing down: CURVE
Trumpet part: VALVE
Mosaic piece: TILE
Burger King offering: FRIES
Not natural, in a way, after “in”: VITRO
Presley’s companion: GUITAR
Sense of finality: CLOSURE
French ___ (resort area): RIVIERA
Sacred volcano of Japan: FUJI
41-5 Intelligent sea creature: DOLPHIN
Needlework on skin: TATTOO
Drainage pipe: SEWER
Chameleon or crocodile: REPTILE
Fauna’s partner: FLORA
Hello, in Hawaii: ALOHA
Handmaid, for one: SERVANT
Remove money from a place of deposit: WITHDRAW
Pearl protector: SHELL
International hotel chain: RADISSON
42-1 Cup for some athletes: TROPHY
Pop diva Spears: BRITNEY
To-be-covered list: AGENDA
Ancient polytheist: PAGAN
Seaweed substance: AGAR
Armstrong’s program: APOLLO
Loyal highness: FIDELITY
42-2 Pursue and locate: TRACE
Tooth puller: DENTIST
Uber reservation: TAXI
Hospital division: WARD
The height of fashion: CHIC
Pasta ingredient: WHEAT
Small bed size: TWIN
Office printer’s feature: SCANNER
Oktober follower: FEST
42-3 Knitting aid: NEEDLE
Word with cap or suit: BATHING
Ability to wait calmly: PATIENCE
State of being united: ADHESION
Headline-making event: SCANDAL
Grace said before eating: BLESSING
Anderson of ‘Baywatch’: PAMELA
Periodical with condensed works: DIGEST
Distend, Expand: INFLATE
42-4 Force, Vigor, Power: STRENGTH
Post-trial action: APPEAL
California’s ___ Beach: LAGUNA
__-hour traffic: RUSH
Opposite of useless: HELPFUL
Children should be ___ and not heard: SEEN
Ink for a laser printer: TONER
Subject of Dante’s “Inferno”: HELL
Electrical conductor: WIRE
Wrap for leftover food: FOIL
42-5 Fashion’s Giorgio: ARMANI
Vary, as crops: ROTATE
Not connected with: APART
Military newbie: RECRUIT
Hauling vehicle: TRACTOR
Inventory item: UNIT
Checkout counter money-saver: COUPON
nea + tur: NATURE
dca + dee: DECADE
43-1 Oriental staple: RICE
Sharks have a lot of them: TEETH
More ample: WIDER
Do a private eye’s job: DETECT
Go from first to second: SHIFT
Deep sadness: GRIEF
Beethoven’s famed symphony: FIFTH
Hanukkah celebrants: JEWS
43-2 Firm or hard-set: RIGID
Baby shower gift: DOLL
Fireplace wood: LOG
Farm of Southwest: RANCHO
Sweet tropical fruit: MANGO
Certain horse: GRAY
Mont-Saint-___, French tourist island: MICHEL
Patronize a casino: GAMBLE
Chardonnay factory: WINERY
43-3 Action after an alarm: RESET
Terrific bargain: STEAL
Noted financial magazine: FORBES
Dreaded musician of the 1960s-’70s: MARLEY
Shoe worn in snow: BOOT
Place confidence: RELY
The science of the earth: GEOLOGY
Part of an ice skate: BLADE
Pack animal: WOLF
43-4 Send into space, say: LAUNCH
Forest dweller: DEER
Rain source: CLOUD
North Magnetic ___: POLE
Tooth trouble: DECAY
Give to a thrift shop: DONATE
Existing at the time: ACTUAL
acad + vend: ADVANCED
43-5 Leaf’s support: STEM
State of mind: ATTITUDE
Washer cylinder: DRUM
Having all the pieces: ENTIRE
Usual semester ender: EXAM
100-member group in Washington, D.C: SENATE
Medical school subject: DISEASE
Fully aged, as wine: MATURE
Fanciful idea or belief: NOTION
Novel producer: AUTHOR
44-1 Loud argument in public, e.g: SCENE
__ on Down the Road, The Wiz song: EASE
Poe’s talking bird: RAVEN
Extremely harsh: SEVERE
Amusement center with coin-operated games: ARCADE
Country known for its pyramids in Meroë: SUDAN
Keep an eye on: GUARD
cee + off: COFFEE
44-2 You, old version: THEE
Meal in a pot: SOUP
Bidding event: AUCTION
Book for a first grader: PRIMER
Snack named for an earl: SANDWICH
Surgeon’s target, sometimes: TUMOR
Element of a strategy: TACTIC
A cabinet member, in Britain: MINISTER
44-3 Political party of England: LIBERAL
Enter into close union: MARRY
Ghost of cartoons: CASPER
Resistant to disease: IMMUNE
Narrow passageway: ALLEY
Actress Lindsay of “Mean Girls”: LOHAN
Stradivarius creation: VIOLIN
Considerable achievement: SUCCESS
Place for wine or salt: CELLAR
Imposing of a tax: LEVY
44-4 Performance for one: SOLO
Third largest ocean: INDIAN
Branch of grammar: SYNTAX
Like some neighbors: NOISY
Refer to in passing: MENTION
Object of adoration: IDOL
Eminem movie “8 ___”: MILE
Grass around a home: LAWN
Dressed, Robed, Draped: NAKED
44-5 Quick snap: PHOTO
TV reception enhancer: ANTENNA
Excavation process: MINING
Go to the polls: VOTE
Modern party announcement: EVITE
Pizza crust choice: THIN
Possible explanation for a coincidence: FATE
Its capital is Addis Ababa: ETHIOPIA
Computer junkie: GEEK
Scandinavian pirate: VIKING
45-1 Kind of jacket or insurance: LIFE
Undercooked steak: RARE
Data document: FILE
Medicine dose: PILL
Symphonic presentation: CONCERT
Actors in a play: CAST
Motion detector: SENSOR
Have an inclination to: TEND
Math comparison: RATIO
Cell phone beep: ALERT
___ fit jeans: SLIM
Group of symptoms: SYNDROME
45-2 Popcorn additive: SALT
Chemist’s facilitator: CATALYST
Bloody Mary juice: TOMATO
Geometric symbol for an angle: THETA
Alcohol used in antifreeze: METHYL
Like many resorts: COASTAL
Plug-in place: OUTLET
Congressional creation: STATUTE
Expand, as a cooked frank: PLUMP
45-3 Tom yum cuisine: THAI
Deceive by trickery: CHEAT
Piece of merchandise: WARE
It’ll make you cry: ONION
Planting cycle: ROTATION
Airport area: GATE
About 21% of the atmosphere: OXYGEN
45-4 Part of a leg: FOOT
Things up for discussion: AGENDA
Lotus position practice: YOGA
Occupy completely: FILL
Gas or electricity: UTILITY
Seeing each other: DATING
Grant permission for: ALLOW
Discourse, Speech, Language: TONGUE
45-5 Olympic sport since 1992: BASEBALL
____ in Paris, series: EMILY
Mythical eagle-lion hybrid: GRIFFIN
River through Mali and Nigeria: NIGER
Established practice: USAGE
Rapid __ (urban trains): TRANSIT
Propose or call up to mind: SUGGEST
Allergy irritant, often: DUST
Place for editing marks: MARGIN
Marine color: AQUA
46-1 Early screening: PREVIEW
Drink with cheese: WINE
Ending number in some months: THIRTY
Angels’ place: HEAVEN
Firefighting aid: WATER
Sensational promotion: HYPE
I Am Sam, star Sean ___: PENN
Citizen with income: TAXPAYER
Know-nothing’s opposite: EXPERT
Change from time to time: VARY
Prepare to travel: PACK
46-2 Hollywood’s Marilyn: MONROE
Not a professional musician: AMATEUR
Google web browser: CHROME
Transport fee: FARE
Agency controlling the flow of goods: CUSTOMS
Polished and even: SMOOTH
Keep off the ___, park sign: GRASS
Make oneself heard: SHOUT
game + turn: ARGUMENT
46-3 Terminator, star name: ARNOLD
Story from the past: LEGEND
Song’s chorus: REFRAIN
Adjective for Scandinavian: NORDIC
Lamborghini alternative: FERRARI
Store that’s all over: CHAIN
Restore to well-being: HEAL
Get quickly, as lunch: GRAB
Cashmere or angora: WOOL
46-4 Stephen King’s genre: HORROR
Plastics term: POLYMER
Bike seat: SADDLE
Bohemian___ , Queen: RHAPSODY
One you have in lottery: CHANCE
Breakfast gadget: TOASTER
Medical procedure: REMEDY
Firewood quantity: CORD
Street fair participant: VENDOR
Not subject to taxes: EXEMPT
Boa or anaconda: PYTHON
46-5 Vacationer’s delight: LEISURE
Olympic team member: ATHLETE
Terminate a session, e.g.: QUIT
Passwords provide it: ACCESS
Ten years: DECADE
Low-calorie beer: LITE
Costa __ , Nicaragua neighbor: RICA
Place to build castles: SHORE
Urban district: QUARTER
Occupy the throne: RULE
47-1 ace + ter: CREATE
Establish in a certain place: LOCATE
Metric unit: LITER
Roadhouse of sorts: TRAILER
Casino cubes: DICE
Sun obscurer: CLOUD
Oceanic rise and fall: TIDE
47-2 Buckingham, for example: PALACE
Singer’s release: SINGLE
Botanists’ concerns: PLANT
Choral genre: GOSPEL
Colossal, moviewise: EPIC
Airshow stunt: LOOP
Chesterfield or blazer: COAT
Eyeliner applicator: PENCIL
Pelosi of politics: NANCY
Lacking good sense: SILLY
Struggle or competition: CONTEST
47-3 Plane manufacturer: BOEING
Fridge stick-on: MAGNET
Treat with indifference: SLIGHT
Under one’s nose: OBVIOUS
Book page: LEAF
Vegas machine: SLOT
Wire rope: CABLE
____ Tom, novel character: UNCLE
La Paz is its capital: BOLIVIA
Hitchhiker’s helpful tool: THUMB
47-4 Nation divided in 1945: KOREA
Innovative Jobs: STEVE
Advent calendar part: DOOR
Unwanted plant: WEED
Put in handcuffs: ARREST
Greet from a distance: WAVE
47-5 Genetic double: CLONE
Throw back, as a mirror image: REFLECT
Legendary British king: ARTHUR
Harry Potter was one: CHOSEN
Capital of Northern Ireland: BELFAST
Common test answer: TRUE
Go against or go over: CROSS
King in “Game of Thrones”: ROBERT
Trevi attraction in Rome: FOUNTAIN
Unusual or out of the ordinary: CURIOUS
48-1 Occupation or recreation: ACTIVITY
Game’s beginning: START
Feel the absence of: MISS
New Caledonia is a territory of it: FRANCE
Crowded area in a city: CENTRE
Birth month for many a Libra: OCTOBER
Piece of paper to fill out: FORM
Double or triple, say: INCREASE
Monthly expense: RENT
Editor’s request: REVISION
Absolute must: NEED
Election section: DISTRICT
48-2 David ___, film director: LYNCH
Potter’s supply: CLAY
What muses do to artists: INSPIRE
Over your head: ABOVE
Kind of mental disorder: BIPOLAR
Most populated nation: CHINA
Reason for taking aspirin: HEADACHE
ich + trs: CHRIST
Safety, Security, Provision: JEOPARDY
48-3 Type of leave or insurance: MEDICAL
Great Britain or Madagascar: ISLAND
Agency customer: CLIENT
The Dating Game contestant: BACHELOR
Biking or hiking course: PATH
Black widow, for one: SPIDER
Draper’s supply: FABRIC
Travel agent’s re-commendation: HOTEL
Believing in the Quran: ISLAMIC
Storage place for records: ARCHIVE
Mix thoroughly: BLEND
Send overseas: EXPORT
48-4 It separates countries: BORDER
One that blossoms: FLOWER
Hard on the eardrums: LOUD
Wild ox: BUFFALO
Less than zero: MINUS
Undomesticated animals: WILDLIFE
___ Angeles Sparks: LOS
This Gun for ___, film noir classic: HIRE
Slow, Thick, Stupid: DENSE
48-5 Yellow Submariners: BEATLES
Doctor’s concern: HEALTH
Psychiatrist’s appointment: SESSION
Estate door answerer: BUTLER
Cause of annoyance: TROUBLE
Rate of movement: SPEED
Kind of medicine or tea: HERBAL
Monarch’s territory: REALM
Quite a lot of: NUMEROUS
Convertible into cash: FLUID
49-1 Urban garden place, often: ROOF
What weightlifting takes: EFFORT
Situation without escape: CORNER
Krishna worshiper: HINDU
Text amender: EDITOR
Numbers on the board in sport: SCORES
Separate and distinct: DISCRETE
Glasses supporter: NOSE
49-2 Early French automaker: PEUGEOT
Wheat or rice: GRAIN
TV’s “Dolphin ___”: COVE
Body shape: FIGURE
Many emigrants have one: ACCENT
Head of a city: MAYOR
Malignant tumor: CANCER
Follows as a result or consequence: OUTCOME
African “Coast”: IVORY
Popular treat in cinema: POPCORN
A, B, C, or even P: VITAMIN
49-3 dhak + worn: WORKHAND
heme + sorn: HORSEMEN
Just before the weekend: FRIDAY
Book holder: SHELF
Sight from sea: LAND
Chief Philippines port: MANILA
Coffeehouse music genre: FOLK
Baby’s bathtub, often: SINK
___ loves company: MISERY
Cowboy show: RODEO
49-4 Knitting material: YARN
Magic trick: ILLUSION
Lingerie item: SLIP
Hot chocolate drink: COCOA
Admit into a society: INITIATE
Clear, transparent quartz: CRYSTAL
Shipping shortcut: CANAL
Counter cleaner: SPONGE
49-5 Half the diameter: RADIUS
Ceramic piece: VASE
Bring back the memory of: RECALL
Growling-stomach feeling: HUNGER
Unmixed, as a drink: NEAT
Choose by a vote: ELECT
Diamond grading factor: CLARITY
Polished body part: NAIL
Bonnie’s partner in crime: CLYDE
Can or pickle for future use: PRESERVE
50-1 Eat to lose weight: DIET
Empty space: VOID
Restricted air lane: CORRIDOR
Treat old furniture: RESTORE
Football clock-stopper: TIMEOUT
Mississippi or Amazon: RIVER
Game played with a dog: FETCH
Unfortunate destiny: DOOM
Check for future purchase: VOUCHER
Hold opposing views: DIFFER
50-2 Country west of Niagara Falls: CANADA
World Wildlife Fund concern: NATURE
Waste not, ___ not: WANT
Not national, as an airline: REGIONAL
Mountain chain: RANGE
Guaranteed freedoms: RIGHTS
Show a preference for: CHOOSE
Month named for an emperor: AUGUST
Opposite of naughty: NICE
Unlike a couch potato: ACTIVE
50-3 Spicy Indian dish: CURRY
Unit of a serial movie: EPISODE
Artisan’s forte: CRAFT
Film maker: PRODUCER
Meal in a tortilla: WRAP
Refreshment in a bowl: PUNCH
Per __: for each person, as income: CAPITA
Sufficient evidence: PROOF
Wi-Fi access area: HOTSPOT
Of particular excellence: FANCY
Kirsch flavor: CHERRY
50-4 Batman or Superman: HERO
Type of bath or delight: TURKISH
Wimbledon game: TENNIS
Garden soil: DIRT
New York explorer Henry ____: HUDSON
Jockey or bicyclist: RIDER
Caravan rest stop: OASIS
Adventurous search: QUEST
50-5 Papyrus manuscript: SCROLL
Beach umbrella’s offering: SHADE
Event planner’s need: CALENDAR
Undesirable plane seat: MIDDLE
Cowboy’s mount: HORSE
Game tile with white dots: DOMINO
51-1 Fly or mosquito: INSECT
Chemical substance in the body: HORMONE
Not too long ago: RECENT
Decorator’s decision: COLOR
Land destruction: EROSION
Toward the Arctic Circle: NORTH
Get the gold: WIN
Part of a poem: LINE
Long-lasting or constant: CHRONIC
51-2 One in charge: LEADER
Moby Dick, for one: WHALE
Ticket that could bring wealth: LOTTERY
Oil unit: BARREL
Continue a subscription: RENEW
Terrarium pet: TURTLE
Beloved princess: DIANA
Youtube watcher: VIEWER
Number of jury, often: TWELVE
51-3 Complicated situation: MESS
Superman or Batman, e.g: HERO
Clothes alterer: TAILOR
Penicillin source: MOLD
Heat source: RADIATOR
Written in verse: POETIC
Thanksgiving celebration: FEAST
Gather and arrange: COMPILE
him + rps: SHRIMP
ill + wow: WILLOW
51-4 India’s “City of Dreams”: MUMBAI
Gotham City protector, DC comics: BATMAN
Danger signal: WARNING
Facts, in brief: INFO
Lagoon perimeter: REEF
Part of the street scene: CURB
Branch of knowledge: SCIENCE
Gossip’s delight: RUMOR
Poor, Naked, Bare: GORGEOUS
51-5 Make a claim against: SUE
Cloth made from flax: LINEN
Sound to attract attention: HIST
Member of the board: TRUSTEE
Showy gymnastics maneuver: AERIAL
Case before a court: LAWSUIT
Graceful nut tree: WALNUT
Wound the feelings: HURT
Senior, Elder: JUNIOR
Big, Bulky, Large: LITTLE
52-1 Instrument’s sound: TONE
Draw a mental picture: IMAGINE
One of the Brontë sisters: ANNE
Set of language rules: GRAMMAR
Romeo, to Juliet: LOVER
Jump out of the way of: DODGE
Guitar feature: STRING
Where it all started: ORIGIN
Prepare coffee beans: ROAST
Set up, as software: INSTALL
52-2 Subject of psychoanalysis: SELF
Weekday delivery: MAIL
Diabetic’s need: INSULIN
Very thin paper: TISSUE
Not in the lead: BEHIND
Hustle and bustle: RUSH
Physical therapy technique: MASSAGE
Annual report graphic: CHART
Mirror makeup: GLASS
Breakfast or brunch: MEAL
Protected area: WETLANDS
52-3 Selling very well: HOT
Fault, Mistake, Blunder: ERROR
Alienate, Supersede, Nullify: ENTAIL
Witching hour: MIDNIGHT
Refined and tasteful look: ELEGANT
Ship’s load: FREIGHT
White-tie event: FORMAL
Pizzeria hot spot: OVEN
52-4 Group of people: CROWD
Very close relationship: INTIMATE
Basement floor material: CONCRETE
Salad or dessert: COURSE
Go by bike: CYCLE
Showed the way to: GUIDED
Estimate the value of: ASSESS
Fix, as flowers: ARRANGE
Game requiring 32 pieces: CHESS
52-5 Cook or kitchen add-on: WARE
Machine on Mars: ROVER
Falls on a border: NIAGARA
Toy vehicle with a handle: WAGON
Work stoppage: STRIKE
Vinyl record feature: GROOVE
Bookshelf wood: OAK
Dance-music genre: SWING
53-1 Systematic approach: PROCESS
Brazilian export: COFFEE
Gasoline measure: GALLON
Adult male deer: STAG
Dollars and pounds: CURRENCY
Clear off: ERASE
Women’s magazine: GLAMOUR
Casablanca’s country: MOROCCO
V-shaped cut: NOTCH
53-2 meld + wont: MELTDOWN
idem + toon: MOONTIDE
Spoiled or decomposed: ROTTEN
Certain doctor in a hospital: RESIDENT
Snowstorm’s aftermath: DRIFT
Sound of traffic frustration: HORN
Hotel giant: HILTON
53-3 Online journal: BLOG
Hospital specialist: SURGEON
Change tags: RENAME
Give hot pursuit: CHASE
George __, Lord Byron: GORDON
Banana buy: BUNCH
Third oldest U.S. university: YALE
Esteem highly: VALUE
Island chain in the Indian Ocean: COMOROS
53-4 Brewed beverage: BEER
London’s ___ Park: HYDE
Capital of Australia: CANBERRA
Places for plugs: EARS
Largest Caribbean island: CUBA
Unwanted baggage: BURDEN
Barbecue area: YARD
Rough, Grating, Severe: HARSH
53-5 Be skeptical about: DOUBT
___ Bird, basketball player: LARRY
Molding material: CLAY
Strip of computer icons: TOOLBAR
Bird in a cornfield: CROW
___ of Triumph, Paris: ARCH
Use for clothing: WEAR
Mozart’s magic instrument: FLUTE
Security lapse: LEAK
54-1 Repeated sound: ECHO
___ Leone, Africa: SIERRA
Like dangerous ice: THIN
Review exam papers: CORRECT
Put into effect: FULFILL
Vehicle with a platform: FLOAT
Democratic choice: ELECTION
Depicting flowers: FLORAL
Snub or neglect: IGNORE
54-2 Spinner in a party game: BOTTLE
Wi-Fi device: ROUTER
Of high social status: NOBLE
Painter Max ___: WEBER
Swim’s opposite: SINK
Work on a sweater: KNIT
Tour de France vehicle: BIKE
Hockey or baseball statistic: ASSIST
Really overcook: BURN
Author of Uncle Remus tales: HARRIS
54-3 Spell, Incantation, Enchantment: CHARM
Bendable joint: KNEE
Uneasy state of blended interest: CONCERN
Like better or best: PREFER
The ___ is silence, Hamlet’s last words: REST
Island in the S. China Sea: TAIWAN
Collector’s item: COIN
Person at the supermarket: SHOPPER
Stanley Kubrick’s art: CINEMA
54-4 Form words silently: MOUTH
Fish with a flat body: SKATE
Soccer video game series: FIFA
Breathing disorder: ASTHMA
On the other side: OPPOSITE
Bird in a “tuxedo”: PENGUIN
Set of clothing: OUTFIT
Chicken piece: WING
Kind of rock music: PUNK
54-5 Bartending measure: SHOT
Space occupier: MATTER
Boxer’s measure: REACH
Orator’s delivery: SPEECH
Alternative to purchase: RENTAL
Over and done with: PAST
Over fifty-percent: MOST
They can be hard to face: FACTS
55-1 Job description detail: DUTY
Boeing product: PLANE
Inventor’s legal document: PATENT
Digital ancestor: ANALOG
Not clearly expressed: VAGUE
Garden maze wall: HEDGE
Burial chamber: VAULT
Lake between California and Nevada: TAHOE
Unhappy, Sorrowful, Disastrous: GLAD
55-2 House haunter: GHOST
Airport frustration: DELAY
Theater escort: USHER
Darwin and Newton each had one: THEORY
Tender years: YOUTH
Horizontally level: FLAT
Artisan alliance: GUILD
Mako or hammerhead: SHARK
Two sizes too small: TIGHT
Protection against spears: SHIELD
55-3 Woo, Seek, Affect: COURT
Will you marry me?, e.g: PROPOSAL
Mythical menace: DRAGON
Appointment book: PLANNER
Takeoff’s opposite: LANDING
Lyricist, essentially: POET
Catholic clergyman: PRIEST
Jamaica’s capital: KINGSTON
Foretell the future: PREDICT
55-4 Classification in human evolution: HOMO
Increase personnel: HIRE
No longer in service: RETIRED
Celsius freezing point: ZERO
Nostalgic fashion trend: RETRO
Parliament member: LORD
Black ___, deadly spider: WIDOW
Head covering: HOOD
Office reminder: MEMO
55-5 Decorative or ornamented: FANCY
Narrator’s offering: TALE
Trawler’s haul: FISH
Spike touching the floor: HEEL
Light haircut request: TRIM
What an activist has: CAUSE
SpongeBob SquarePants, for one: CARTOON
Domestic helper: CLEANER
Carry into action deliberately: COMMIT
56-1 Lift, Heave, Elevate: RAISE
Dull, Opaque, Nonluminous: VIVID
Alleviate or palliate: EASE
Render speechless: SHOCK
Joyful shout: CHEER
Bring with you: CARRY
Predatory bird: HAWK
Water escape route: DRAIN
Scale unit: INCH
56-2 Button on a Facebook post: REACTION
Disease transmitted by mosquitos: MALARIA
Quoted or announced: SAID
Unsheltered person: HOMELESS
Hitchcock films’ genre: THRILLER
Estimate incorrectly: MISTAKE
Victoria in Africa: LAKE
Chicken feed: CORN
56-3 Wedding cake segment: LAYER
Sample some food: TASTE
Way of acting: MANNER
Savory plant: HERB
Revolutionary cause: LIBERTY
Lend an ear: LISTEN
Honey-colored: AMBER
Vast property: ESTATE
Lyricist or composer: WRITER
Sharp, as eyesight: ACUTE
56-4 Traffic controller: LIGHT
Octagon or oval, e.g: SHAPE
Bring into the world: PARENT
Press material: REPORT
Poker holding: STRAIGHT
It’s always underfoot: SOLE
Internet search aid: GOOGLE
Pay a compliment to: PRAISE
One who’s seen combat: VETERAN
oie + ptt: TIPTOE
56-5 Nuclear device: REACTOR
Sunflower product: SEED
Marathoner’s goal: FINISH
Use a binder clip: ATTACH
Plumbers fix them: PIPES
Heaven on earth: EDEN
Unwitting or unaware of: IGNORANT
57-1 Dance craze of the 60s: TWIST
Circular line encompassing an area: CIRCUIT
Team morale: SPIRIT
Major PC maker: DELL
Hospital professional: NURSE
Murphy of “The Nutty Professor”: EDDIE
Manners or behavior: CONDUCT
Of a shared cultural identity: ETHNIC
Lose on purpose: THROW
57-2 Elementary, my dear ___: WATSON
Give counsel to: ADVISE
Supply with workers: STAFF
Support a charity: DONATE
Date ending, perhaps: KISS
Apothecary measure: DOSE
Seen in a dream or ecstasy: VISION
Largest organ of the human body: SKIN
Valuable possession: ASSET
57-3 Oh, to be in _____: Browning: ENGLAND
Klein who once managed the Beatles and Rolling Stones: ALLEN
Ciao or aloha: GREETING
Got ready for action: TRAINED
Contents of an HP cartridge: TONER
He has lots to sell: REALTOR
Pointe-Noire’s home: CONGO
Concerned about the environment: GREEN
User of the “I Ching”: ORACLE
Professionally right: ETHICAL
Pooh’s prize: HONEY
57-4 Challenge authority: REBEL
Estimate the price of: EVALUATE
Round Table sitter: KNIGHT
Pawnee or Apache: TRIBE
Party to a defense treaty: ALLY
Be on the road: DRIVING
edea + gelt: DELEGATE
anga + yurt: GUARANTY
57-5 As a preferred alternative: INSTEAD
Disease sources: BACTERIA
Stand-up person: COMIC
Work outfit: UNIFORM
Puerto ____: RICO
Material for a drapper: FABRIC
Respectable or clothed: DECENT
58-1 Succeed in reaching: ATTAIN
Fermentation by-product: ETHANOL
Peacock has vivid ones: FEATHERS
A piece of land: TERRAIN
Risky romance: AFFAIR
Non-perception, Insensibility, Misapprehension: SENSE
58-2 Illicit leafy stimulant: COCA
Fish for a casserole: TUNA
Country of fjords: NORWAY
Provide critical comments for text: ANNOTATE
Electronic music: TECHNO
Place to see stalagmites: CAVE
Rolls business partner: ROYCE
Alpha successor: BETA
Document of the U.N: CHARTER
58-3 Writing pad: TABLET
Insect sting: BITE
Transoceanic alliance since 1949: NATO
One who foretells future events: PROPHET
Meeting’s leader: CHAIR
Gave money in advance: PREPAID
What polling may reveal: TREND
58-4 ola + ptp: LAPTOP
chin + typo: HYPNOTIC
Make an exchange: SWAP
Killers “Smile Like You ___ It”: MEAN
Kind of security or media: SOCIAL
Spicy cuisine: INDIAN
Bell’s invention: PHONE
Return number: INCOME
What a fisherman brings home: CATCH
Interest of astronomers: COSMOS
58-5 Chopin wrote for it: PIANO
Roulette device: WHEEL
Course or route: PATHWAY
Super-small or minuscule: TINY
Having many parts: MULTIPLE
Hurricane or typhoon: STORM
Caterpillar’s snack: LEAF
Produce musical tones: SINGING
Show concern: WORRY
Common bedside item: LAMP
59-1 Sign in a brief way: INITIAL
Physically active and strong: ATHLETIC
Wrist adornment: BRACELET
Exhale hard: BLOW
Put one’s hands on: OBTAIN
Place for treasure: CHEST
Put out of action: DISABLE
Not black-and-white: COLORED
Applauding group: AUDIENCE
59-2 What a judge passes: SENTENCE
Barbershop essential: SCISSORS
Assembly line fixture: ROBOT
Determination after consideration: DECISION
British royal family’s house since 1917: WINDSOR
Listening device: RECEIVER
Like the speed of light: CONSTANT
Single example: INSTANCE
59-3 Swann’s ___, Proust book: WAY
More than occasionally: OFTEN
Filch, Pilfer, Purloin: STEAL
Grateful, Agreeable, Acceptable: PLEASANT
Precipitation type: RAINFALL
Sending by telegraph: WIRING
Supermarket freebie: SAMPLE
Trailer or clip for TV: PROMO
59-4 Cutting edge: BLADE
Nursery newcomer: INFANT
Abide or endure: SUFFER
Largest port in Gloucestershire: BRISTOL
One that established a company: FOUNDER
The “B” of F.B.I: BUREAU
It’s found on an airport carousel: LUGGAGE
Design for apartment: INTERIOR
Sugary treats: SWEETS
59-5 Smooth sleek fabric: SATIN
Sudden increase in power: SURGE
Golfer’s destination: HOLE
Market researcher: ANALYST
Giant of Greek myth: TITAN
Joke response: LAUGH
Being affected by yeast: RISING
Great honor: GLORY
Sitting area: LOUNGE
60-1 Canoe or catamaran: BOAT
Tough on the tongue: BITTER
Made in Zurich: SWISS
Person in the Navy: SAILOR
Party decoration to blow up: BALLOON
Make feasible: ENABLE
Caribbean land: HAITI
60-2 Distorted judgment: BIAS
Of an astronaut’s environment: SPATIAL
Milk drink: SHAKE
Easter container: BASKET
Skin cream holder: TUBE
Bank statement figure: DEBIT
Quiz show attempt: GUESS
Not stout or massive in body: SLIGHT
hed + sil: SHIELD
Trackless, Untrodden: PATHLESS
60-3 Superior at work: BOSS
Remark to the audience: ASIDE
Jamaican island: CAYMAN
Extremely pleased and excited: THRILLED
Team sport with scrums: RUGBY
Breach of the peace: DISORDER
Indiana Jones setting: TOMB
Failure to appear: ABSENCE
Suitable for courtship: ROMANTIC
60-4 Part of a mushroom: STEM
Backyard border: FENCE
Science of vision: OPTICS
Garden intruder: WEED
Nero or Claudius I: EMPEROR
Impressive in scale: GRAND
Sharp sonar sound: PING
Squeaky wheel’s need: GREASE
Logically consistent: COHERENT
60-5 Skirt that goes below the knee: MIDI
Bring over from one belief to another: CONVERT
Start of the day: SUNRISE
Hollywood award: OSCAR
Go questing for: SEEK
Partner for an animal: MATE
French author ___ Hugo: VICTOR
Taffeta or chiffon: FABRIC
Get very close: BOND
61-1 Roman or Ottoman: EMPIRE
Modify, as a document: AMEND
Recall to one’s memory: REMIND
Cash in, as coupons: REDEEM
Watch bearer: WRIST
Item in a magician’s hat: RABBIT
Home for yachts: MARINE
Cable for a computer: ETHERNET
Good for cutting: SHARP
61-2 Sportsman’s weapon: RIFLE
Elegance of form: GRACE
Give the latest news: UPDATE
Fit of temper: ANGER
Beginning or genesis: ORIGIN
Sunburn aid: LOTION
Actor Mel of “What Women Want”: GIBSON
The why and wherefore: PURPOSE
Pharmacy stock: DRUGS
61-3 Have power over: CONTROL
Documented history: RECORD
Protection from harm: SAFETY
Within walking distance: CLOSE
Part added to the building: ADDITION
Health and good fortune: WELFARE
Where Jared Leto’s going in “30 Seconds”: MARS
61-4 Apollo organization: NASA
Fitness instructor: TRAINER
Hire in advance: RETAIN
Zagreb is its capital: CROATIA
Oak’s anchor: ROOT
Natural fabric: COTTON
Sports figure: SCORE
Extra page: INSERT
Cruise ship personnel: CREW
cee + vin: EVINCE
cace + vine: VACCINEE
61-5 Travel stop: INN
Country on the Caspian: IRAN
Spots for teens: ACNE
Act in the legislature: STATUTE
Winter warmer: COAT
Terminal on a network: NODE
Woman on stage: ACTRESS
Clearly determined: DEFINITE
Produce a change in: AFFECT
Speeder’s trap: RADAR
62-1 Low in body fat: LEAN
Atomic unit: REACTOR
Running contest: RACE
Atlas Shrugged author Ayn: RAND
62-2 Ballroom dance: TANGO
Snake shape: COIL
Irish or Welsh: CELTIC
Global warming word: MELT
Woven fabric: TEXTILE
Locale of Monte Carlo: MONACO
Saharan transport: CAMEL
Medieval style of architecture: GOTHIC
From this day on: HENCE
62-3 The __ of the Opera, film: PHANTOM
Have a handle on: CONTROL
Mexican dollar: PESO
Meaningless talk: NONSENSE
Unforeseen obstacle: HITCH
A wonderful thing: MIRACLE
Like, Approve, Enjoy: RELISH
Value, Rate, Estimate: WORTH
62-4 hcl + oos: SCHOOL
Rural retreat: LODGE
Come out for: ENDORSE
Herb in the mint family: SAGE
Kind of bank account: TRUST
Mocassin material: LEATHER
62-5 Captain of the Jolly Roger: HOOK
Volume not bought at a mall: EBOOK
Edit out, as from a photo: CROP
Inside position for a racer: POLE
Tissue components: CELLS
Golfer’s target: HOLE
Carry out, as an assignment: EXECUTE
Advocacy group: COUNSEL
Well-polished or sleek: SMOOTH
Professor’s discourse: LECTURE
Where some oil rigs are: OFFSHORE
63-1 Fireball in the sky: SUN
Unholy, Common, Profane: SACRED
Keyboard combinations: CHORDS
Harry Potter’s quidditch position: SEEKER
Eat between meals: SNACK
Batter’s position: STANCE
Joke that everyone’s heard: CHESTNUT
Placed under legal or moral restraint: BOUND
Family tree subject: ANCESTRY
63-2 Put restrictions on: REGULATE
Gas measure: GALLON
Kind of calendar: JULIAN
Movie reviewer: CRITIC
Zodiac bovine: TAURUS
Asexual reproduction: CLONING
Long story of adventure: SAGA
They may be pulled at gym: MUSCLES
Flame source: LIGHTER
63-3 Manoeuvre, Policy, Strategy: TACTICS
Item on a birthday cake: CANDLE
Image cast by the sun: SHADOW
Domesticated fowl: CHICKEN
Strong, as emotions: INTENSE
German ex-chancellor Merkel: ANGELA
Where a goal is the goal: SOCCER
State bordering Georgia: ARMENIA
63-4 Recording studio accessory: HEADSET
Promenade or go on foot: WALK
Not rough: SMOOTH
Green field: MEADOW
Baker Street man: HOLMES
Type of rock or film: INDIE
From Copenhagen, say: DANISH
Spot in the ocean: ISLE
Sauna atmosphere: STEAM
63-5 Rhymer’s writing: POEM
Diving sound: SPLASH
Bring tranquility to: CALM
Take care of or cope with: HANDLE
From your neighborhood: LOCAL
Coconut’s spot: PALM
Planter’s need: SEED
Not deep sea: SHALLOW
Legal challenge: APPEAL
64-1 Part of an address: NUMBER
Publisher’s concern: FORMAT
Compact __ player: DISC
Adaptation of a literary work: VERSION
Reporter’s piece: STORY
Goliath’s challenger: DAVID
Be of interest to: CONCERN
Jedi’s power source, with “the”: FORCE
64-2 Time limit for freelancer: DEADLINE
True to the cause: LOYAL
Bob Marley’s music: REGGAE
Seminary course: THEOLOGY
Sense of self-respect: DIGNITY
Place for horses: STABLE
Type of sandal or beachwear: THONG
Native of Brussels: BELGIAN
Person using a library card: BORROWER
64-3 Its capital is Kathmandu: NEPAL
Magenta or mauve: COLOR
Smell that may cast a spell: PERFUME
Marked by desire to investigate and learn: CURIOUS
French conductor Boulez: PIERRE
Neckwear item: CHAIN
With attention to detail: CLOSELY
64-4 Place for a cappuccino: CAFE
All of creation: UNIVERSE
Vouch or pledge: ASSURE
Surgical glove material: LATEX
Make it through disaster: SURVIVE
Become indistinct: FADE
Carbon monoxide creator: AUTO
Short and to the point: CONCISE
Rehab process: DETOX
deed + sorn: ENDORSED
64-5 Amino, boric or citric: ACID
Chance happening: ACCIDENT
Shot or pass in soccer: HEADER
Lend a hand to: AID
Teacher’s product: LESSON
Hemispherical roof or ceiling: DOME
Get off the ground, in a way: LAUNCH
Found on a chemist’s table: ELEMENT
Money and ID holder: WALLET
Mischief or pain: NUISANCE
65-1 Buyer’s submission: ORDER
Examiner’s award: GRADE
Résumé listing: SKILL
Animal changing habitat: MIGRANT
Adjust precisely: ALIGN
Dog show classification: BREED
Culinary how-to: RECIPE
Traditional music genre: FOLK
Small bag that is sewed in a garment: POCKET
Teach someone a lesson: EDUCATE
65-2 Unnecessary, Useless, Superfluous: NEEDLESS
Part of a parkway: MEDIAN
ZIP code unit: DIGIT
Big-___ theory, series: BANG
Record company: LABEL
Snail’s shelter: SHELL
Smoking is one: HABIT
65-3 To fear __ is to fear life, Russell: LOVE
Where nairas are spent: NIGERIA
It holds the buffet: TABLE
Paddington or Grand Central: STATION
Product test: TRIAL
Sloping terrain: HILL
Shop with the eyes only: BROWSE
Resist by force: REBEL
65-4 Seek divine guidance: PRAY
___ of Good Hope, South Africa: CAPE
Lowland between hills: VALLEY
Skill in yoga: BALANCE
Cardinal number: NINE
Pirate’s haul: BOOTY
Happy or satisfied: CONTENT
Consumer sale price: RETAIL
Sports participant: PLAYER
Quick in action: RAPID
Africa’s largest lake: VICTORIA
bead + nile: DENIABLE
65-5 Shore phenomenon: TIDE
Occurrence of an action or situation: INCIDENT
Limited in nature: FINITE
Symbol of royalty: CROWN
Area with trees: WOODS
Celebration or party: FEST
Adequate, as a living: DECENT
Occurring again and again: CHRONIC
Interior design: DECOR
66-1 Impair, Wear, Deteriorate: RENEW
Height’s companion: WIDTH
Make up your mind: DECIDE
Playground feature: SLIDE
Amber is one: RESIN
Award-category word: BEST
Longest river in the world: NILE
Blow to stop the game: WHISTLE
Naturally beautiful: SCENIC
66-2 Blunt, Dispirit, Satiate: PALL
Age, Period, Century: MOMENT
fade + frot: TRADEOFF
Insurance factor: RISK
Mark on a fuel tank: FULL
Get ideas: THINK
Text cleaner: EDITOR
Debatable topic: ISSUE
Become a contestant in: ENTER
Type of business: SHOW
66-3 The entire amount: TOTAL
Support financially: FUND
Internet access means: CABLE
Carnegie Hall event: CONCERT
Express appreciation to: THANK
Shopper’s roller: CART
Center of our gravity: EARTH
Next to nature: OUTDOOR
Baker’s quantity: BATCH
66-4 Factory on a stream: MILL
Group standard: NORM
Certain steroid: HORMONE
Radio station need: TOWER
Plan expenditures: BUDGET
Public defender: TRIBUNE
Follow around, as a detective might: TAIL
66-5 What photocopiers do: SCAN
Lowest chorus voice: BASS
Zodiac symbol: LION
Biblical king who built the first temple in Jerusalem: SOLOMON
Burger meat: BEEF
Daunting type of exam: ORAL
Confederation of nations: ALLIANCE
Gladiator’s venue: ARENA
Comfy piece of furniture: SOFA
Book with drawings: COMIC
Airport monitor datum: ARRIVAL
67-1 Dollars, slangily: BUCKS
Natural skill: TALENT
Tourist from space: ALIEN
Music instrument for Hendrix: GUITAR
Coffee-grinder input: BEANS
Generosity toward the needy or suffering: CHARITY
Follows a military order: ATTACK
Dance for Cinderella: BALL
Providing with power: ENABLING
Tax-return figure: EARNINGS
Midlife event: CRISIS
Diner of sorts: CAFE
67-2 Resembling, Similar, Together: ALIKE
Bargain, Chaffer, Trade: DEAL
Display delight: GLOW
Ocean voyage: CRUISE
Hairstyling shop: SALON
Interior designer’s doing: DECOR
Bartering result: SWAP
___ With the Wind: GONE
Free from contaminants: PURE
Theater light: SPOT
67-3 Something to whisper: SECRET
Sparkle, as stars: SHINE
Having dire consequences: FATAL
NASA’s Armstrong: NEIL
Like Olympics competitors: ATHLETIC
Astronomical hunter: ORION
Gulped bar drinks: SHOTS
Cradle of the Italian Renaissance: FLORENCE
Boat propeller: SCREW
ife + tlr: TRIFLE
67-4 babe + thro: BATHROBE
Neptune’s domain: SEA
Pre-publishing effort: DRAFT
Carrier of a crook: SHEPHERD
Loafer or sneaker: SHOE
Play a role: PRETEND
Classic Halloween costume: GHOST
Vibraphone virtuoso Lionel: HAMPTON
Welcome surprise: BONUS
67-5 Fail to recycle: WASTE
Upped the bet: RAISED
First word in many letters: DEAR
Body condition: SHAPE
Have in mind or plan: INTEND
Sharing a common culture: ETHNIC
Hidden stockpile: CACHE
68-1 Computer screen: MONITOR
Big wedding expense: CAKE
Relaxed condition: EASE
Black Friday event: SALE
Fresh from the laundry: CLEAN
Sending invoices to: BILLING
Prehistoric tool source: STONE
Part moved to fire a gun: TRIGGER
What does it ___?: MATTER
Unpleasant surprise: SHOCK
68-2 Not wholesale: RETAIL
Auction unit: LOT
Home of the Great Geysir: ICELAND
Genesis highlight: CREATION
Swan Lake, e.g: BALLET
No longer tied up: LOOSE
Use habitually for clothing: WEAR
Inspect, Explore, Scrutinize: SEARCH
Proximity, Nearness, Adjacency: DISTANCE
68-3 On/off control: SWITCH
Beatles’ song “The Fool on the ___”: HILL
Part of a series: EPISODE
Computer network site: NODE
Prose counterpart: POETRY
___ Woman, superhero: WONDER
Job opening: POSITION
Treat with respect: HONOR
It may be high for a penthouse: RENT
Dilemma imperative: CHOOSE
Give being, form, or shape to: PRODUCE
68-4 The fifth is spare: TIRE
Four-door vehicle: SEDAN
The best defense: OFFENSE
Trump or Duck: DONALD
Fall of rain of short duration: SHOWER
My ___ Private Idaho, 1991 film: OWN
Wholesale quantity: GROSS
Appropriate to the situation: FITTING
Sushi form: ROLL
Pontius Pilate, e.g: ROMAN
68-5 Legend subject: HERO
School session: SEMESTER
Approximately, in dates: CIRCA
One kind of beauty: INNER
Bring back to original condition: RESTORE
Mighty mite in a computer: CHIP
Atlantic sinker: TITANIC
Big, exuberant party: BASH
Gray matter: BRAIN
Of the best quality: FINEST
69-1 Do a hunting dog’s job: RETRIEVE
Omelet requirements: EGGS
Immeasurably large: INFINITE
Dividing line: BORDER
Items of international trade: EXPORTS
Inexplicable phenomenon: MYSTERY
Timber-growing science: FORESTRY
Sharp decrease: DROP
Carbon dioxide, for one: EMISSION
69-2 Respond to the alarm: ARISE
Morally odious: FOUL
Stimulate, as memory: REFRESH
Great ___ Reef: BARRIER
Myanmar neighbor: LAOS
Martini go-with: OLIVE
Big name in hi-fi speakers: BOSE
69-3 edea + smur: MEASURED
Swedish car company: VOLVO
Memorial structure: MONUMENT
Term of office: TENURE
Dad’s nephew: COUSIN
One who established something: FOUNDER
Ophelia’s trouble: MADNESS
Horse height unit: HAND
India’s national flower: LOTUS
Pasture barrier: FENCE
69-4 Sociologist’s study: BEHAVIOR
Means of entry: ACCESS
Sandwich loaf: BREAD
Bouquet tosser: BRIDE
Deceptive play: FAKE
__ Arabia, Mideast nation: SAUDI
Parachute part: CORD
Kind of antenna: DISH
Life guard, at times: SAVER
Outdoor feast: BARBECUE
Nancy ___, fictional sleuth: DREW
69-5 Man’s first metal: COPPER
___ combined: Winter Olympics event: NORDIC
King _____, film: KONG
Rare large butterfly: EMPEROR
Triathlon vehicle: BIKE
Fresh snow, to skiers: POWDER
Organ beset by alcohol: LIVER
A matter of faith: RELIGION
Driving force: ENGINE
70-1 Agree, Assent: DIFFER
The Count of ___ Cristo: MONTE
Waist band: BELT
Actress Stone of “Basic Instinct”: SHARON
Holy threesome: TRINITY
Retail middleman: RESELLER
Duckhunter’s hideaway: BLIND
Levy at the dock: TARIFF
70-2 Program installation file: SETUP
Theatre ticket info: ROW
Requiring first aid: HURT
Barbecued food: STEAK
Spoke out against: OPPOSED
Prize in horse racing: PURSE
Gaelic language: IRISH
State with confidence: ASSURE
Top line of a manuscript: HEADER
70-3 Brazilian ballroom dance: SAMBA
Yoga instructor’s comment: BREATHE
Yoda, to Luke Skywalker: MENTOR
Outskirts area: SUBURB
Type of Volkswagen: BEETLE
Products of art or craft: WARE
Les Miserables author: HUGO
Military class in feudal Japan: SAMURAI
Geometry calculation: ANGLE
Piano adjuster: TUNER
70-4 Uncommon, Rare, Strange: FAMILIAR
Advanced, Ready, Eager: FORWARD
Open with a combination: UNLOCK
British knight’s protector: ARMOUR
Use a pencil tip: ERASE
Horror-movie sound: SCREAM
Reduce in size: SHRINK
Circus performer: CLOWN
Popular salad: CAESAR
70-5 Isadora Duncan’s profession: DANCER
Corporate union: MERGER
Marked by brevity of expression: CONCISE
It’s capital is Sana: YEMEN
Fruit for a twist: LIME
Beat the flu: RECOVER
Likely to result in defeat: LOSING
Ancient home of the oracle Pythia: DELPHI
71-1 Bar code reader: SCANNER
Assume the burden of: SHOULDER
Hideaway for a skeleton: CLOSET
High and slender: TALL
Dueling weapon: FOIL
Early trade union: GUILD
Planet second to Jupiter in size: SATURN
Scene of action for plays: THEATER
Give some thought to: CONSIDER
Dazzlingly beautiful: GORGEOUS
Acquired, as debt: INCURRED
71-2 Kind of valve in a car: INTAKE
Primary winner: NOMINEE
Brake activator: PEDAL
Representative of a territory: DELEGATE
Declare without proof: ALLEGE
What an idea comes to: MIND
Name officially, as to a position: APPOINT
About to dissolve: MELTING
The ___ Ranger, film: LONE
Tatar ruler: KHAN
71-3 lima + toon: MOTIONAL
Sanskrit for “teacher”: GURU
Cook outdoors: GRILL
In step with fashion: MODERN
Continuing for infinity: ETERNAL
Charon managed one: FERRY
Bulb for cooking: ONION
___ incognita (unknown land): TERRA
Subject to limitations: FINITE
71-4 flea + tuts: TASTEFUL
Full, Satisfied, Pleased: CONTENT
Canonized one: SAINT
Writer’s starting point: OUTLINE
Door-handle sign: PULL
Writing tool: PENCIL
Declared specifically: STATED
Prison breakout: ESCAPE
Head of the anatomy class: SKULL
Request to a genie: WISH
Boat part: HULL
71-5 City transit: BUS
Train fuel, once: COAL
Ordered arrangement of data: ARRAY
Airplane heading: VECTOR
Missing from class: ABSENT
Disney creation: CARTOON
Champion’s prize: TROPHY
Davidson’s partner: HARLEY
Having a tendency or inclination: PRONE
Come to terms with: ACCEPT
72-1 Taurus symbol: BULL
Space station supply: OXYGEN
Guinea pig’s lack: TAIL
One who believes in karma: HINDU
It may be double or blind: DATE
Necklace ornament: PENDANT
Sleeping accommodations: LODGING
Whispered line on the stage: ASIDE
72-2 Menacing statement: THREAT
Transparently thin: SHEER
Conforming to an approved standard: CORRECT
Fancy gown material: SILK
Gain altitude: RISE
Shift from one to another: SWITCH
Use a GPS, say: LOCATE
Hair-setting item: ROLLER
Pledge or assign to some course: COMMIT
How great minds think, it’s said: ALIKE
A drummer should have it: RHYTHM
72-3 Juicy tropical fruit: MANGO
Lip cover: GLOSS
Make a telephone call: DIAL
One at the checkout counter: CASHIER
Narrow range of hills: RIDGE
Tragic Shakespeare character: ROMEO
Succulent plant: ALOE
Carried out effectively: ENFORCED
72-4 Very small amount of something: OUNCE
Labor organization: UNION
Heart of the matter: ESSENCE
Pay tribute to: HONOR
Propel through the air by motion: THROW
Quote as a reference: CITE
Intersection of roads: JUNCTION
Orchestral offering: SUITE
72-5 General survey or summary: OVERVIEW
Legal adviser: LAWYER
Express a wish for: DESIRE
Oyster’s gem: PEARL
Tomato, botanically: BERRY
Settle a dispute: RESOLVE
Get on, as a plane: BOARD
Keep from occurring: AVOID
Invisible Man writer Ellison: RALPH
Limited in scope: NARROW
73-1 Computer invasion: HACK
Expressed in words: VOCAL
Comic-book captain: MARVEL
Extremely outstanding event: MIRACLE
Engage in telemarketing: CALL
Use a mouse wheel: SCROLL
Bracelet add-on: CHARM
Coffee mate: CREAM
Fifth U.S. president: MONROE
73-2 Mechanic’s place: GARAGE
___ Things, Netflix series: STRANGER
Notable achievement: FEAT
Kissable fairy tale figure: FROG
Field gathering: HARVEST
Hammer into shape: FORGE
Jamaican music: REGGAE
Desert bordering the Red Sea: SAHARA
Sore or sensitive point: NERVE
73-3 daff + tons: STANDOFF
Inexpensive inn: HOSTEL
Sodium ___ , table salt: CHLORIDE
Cowboy’s home: RANCH
Manage to pay for: AFFORD
Moon’s slender look: CRESCENT
Himalayan kingdom: NEPAL
Go bungee jumping: LEAP
73-4 Lady of the knight: DAME
Tennis court surface: GRASS
The next day, to a poet: MORROW
Old mattress material: STRAW
Rosemary, basil, or angelica: HERB
Incredibly thick: DENSE
Assert with emphasis: SWEAR
Piece, Bit, Chip: FRAGMENT
73-5 Hard on the ears: LOUD
Baggage carrier: PORTER
Film a scene: SHOOT
Land of the Incas: PERU
Star assemblage: CLUSTER
Pre-workout ritual: STRETCH
Presidential proclamation: DECREE
Reach an agreement out of court: SETTLE
74-1 baa + rle: ARABLE
Pop rocker Stefani: GWEN
Woven wall art: TAPESTRY
Sunken ship: WRECK
Kind of instinct: MATERNAL
Adversary in a debate: OPPONENT
Fossil resin: AMBER
74-2 Jeans or slacks: PANTS
Kasparov’s game: CHESS
Resting or dreaming: ASLEEP
Old capital of Egypt: MEMPHIS
Drop to the bottom: SINK
___ Dragons, band: IMAGINE
Desire for food: APPETITE
Comic-Con attendee, probably: GEEK
74-3 Official of a government in relation to the public: SERVANT
Far from fraudulent: HONEST
Indirect suggestion: HINT
Fungus that produces alcohol: YEAST
Achilles, notably: WARRIOR
Kind of speech or speaker: KEYNOTE
Stop, Rest, Pause: MOVEMENT
74-4 Tiny ice needles: FROST
Pop-up appliance: TOASTER
Mexican resort: CANCUN
Church instrument: ORGAN
Traffic warning signal: FLASHER
Actress and singer Simpson: ASHLEE
Comedian’s goal: LAUGH
Synthetic fabric: NYLON
Designed to be comical or amusing: HUMOR
74-5 Bring back to a former state: RESTORE
Yokohama auto giant: NISSAN
Shakespeare’s stream: AVON
Scottish philosopher Thomas __: REID
River in Ireland, famous in song: SHANNON
Unimportant matters: TRIVIA
Hand down or melt down: RENDER
West African republic: TOGO
Good health habits: HYGIENE
75-1 Arcade-game insert: TOKEN
Musical genre featuring slap bass: FUNK
Genetic change: MUTATION
Gallery display: ARTWORK
View for an astronaut: EARTH
Bowfishing need: ARROW
Take a shot at: ATTEMPT
Keep in good condition: MAINTAIN
75-2 Body-structure science: ANATOMY
Adjust to resonance: TUNE
Without embellishments: PLAIN
Imperfection that impairs quality: DEFECT
Repeated series of events: CYCLE
Authorization to act: MANDATE
Entomologist’s catch: INSECT
Conviction, View, Judgment: OPINION
Debilitate, Enfeeble, Enervate: WEAKEN
75-3 Short-track participant: RACER
Women’s rights advocate: FEMINIST
Presenting a clear unmistakable impression: DISTINCT
Not at all abundant: SCARCE
Distillation leftovers: RESIDUE
Car’s supporting frame: CHASSIS
Enclose entirely: SURROUND
Earthquake aftermath, perhaps: TSUNAMI
75-4 Evolution theorist: DARWIN
Missing pieces: GAPS
Thermometer marking: DEGREE
Local citizen: RESIDENT
Arial is one: FONT
One with a needle and thread: SEWER
Push or shove up from below: BOOST
Challenge word: DARE
Shady garden spot: ARBOR
75-5 Take part in democracy: ELECT
Gunpowder ingredient: SULFUR
Time ___, to be opened in the future: CAPSULE
Painter __ Veronese: PAOLO
Lead for Sherlock: CLUE
Wisely cautious: PRUDENT
Rub to relieve itching: SCRATCH
76-1 Mountain climber’s pursuit: PEAK
Dell or HP rival: ACER
Part-time employee, often: SEASONAL
Clove or cinnamon: SPICE
Swamp growth: MOSS
Wizard’s incantation: SPELL
Mount Etna or Vesuvius: VOLCANO
Great Plains terrain: PRAIRIE
76-2 Night’s brightest star: SIRIUS
Protection for a rollerblader: HELMET
Pop out of nowhere: APPEAR
History book feature: TIMELINE
Royal sport with long mallets: POLO
Superhero accessory: MASK
elne + quot: ELOQUENT
peen + suss: SUSPENSE
76-3 Cuckoo’s announcement: HOUR
Lines left on the fridge: NOTE
College-board member: TRUSTEE
Amend a manuscript: REWRITE
Wipe off the map: DESTROY
Check out, as a book: BORROW
Orange’s family: CITRUS
Sun’s immediate neighbor: MERCURY
dec + use: SEDUCE
76-4 Apartment renter: TENANT
Comb or saw part: TOOTH
Habitat for koi, often: POND
American First Nations people: APACHE
Floating flower: LILY
Move into place, as troops: DEPLOY
Incomplete or biased: PARTIAL
Anniversary celebrants: COUPLE
Invisible, Inapparent, Unobserved: LATENT
76-5 0.17 square miles, for Vatican City: AREA
Restaurant offering: MEAL
It rises from a rose: AROMA
Predetermined outcome: FATE
In a threefold quantity: THRICE
Sharper than 90 degrees: ACUTE
Send for aid or treatment: REFER
Box typically of wooden slats: CRATE
Bring together: GATHER
Material for fuel or pencils: CHARCOAL
77-1 Meghan, to Prince Louis: AUNT
Digitize, as a picture: SCAN
Fancy glass material: CRYSTAL
Best man’s salute: TOAST
Appreciate the worth of: ESTEEM
Window attachment or camera part: SHUTTER
Business magnate: TYCOON
Put on the brakes: HALT
Place of deposit of collected funds: TREASURY
Shut forcibly and noisily: SLAM
77-2 Provide aid: HELP
Board game with hostel and jail: MONOPOLY
Privileged group: ELITE
Get the maximum use from: OPTIMIZE
Tulip planting: BULB
Endless time or space: INFINITY
The “Godfather” films, e.g: TRILOGY
Third-place prize: BRONZE
Luxury watch brand: ROLEX
Shore sport: SURFING
77-3 omen + sour: ENORMOUS
immi + tuny: IMMUNITY
1,000 of them equal a kilo: GRAMS
Puerto _____, country: RICO
Internet look-up: SEARCH
Jumping chess piece: KNIGHT
Steam roller, for example: MACHINE
Half of a round trip: RETURN
Web creation: SITE
Class that might have a lab: SCIENCE
77-4 Sugar source: CANE
Land measure: ACRE
Royal spot: THRONE
Conductor’s arithmetic: FARES
Hooded snake: COBRA
Recording-studio effect: ECHO
Like a razor: SHARP
Heat injury: BURN
Promote development: FOSTER
Outcome of genetic error: MUTANT
77-5 Harry Potter actress Watson: EMMA
The Red Planet: MARS
Leave a mess: TRASH
Signal carrier in the body: NERVE
Grazing matter: GRASS
Relative of a pike: SPEAR
Citrus tree orchard: GROVE
Part of an academic year: SEMESTER
Chinese warehouse: HONG
Write comments about, as literary works: ANNOTATE
78-1 Sex and the City actress ___ Jessica Parker: SARAH
Plot with plants: GARDEN
Object to keep in sight: TARGET
Congressional act: STATUTE
Supporting pillar of a building: COLUMN
Farmer’s problem: DROUGHT
Meal in a box: LUNCH
Cabbage unit: HEAD
Believe without confirming: ASSUME
Of poorer quality: WORSE
78-2 Forego, Surrender, Reimburse: LEVY
Race in a regatta: SAIL
Scarlett’s friend in “Gone with the Wind”: MELANIE
Capital of Norway: OSLO
___ Hills, home of the stars: BEVERLY
Polymeric compound in breast implants: SILICONE
Marxist activist ___ Luxemburg: ROSA
Disposition to forgive: MERCY
Exercise caution: BEWARE
78-3 ala + unn: ANNUAL
The most brilliant planet: VENUS
Roulette action: SPIN
Length, as of movie film: FOOTAGE
Ability to wait: PATIENCE
Bring to an end: CEASE
Gemini, in the zodiac: TWINS
Reef builder: CORAL
Sugar syrup: GLUCOSE
78-4 Abashed, Embarrassed, Perplexed: CONFUSED
Solid, Huge, Colossal: MASSIVE
Private teacher: TUTOR
High-ranking noble: DUKE
Order of pancakes: STACK
Tom’s father, in verse: PIPER
Make fun of or annoy: TEASE
Sir Francis ______, hero of 1588: DRAKE
Very large sum of money: FORTUNE
Light-bending crystal: PRISM
78-5 Parent/child bedtime ritual: STORY
Breath with effort: PANT
Artist’s inspiration: MUSE
Trusted adviser: MENTOR
Kids’ caretaker: NANNY
Greek gods’ mountain: OLYMPUS
Love or anger: EMOTION
___ Churchill, British statesman: WINSTON
Oath taker’s pledge: LOYALTY
Meaningless or empty inside: HOLLOW
79-1 Boarding pass info: SEAT
Prison unit: WARD
Railroad terminal: DEPOT
Bishop of Rome: POPE
Hollywood’s actor ___ Penn: SEAN
Apple player: IPOD
Have a disposition: TEND
Fix, as an appliance: REPAIR
Event with marching bands: PROTEST
Like Barack Obama, by birth: HAWAIIAN
79-2 Approach to eating: DIET
Card in a royal flush: KING
From out of town: RURAL
Grocery bag option: PAPER
Take into account or consider: REGARD
Albert, the genius: EINSTEIN
Response to a verdict: APPEAL
Delighted or satisfied: PLEASED
Parisian Quarter: LATIN
79-3 caic + soon: OCCASION
Map calculation: DISTANCE
Harsh, as weather: NASTY
Renowned jeweler: TIFFANY
Astronaut’s assignment: MISSION
Persian Gulf sultanate: OMAN
Discharge, as of gas: EMISSION
Fine particles of matter on earth: DUST
79-4 English pie ingredient: KIDNEY
Christmas traveler: SANTA
Medicinal amount: DOSE
A friend in need is a friend ___: INDEED
Kodak competitor: NIKON
Raphael’s “Sistine ___”: MADONNA
Desire or require: WANT
Depose, Swear, Declare: TESTIFY
Mark out, Limit, Designate: DEFINE
79-5 Celestial object: STAR
Villain’s work: EVIL
Organization’s constitution: CHARTER
Engage in polemics: ARGUE
Not long ago: RECENTLY
Make more appealing: ENHANCE
Intellectually sharp: KEEN
Black-eyed __, North American flower: SUSAN
Nautical gear: TACKLE
No-name, as a brand: GENERIC
College reunion attendees: ALUMNI
80-1 Wet from above: RAIN
Shakespeare’s Arden: FOREST
Rhinoplasty target: NOSE
Made of lumber: WOODEN
Ceviche or sashimi, e.g: SEAFOOD
Wildlife sanctuary: RESERVE
King Arthur’s Excalibur: SWORD
Roller on the road: TIRE
Free of impurities: REFINED
Where grapes grow: VINEYARD
80-2 Fast, Secure, Strong: FIRM
Like the sun at sunset: FADING
Join the party: ATTEND
Ingredient in many toothpastes: MINT
Country on western side of Hispaniola island: HAITI
Oppress or load: BURDEN
Intel chip: PENTIUM
Not yet a professional: AMATEUR
Needing sign language, say: DEAF
80-3 Dracula’s uptime: NIGHT
Gazpacho ingredient: TOMATO
The ___ King, 1991 Robin Williams Film: FISHER
Person living near you: NEIGHBOR
Subway’s function: TRANSIT
Fluidity of movement: GRACE
Certain kind of hood: BROTHER
Part of a love triangle, maybe: MISTRESS
80-4 gied + ziti: DIGITIZE
nene + sons: NONSENSE
Brilliant thought: IDEA
Relief on a hot day: BREEZE
Accra is its capital: GHANA
Mardi Gras accessory part: BEAD
Stormy weather sound: THUNDER
80-5 Abundantly supplied: RICH
Movie divided into chapters: SERIAL
Standard of excellence: IDEAL
Unvarying value, in algebra: CONSTANT
Instruction with specifics: DETAILED
Bit of assistance: HAND
Price in a store: RETAIL
Radio choice: STATION
Fail at dieting: GAIN
81-1 Skier’s destination: SLOPE
Key concept in criminal law: INTENT
Incredible or extremely pleasing: FABULOUS
Pentium producer: INTEL
Kind of march or movement: PROTEST
Results of an investigation: FINDINGS
Cause for stitches: WOUND
Beat at the wrists: PULSE
Inflamed and sore: ANGRY
It’s a Wonderful Life star James ___: STEWART
81-2 Swimmer’s accessory: TOWEL
Weak poker hand: PAIR
Lifeless garden dweller: GNOME
Abode of the angels: HEAVEN
Successfully vaccinated: IMMUNE
Watch spot: WRIST
Hidden valley: GLEN
Beer bubbles: FOAM
London weekly, with “The”: OBSERVER
81-3 Money paid back: REFUND
Like right-leaning writing: ITALIC
In equilibrium: BALANCED
One day, astronomically: ROTATION
Continuation in time: DURATION
Bank statement entry: DEBIT
cee + rly: CELERY
acc + hen: CHANCE
81-4 Cheat, Imposition, Trick: DECEIT
Brewed awakener: COFFEE
Cartography collection: ATLAS
Discount store: OUTLET
Recipient of a college grant: FELLOW
Responsibility for a failure: FAULT
Hospital part: CLINIC
Outline cast by the sun: SHADOW
Sweet, buttery pastry: DANISH
Canadian capital: OTTAWA
81-5 One making a listing on Airbnb: HOST
African adventure: SAFARI
Person temporarily serving as a parent: FOSTER
Companion of peace: QUIET
Sometimes it hurts when said: TRUTH
Municipal official: MAYOR
Not for dieters: FATTY
Short composition: ESSAY
Electrician’s supply: WIRE
Pointer mover: MOUSE
82-1 Jacket interior layer: LINING
____ Jones, movie character: INDIANA
Choose above others: PREFER
Take off an invisibility cloak: APPEAR
Happening without warning: SUDDEN
Recognise a person: IDENTIFY
Necklace type: PENDANT
Unlimited extent of time: INFINITY
It could happen: POSSIBLY
82-2 Suez or Panama: CANAL
Wise Biblical ruler: SOLOMON
Boiling-blood feeling: ANGER
Lake Michigan metropolis: CHICAGO
Freedom from pain: EASE
Testosterone or insulin: HORMONE
Flying machine: AIRCRAFT
82-3 Inconsecutive, Rambling, Disunited: COHERENT
___ flakes, cereal: CORN
Noted flood survivor: NOAH
Exact or precise: ACCURATE
Can’t Cry _____, Sheryl Crow: ANYMORE
Internet connector: MODEM
Skin art: TATTOO
Brown-haired lady: BRUNETTE
Job applicant’s hope: OFFER
File sent by e-mail: ATTACHED
82-4 Story of Robin Hood, e.g: LEGEND
Composed of stars: STELLAR
Like many city tours: GUIDED
Jumping-off point: CLIFF
Native of Graz: AUSTRIAN
Come into existence or mind: OCCUR
Unstable situation: CRISIS
Occasion to pay last respects: FUNERAL
Create, as fashions: DESIGN
Barbuda’s island partner: ANTIGUA
82-5 Period of rapid growth: BOOM
Kind of pool or medal: OLYMPIC
Overhead inside lining of a room: CEILING
Influential group: LOBBY
Healthful practices, collectively: HYGIENE
Caught in a misdeed: DETECTED
Cheese portion, perhaps: WEDGE
The when of an event: TIMING
Not occupied or employed: IDLE
83-1 Century division: DECADE
Honda’s longest-selling car: CIVIC
Pre-Halloween buy: COSTUME
Power to produce results: EFFICACY
European nobleman: COUNT
Substance in food: VITAMIN
Bedouin’s stop-off: OASIS
Refused to acknowledge: DENIED
It’s read at an audition: SCENE
Provide funds for: FINANCE
Mythological demigod: DAEMON
83-2 School assignment: HOMEWORK
Karate symbol: BELT
H for hydrogen, for one: SYMBOL
String of pearls: NECKLACE
Kilimanjaro cover: SNOW
Home to Samsung: KOREA
Strips for breakfast: BACON
Underground plant part: ROOT
Seven things for a sailor: SEAS
Road trip stop: MOTEL
83-3 __ Christian Andersen: HANS
Withdrawal’s opposite: DEPOSIT
Break suddenly: SNAP
Soup veggies: PEAS
Librarian’s request: SILENCE
Postal employee: CARRIER
Speech or ceremony to commemorate: MEMORIAL
Any sense organ: RECEPTOR
83-4 Brand new: FRESH
Muscle problem: STRAIN
Asian film genre: ANIME
Gold medalist: WINNER
Comedy club serving: HUMOR
Place for a concert: VENUE
Right to possess something: TENURE
Undertake the risks and dangers: VENTURE
Comic book characters: HEROES
ione + surv: SOUVENIR
83-5 Thing squeezed on a salad: LEMON
Angelic glowing ring: HALO
Flashlight’s projection: BEAM
Pursue or run after: CHASE
Roulette spinner: WHEEL
George ___ of “Star Wars”: LUCAS
Rubik’s puzzle: CUBE
Sneeze response word: BLESS
Mont ___, highest of the Alps: BLANC
Book of instructions: MANUAL
Boutonniere part: BLOOM
Johann Sebastian ___: BACH
84-1 Go soft, as butter: MELT
Summer cottage: LODGE
Stable-owner’s concern: BREEDING
Craved or wanted: DESIRED
Optical devices: LENSES
Represent in court: DEFEND
Earthworm’s habitat: SOIL
Dwell permanently: RESIDE
Mythical hybrid: GRIFFIN
84-2 Tristan and Isolde, for example: LOVERS
Longtime resident: NATIVE
Fulfill expectations: SATISFY
Piano has eighty-eight: KEYS
Across the ocean: OVERSEAS
Good weather forecast: SUNNY
Kind of angel: GUARDIAN
___-me-not, flower: FORGET
Dangerous ray: GAMMA
Spectacular or dazzling: AWESOME
84-3 At a snail’s pace: SLOW
Produce, as heat: GENERATE
Prince Philip’s birthplace: GREECE
Single quantity: UNIT
Great river of Brazil: AMAZON
Ask guidance: CONSULT
Definite military, naval, or aerospace task: MISSION
Major crop of Asia: RICE
Concluding part, as of a speech: CLOSING
Suppress the growth of: STRANGE
84-4 mah + rtw: WARMTH
hae + rtw: WREATH
Genre of rock: METAL
Hydraulic and emergency: BRAKES
Aquarium reptile: TURTLE
Smaller in quantity: LESSER
November Rain singer: ROSE
Two-channel recording: STEREO
Navigators Islands, today: SAMOA
Blood fluid: SERUM
84-5 Giant panda’s diet: BAMBOO
Prepare for publication: EDIT
Distorter of statistics: BIAS
Natural language: TONGUE
Fermented beverage: BEER
Corrosion cause: RUST
Smart one, informally: BRAIN
Second-largest planet: SATURN
Make a sudden movement in a new direction: DODGE
Opposite of ignorance: WISDOM
85-1 Get a spouse: MARRY
Back seat: REAR
Bowling shot: STRIKE
Clyde’s partner in crime: BONNIE
Relative degree of being poisonous: TOXICITY
Button for starting over: RESET
Circle in the frigid zone: ARCTIC
__ Aurelius, Roman emperor: MARCUS
Government revenue: TAXATION
Give the facts to: INFORM
Unplugged guitar: ACOUSTIC
Drummers provide it: BEAT
85-2 nog + trs: STRONG
Continued reduction in altitude: DESCENT
Unavoidable danger: HAZARD
Pool measurement: DEPTH
Kalahari or Thar: DESERT
Rational thinking: REASON
Box office: GATE
His sword was Excalibur: ARTHUR
Practical application: USAGE
Hamlet’s vision: GHOST
Religious figure: PRIEST
Plant used in thatching: REED
85-3 Beautify, Bedeck, Ornament: ADORN
Mural artist ___ Rivera: DIEGO
Feeling of compassion: MERCY
Clashing between two persons or parties: FRICTION
Units of area: ACRES
Undeserving of punishment: INNOCENT
Do an usher’s work: ESCORT
Houdini’s specialty: MAGIC
Not on land, as an oil rig: OFFSHORE
85-4 Class or group of people: FOLK
An acid salt: SULFATE
Skywalker of sci-fi: LUKE
Climate-change protocol city: KYOTO
Aerospace metal: TITANIUM
2000 film “Billy ___”: ELLIOT
Business outfit: SUIT
Largest U.S. state by area: ALASKA
Commonly shared: MUTUAL
Sage or prudent: WISE
85-5 Red or green fruit: GRAPE
Ceremonial procession: PARADE
Mighty strange: WEIRD
Mage’s casting: SPELL
Prize for excellence: REWARD
Strong feeling of enjoyable excitement: THRILL
Prized by collectors: RARE
Something to shoot at: TARGET
86-1 Argentine export: BEEF
Quick lunch: BITE
Compass part: MAGNET
Bulgaria’s capital: SOFIA
Laundry holder: BASKET
Bearded farm animal: GOAT
Charity fundraiser: BENEFIT
Emitting or reflecting light: SHINING
Fumigation target: PEST
Outgoing order: SHIPMENT
86-2 Type of TV show: TALK
Reactor part: CORE
Halloween loot: CANDY
Type of crossing: RAILROAD
Prison exercise area: YARD
Trafalgar Square honoree: NELSON
Paycheck extra: BONUS
The UN has one: CHARTER
Loch Ness monster, e.g: CREATURE
Chance game: LOTTERY
86-3 Seafood appetizer: OYSTER
Laundry finisher: DRYER
Shaw, Irish playwright: BERNARD
Safekeeping or guardianship: CUSTODY
It’s grand in Arizona: CANYON
Put through school: EDUCATE
Drew in mysteries: NANCY
Snatch from danger: RESCUE
Rise, as a submarine: SURFACE
86-4 Piece of land: TERRAIN
mini + spor: IMPRISON
Good as company: PLEASANT
Circle measure: DIAMETER
Square root symbol: RADICAL
Delivery itinerary: ROUTE
Cause of a blackout: ECLIPSE
Pertaining to a subject: TOPICAL
Drivers and hunters need it: PERMIT
Clothed, so to speak: DECENT
Taking no part: PASSIVE
86-5 Dramatic offering: PLAY
Quite intelligent: SMART
Area explored by Marco Polo: ASIA
Publish anew: REPRINT
Super Bowl sport: FOOTBALL
Work-out in the pool: SWIM
Group in a group: SUBSET
Central idea: THEME
The Unsinkable ___ Brown, Titanic survivor: MOLLY
87-1 ___ Sea of Japan: INLAND
Lightning stroke: BOLT
Free-floating transit: BALLOON
Consisting of two parts: DUAL
Give as a plea: ALLEGE
Vientiane is its capital: LAOS
Immunology agent: ANTIGEN
Explosive sound: BLAST
City once called Constantinople: ISTANBUL
Higher-degree requirement, usually: THESIS
87-2 Repeated role for Christian Bale: BATMAN
Star quality: TALENT
Family identifier: SURNAME
Shaping at the salon: TRIM
Fine tile material: MARBLE
Wooden container: BARREL
Emigrate to Canada, e.g: SETTLE
87-3 Home of the Prado Museum: MADRID
Musical sound: TONE
Neapolitan noodles: PASTA
Green gemstone: EMERALD
David’s role on “Friends”: ROSS
Plant in the mint family: MELISSA
Sort of acid in proteins: AMINO
Underground passage: TUNNEL
Joy of victory or success: TRIUMPH
Land chronicled by C. S. Lewis: NARNIA
87-4 Picturesque time for a walk: SUNSET
Wonderland girl: ALICE
Room for family wash: LAUNDRY
South Pacific island area: OCEANIA
Finger feature: NAIL
System of asanas: YOGA
Extremely important: CRUCIAL
Distinct person or thing: ENTITY
Jack’s fairy tale victim: GIANT
Make more elegant: REFINE
Meet, as expectations: FULFILL
87-5 A neighbor of Croatia: SERBIA
Baby’s wear: DIAPER
Tablecloth material: LACE
It’s needed for self-checkout: BARCODE
Drops of distress: TEARS
Firetruck necessity: HOSE
Amount owed: DEBT
Floor cover-up: CARPET
Savanna or swamp: HABITAT
88-1 Red ____ Hood: RIDING
Christmas saint: NICHOLAS
Plain-spoken or honest: STRAIGHT
At an earlier time: BEFORE
___ dioxide emissions: CARBON
New Testament Messiah: CHRIST
Total paycheck: GROSS
Entree for livestock: FEED
Worn under shoes: SOCKS
88-2 Major components of chili: BEANS
The Rolling Stones’ “_____ of Burden”: BEAST
Adjust the alarm: RESET
Try sample at the market: TASTE
College period: SESSION
Web software: BROWSER
Wall Street figure: BROKER
Instantly accessible novel: EBOOK
Prominent person: WORTHY
88-3 Common lunch time: NOON
Stick together, in a way: GLUE
Food store: GROCERY
Make a valiant effort: STRIVE
Experienced professional: SENIOR
Courtroom drama: VERDICT
Ammo unit: BULLET
Made from possible waste: RECYCLED
88-4 edda + tile: DETAILED
Goddess of the hunt: DIANA
Discover ancestry: TRACE
Machine for cleaning cotton: WILLOW
Be in the lead: AHEAD
Perfect model: IDEAL
Tragedy tomorrow, comedy ___: TONIGHT
Keep out of sight: HIDE
Draw a parallel: CONNECT
New adherent: CONVERT
Avenue in Monopoly: ORIENTAL
88-5 Orchard output: FRUIT
Flightless bird: PENGUIN
Pay no attention: IGNORE
Pharmacy staple: PILL
Xerox additive: TONER
State of refusal: DENIAL
Produce as a result: YIELD
Endangered cat: PUMA
Program-installing command: SETUP
89-1 Diminutive lake: POND
City on Lake Ontario: TORONTO
Being nothing more than: MERE
Nuclear-reaction process: FUSION
Letter styles: FONTS
Staging area: THEATER
Personal liberty: FREEDOM
Public scandal: AFFAIR
Landfill load: TRASH
Long-distance race: MARATHON
Grade diminisher in math: MINUS
List of eligible players: ROSTER
89-2 Squirrel home: TREE
Not attending: ABSENT
Ready for picking: RIPE
Sushi side dish: GINGER
Corn or oat: GRAIN
They’re louder than words: ACTIONS
Leaves for a cigar: TOBACCO
Bucharest dweller: ROMANIAN
Corporate coach: MENTOR
Reduce drastically: MINIMIZE
89-3 Part of the universe: SPACE
Red addition to a salad: TOMATO
Jurisdictions in Arabia: EMIRATES
Island chain between Madagascar and Mozambique: COMOROS
Soil tiller: FARMER
Maker of PCs: ASUS
Kick-start or begin: INITIATE
Retirement pay: PENSION
Draw, Delineate, Portray: DESCRIBE
89-4 cade + tore: DECORATE
rie + rtw: WRITER
Ally’s opposite: ENEMY
Room for cooking: KITCHEN
Food converter: STOMACH
Geometric line: MEDIAN
Catastrophic New Orleans hurricane: KATRINA
Robin Hood’s forest: SHERWOOD
89-5 Turn, as a planet: ROTATE
Region near the earth’s axis: POLE
Search-party member: SEEKER
Blacken on the grill: SEAR
Do some modeling: POSE
Endeavor or attempt: EFFORT
Put through changes: ALTER
Video chat choice: SKYPE
Underground refuge: SHELTER
Surpass or exceed: OUTREACH
Coniferous tree: CEDAR
Landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia: PARAGUAY
90-1 Defensive structure: FORTRESS
Single-file line: QUEUE
Magnet for a moth: FLAME
Buy stocks, perhaps: INVEST
Red in the face: FLUSH
Spendthrift’s opposite: SAVER
Bohemian Rhapsody singers: QUEEN
Actress Stone of “Casino”: SHARON
Visit often: FREQUENT
Part of a draft horse’s gear: HARNESS
In the same manner or to the same extent: EQUALLY
90-2 Raise, Elevate, Upraise: LIFT
Rain makers: CLOUDS
Wallpaper purchase: ROLL
Fail to include or skip: OMIT
Speleologist’s study: CAVE
Deceptive crime: FRAUD
Buy and sell: TRADE
Type of painting: ACRYLIC
Devote much effort: STRIVE
90-3 Bruschetta base: BREAD
Capital of Austria: VIENNA
It’s written on a check: AMOUNT
Marked by desire to learn: CURIOUS
Marathon man: RUNNER
Genesis paradise: EDEN
Elite’s antithesis: MASS
Tiny nation on the island of Borneo: BRUNEI
Change, as the Constitution: AMEND
Of a group of mankind: ETHNIC
Painting surface: CANVAS
90-4 hope + spry: PROPHESY
elia + torr: RETAILOR
Place for a barbecue: PATIO
Mideastern dancer’s asset: BELLY
Safe haven: HARBOR
Mint may freshen it: BREATH
Advertising ploy: HYPE
Something not to talk about: TABOO
Longest street in the world: BROADWAY
90-5 Stream’s movement: FLOW
Enjoy some karaoke: SING
Beehive product: HONEY
Start-over command: RESET
Chess goal, for short: MATE
Preserve from failure or decline: MAINTAIN
Not digital, as a clock: ANALOG
Mexican pyramid builder: MAYA
One thing a dictionary does: DEFINE
Seafood choice: LOBSTER
John or Jill: IRELAND
91-1 Notre-___ de Paris: DAME
___ santo, wild tree: PALO
Seize upon: GRASP
He gathers news: REPORTER
Fixed limit: DEADLINE
Seize or hold firmly: GRIP
Red flag, e.g: SIGNAL
Inexpensive lodging: HOSTEL
Get or win back: REDEEM
Its capital is Windhoek: NAMIBIA
91-2 Blood or money giver: DONOR
Feature of the editorial page: CARTOON
Hemispherical vault: DOME
Hitchcock’s window: REAR
Cowboy’s workplace: RANCH
Slang for a phone: HORN
Casablanca setting: MOROCCO
Frankenstein, to his monster: CREATOR
Place for a bell: DOOR
Signal receiver: ANTENNA
Small tomato type: CHERRY
91-3 Sport requiring good aim: ARCHERY
Flooring squares: TILES
Accolade: PRAISE
Polaroid output: SNAPSHOT
Definitely not ripe: ROTTEN
Pipe attachment: VALVE
Out of the ordinary: STRANGE
Martin __ King Jr: LUTHER
hogo + yurt: YOGHOURT
cage + linn: CLEANING
91-4 Impartiality, Fairness, Right: JUSTICE
Grave, Thoughtful, Careful: SERIOUS
Color of purity: WHITE
Bibliography entry: SOURCE
Rapunzel’s claim to fame: HAIR
Centaur, in part: HORSE
Rush hour certainty: TRAFFIC
New user’s creation: ACCOUNT
91-5 Gas in some bulbs: NEON
Create synergy, perhaps: INTERACT
Birth certificate line: NAME
Accompany to a party: ESCORT
Largest moon of Saturn: TITAN
Eye-surgery tool: LASER
License requirement, often: TEST
Vehicle’s framework: CHASSIS
Where walls meet: CORNER
Identify the source of: TRACE
Heavy thing on a ship: ANCHOR
92-1 Get on, as a horse: MOUNT
It begins with an equinox: AUTUMN
Place to play poker ’til dawn: VEGAS
Adjective follower, often: NOUN
Cheese fancier: MOUSE
Cast a ballot: VOTE
Take pictures: SHOOT
Placed on a wall, as a picture: HUNG
Choice of courses: MENU
Manager’s duties: TASKS
92-2 Rain forest feature: MIST
Cappuccino flavoring, often: CINNAMON
All the people in the world: HUMANITY
___ powder, explosive: NITRO
Skyline highlight: TOWER
Narrow passage of water: INLET
London or NYC district: SOHO
Bible book that follows Nehemiah: ESTHER
Regular tour around an assigned territory: CIRCUIT
92-3 caca + cury: ACCURACY
fell + tuny: FLUENTLY
head + sion: ADHESION
Movie-credit word: STARRING
Sierra ___ ,Africa: LEONE
Fail to take care of: NEGLECT
Mazda rival: HONDA
Ratified agreement: TREATY
Action in a poker game: RAISING
Sudden impulse: URGE
Ironworker’s place: FORGE
92-4 Game essential: RULE
Fictional work: NOVEL
Tough to get through to: DENSE
Teaching unit: LESSON
Dante’s “Inferno”: HELL
Part of the merchant marine: VESSEL
It’s measured in decibels: SOUND
File storage area: CACHE
Capture electronically: SCAN
Tape device: RECORDER
92-5 Unwanted E-mail: SPAM
Distress or trouble: WORRY
One of eight in “The Twelve Days of Christmas”: MAID
Flower also called periwinkle: MYRTLE
Fox pursuer: HUNTER
Creator of Finn and Sawyer: TWAIN
Kitchen garbage dump: DISPOSAL
Do a grammarian’s job: PARSE
Bedcover made of patches: QUILT
Mammoth descendant: ELEPHANT
She had a boxful of troubles: PANDORA
93-1 Star Wars Han: SOLO
Flat contract: LEASE
Word after ice or book: SHELF
Internet self-image: AVATAR
Tobacco unit: LEAF
Gambling mecca Monte __: CARLO
Flying group: AIRLINES
Man of undying fame: IMMORTAL
Part of a boa: FEATHER
Concertmaster’s instrument: VIOLIN
93-2 Protect from light: SHADE
Beach makeup: SAND
On the __: no charge: HOUSE
Calorie watch: DIET
Obscure weather: CLOUDY
Egg-hunting period: EASTER
Warm sweater material: FLEECE
Bend in the road: CURVE
Sunday church offering: SERVICE
Usable asset: RESOURCE
93-3 leg + nou: LOUNGE
Opposite of flushed: PALE
Lavender’s color: PURPLE
Dry-heat bath: SAUNA
Finish, as a puzzle: SOLVE
Show at La Scala: OPERA
Baseball player’s tool: GLOVE
Reduce to a liquid or plastic state by heat: FUSE
Glow in the night sky: AURORA
93-4 Limited, Bounded, Terminable: FINITE
Unit of college credit: HOUR
Something to fight for: CAUSE
Prominent part or characteristic: FEATURE
Web page: SITE
Kite carrier: BREEZE
Track activity: RACE
Microsoft product: OFFICE
Flow of electricity: CURRENT
What the heirs split: ESTATE
93-5 Cardiff is its capital: WALES
Sprinter’s path: LANE
Energy converter: MOTOR
Business strategy: SCHEME
Book display stand: RACK
Shop employee: CLERK
Make modifications: ALTER
Discarded stuff: TRASH
Green part of a flower: STEM
Final result: OUTCOME
94-1 Solar panel spot: ROOF
Join, as companies: MERGE
Belonging by nature or habit: INHERENT
Giving employment: HIRING
Deforestation concern: EROSION
Dramatic suspense: TENSION
Scalpel! requester: SURGEON
Software installation requirement, often: RESTART
Love and Anger singer Bush: KATE
Football coach’s concern: OFFENSE
Practice of agriculture: FARMING
Extraordinary intellect: GENIUS
Yellow, trafficwise: CAUTION
94-2 Hinder, Obstruct, Bar: PREVENT
Place for a coin: SLOT
Savanna stalker: LION
Health-food substance: NUTRIENT
Anxiety or trouble: CONCERN
Substitute handkerchief: TISSUE
Assemble, as parts of a document: COMPILE
Strive against: RESIST
Designer’s field: COUTURE
94-3 lir + sty: LYRIST
Mirage site: DESERT
High praise: GLORY
Keep in one’s memory: RETAIN
Sensitive to touch: TENDER
Smoker’s item: PIPE
Poet who wrote “She walks in beauty, like the night”: BYRON
94-4 San ___, country surrounded by Italy: MARINO
Emblem of Turkey: CRESCENT
Plant dripping: RESIN
Unpleasantly severe: HARSH
Annoying or troublesome concern: HASSLE
Show graphically: DEPICT
Telemarketing danger: SCAM
Advance in rank: PROMOTE
94-5 Workout wetness: SWEAT
Set limits: RESTRICT
Courtroom testifier: WITNESS
Increase the value: ENHANCE
Lab subjects: MICE
Proportional figure: RATIO
Showing skill on canvas, e.g.: ARTISTIC
Point-and-click item: REMOTE
Golfer’s posture: STANCE
Actor ___ Paul of “Breaking Bad”: AARON
95-1 Something to work through with a therapist: TRAUMA
British bonnet: HOOD
Staff member: WORKER
Safe harbor: HAVEN
actor ___ Bloom in Hollywood: ORLANDO
Proceed on tiptoe: SNEAK
Ruler’s domain: REALM
Restrain from excess: MODERATE
Rocket engineer’s calculation: THRUST
95-2 Rest, Remain, Stop: STAND
Range of expertise: AREA
128 cubic feet of wood: CORD
Easter costume: BUNNY
Homer’s epic poem: ODYSSEY
Game of letters and numbers: BINGO
Flower for a corsage: ORCHID
Macbeth king: DUNCAN
Italian designer Aldo: GUCCI
Gatsby’s love: DAISY
95-3 Wane, Set, Sink: DAWN
Drought, Drain, Ebb: FLOOD
Toy in a house: DOLL
Cyclist or equestrian: RIDER
Firefly feature: GLOW
Sworn word: OATH
Scorpions “Still ___ You”: LOVING
Millionaire’s accumulation: WEALTH
Unveil or expose: REVEAL
95-4 Ire, Passion, Rage: WRATH
Alluring, Engaging, Attractive: WINNING
Time gone by: PAST
Web page connection: LINK
Music album highlight: SINGLE
Vacation car, typically: RENTAL
Till holder: REGISTER
Legal claims: RIGHTS
Increase the size of: ENLARGE
Part of a mortgage payment: INTEREST
95-5 Toy block company: LEGO
Youngster’s ride: PONY
Recent NASA target: MARS
Warm-blooded animal: MAMMAL
System of government: REGIME
Product promotion package: SAMPLER
Fluffy cat breed: PERSIAN
Bamako is here: MALI
Kind of perception, organ or overload: SENSORY
Home to Damascus: SYRIA
96-1 Indonesian tourist destination: BALI
Partners of needles: PINS
Portrait sculpture: BUST
Security breach: LEAK
Nirvana’s ___ Cobain: KURT
Chip source: POTATO
Tissue test: BIOPSY
Professor’s job protection: TENURE
Potential cause of hypertension: OBESITY
Opposite to strength: WEAKNESS
Home of the football Lions: DETROIT
96-2 Game cubes: DICE
Pharmacy product: PILL
Cause of a fall: SLIP
Fire antonym: HIRE
Place for a nap: SOFA
What to face: FACTS
Skintight material: LATEX
Code of correct conduct: PROTOCOL
Exported or sent: SHIPPED
R in a car: REVERSE
Reaping time: HARVEST
Car or truck: VEHICLE
Official messenger between leaders in war: HERALD
96-3 Sharply defined: PRECISE
___ guy syndrome: NICE
Transport in one’s arms: CARRY
Happy hour order: DRINK
Magazine supervisor: EDITOR
Review a tax return: AUDIT
Nicotine gum alternative: PATCH
Opposite of gave: TOOK
Scent or substance: ESSENCE
Pleased with one’s feats: PROUD
Unusual or odd: CURIOUS
Section of a cake: LAYER
96-4 edda + tout: OUTDATED
Boxing match segment: ROUND
Construction-site sight: CRANE
Eraser’s target: MISTAKE
Aim and usually deliver a blow: STRIKE
Mongol conquero: KHAN
Truck stop order: HASH
Tyrant in “Quo Vadis”: NERO
Drop a suggestion: HINT
Of motion: Physics: KINETIC
Form of energy: ATOMIC
96-5 Course taken by a plane or missile: VECTOR
Full complement of baseball players: NINE
Ice cubes, slangily: ROCKS
The Phantom of the Opera character: ERIK
Skating on ___ ice: THIN
Remove any doubt about: ENSURE
Satellite antenna: DISH
Coral structure: REEF
Game played with bats: CRICKET
Lenny Kravitz “Let Love ___”: RULE
97-1 Coward’s lack, figuratively: SPINE
Silent night, ___ night…: HOLY
Unagi or tekka maki: SUSHI
Country’s boundary: BORDER
Construction man: BUILDER
Leader chosen by a conclave: POPE
Outstanding or splendid: SUPERB
Wife of Abraham: SARAH
One with privileged information: INSIDER
McDonald or Colman: RONALD
F, on a music score: LOUD
In 25 words or fewer, for instance: BRIEFLY
97-2 Illumination, Light, Daylight: SHADE
Softly, Silently, Inaudibly: ALOUD
Pursue, Hunt, Prosecute: HOUND
Exhibit, Present, Demonstrate: SHOW
Strive, Compete, Cope: CONTEND
Breaking Bad cook: WALT
Distribute, as resources: ALLOCATE
Marine mammal: WHALE
Pine tree leaf: NEEDLE
97-3 Pandora’s Box remnant: HOPE
Business associate: PARTNER
Put away till next year: STORE
Awarded stars to, e.g: RATED
It may fill a hall: CONCERT
Psychiatrist Jung: CARL
Language of international communication: ENGLISH
Actor’s reference: SCRIPT
Mathematical process: ADDITION
Hard disk’s function: STORAGE
Couch therapy: ANALYSIS
97-4 Renowned, Glorious, Celebrated: FAMOUS
Smell, Scent, Fragrance: ODOR
Byron or Burns: POET
Fashionably old-fashioned: RETRO
Nuclear plant: REACTOR
First course, perhaps: SOUP
Lacking ease or grace: AWKWARD
Make a decision, as a judge: RENDER
Hay formation: STACK
Clues for detectives: TRACES
97-5 Treat successfully: CURE
Move with urgency: RUSH
Sea rover: VIKING
Jewelry weight: CARAT
Place for a swing: PORCH
Price holder: STICKER
Get exercise: WORKOUT
Enclosure for confinement: CAGE
Ripped apart: TORN
Instrumental composition: SUITE
Like some exotic plants and prying questions: INVASIVE
Associated Press rival: REUTERS
98-1 Garfield’s wagger: TAIL
Artist Van ___: GOGH
Maze entrance sign: START
Martini item: OLIVE
Labor day event: BIRTH
Greatly or extremely: HIGHLY
Police action: RAID
Throw off schedule, say: DELAY
Church dignitary: BISHOP
Mild expression of annoyance: BOTHER
Verify bankwise: PROVE
Golf course obstacle, e.g: HAZARD
Party spokesperson: DELEGATE
During the recent past: LATELY
98-2 Breakfast beverage: JUICE
Puerto _____: RICO
Use dynamite: BLAST
Native of Bangkok: THAI
Birthday secret: WISH
Getting some shut-eye: ASLEEP
Merino, for one: WOOL
Capital of Hawaii: HONOLULU
Individual’s share of food: PORTION
Harvesting machine: COMBINE
Body of advisors: CABINET
Protected by shots: IMMUNE
Ottawa chief who shares his name with an auto: PONTIAC
98-3 che + tsi: ETHICS
Practitioner of magic: WITCH
Heartbeat indicator: PULSE
Teacher at a college, for short: PROF
Turn around an axis: ROTATE
Real-time fantasy strategy game: WARCRAFT
Drug leaf: COCA
Fishing device: REEL
Serve at the wedding: CATER
Clean the carpet: SWEEP
98-4 Opposed, Opposite, Repugnant: CONTRARY
Alluring quality: CHARM
Stare at stars: GAZE
What humidity measures: MOISTURE
Hint at or call to mind: SUGGEST
Metric mass unit: GRAM
Luxurious fabric: VELVET
Tale that never happened: MYTH
Originating in the sea: OCEANIC
Winter sport: SKATING
98-5 Valletta is its capital: MALTA
Bend to one side: LEAN
Cobra’s weapon: VENOM
E-mail command: SEND
Motorcyclist’s wear: HELMET
Instant in time: MOMENT
Largest Australian city: SYDNEY
Made by interlacing: WOVEN
Take into the stomach through mouth: SWALLOW
Transportation service: SHUTTLE
99-1 Great embarrassment: SHAME
Disposable stuff: WASTE
Connect to get power: PLUGIN
Place for keys and lipstick: HANDBAG
One form of vitamin pill: CAPSULE
Disappointed or sad: UPSET
Like Mom’s apple pie: HOMEMADE
Washing or soaking of the body: BATHING
Recipient of certain permission: LICENSEE
Famous name in chemicals: DUPONT
99-2 Interstellar spaceship: ROCKET
Horse’s home: STABLE
Winter flying migrator: BIRD
Manage or take care of: HANDLE
Put up for display: HANG
Find out undercover: DETECT
Swan Lake, for one: BALLET
Renew a subscription: EXTEND
Illumination or ignition: LIGHTING
Affecting the heart: CARDIAC
99-3 dee + sri: DESIRE
Endangered species, perhaps: RARE
Occupy to capacity: FILL
Group of students: CLASS
Leading toward a position in front: FORWARD
No longer single: MARRIED
Grow smaller: DECREASE
Seller of goods: MERCHANT
Rosé or Cabernet: WINE
Eskimo region: ARCTIC
Setting for a display: SHOWCASE
99-4 Small city: TOWN
I ___ Be Around: WANNA
At the location itself: ONSITE
Written reminder: MEMO
Write fuller explanations: ANNOTATE
Network for laptop users: WIFI
Rent-paying occupant: TENANT
M, to Einstein: MASS
Rhythmical accents: BEATS
Big name in skateboarding shoes: VANS
Fund-raiser’s request: DONATE
99-5 Popcorn add-on: SALT
Place for video games: ARCADE
Potter’s field: CERAMICS
Bounced by the boss: FIRED
Cost of club membership: DUES
Fall short of success: FAIL
Muscle-building drug: STEROID
Earthquake, perhaps: DISASTER
Pina colada flavoring: COCONUT
Bizet’s cigarette girl: CARMEN
Put the hurt on: INJURE
100-1 Scottish family: CLAN
Aquatic predator: SHARK
Pegasus feature: WINGS
Person with unusual mental power: GENIUS
Paired jewellery: EARRINGS
Sun cover: CLOUD
Web surfing necessity: MODEM
Health problem: ILLNESS
Like some arms and legs: CROSSED
American state purchased in 1867: ALASKA
100-2 ead + mow: MEADOW
ada + rep: PARADE
Moderate weather: MILD
Infant’s wear often needed change: DIAPER
Exercise judgment: DEEM
Syrup source from Canada: MAPLE
Its capital is Lilongwe: MALAWI
Like a hawk’s perspective: AERIAL
Achilles’ weak spot: HEEL
Mosque roof style: DOME
100-3 Good reason for promotion: MERIT
Measures of length in Europe: METRES
___ Kombat, video game: MORTAL
Ocean oasis: ISLE
Bookcase units: SHELVES
Lacking sufficient funds: SHORT
Of great extent: VAST
King’s clown: FOOL
Wanted poster offer: REWARD
Carrie of “Star Wars”: FISHER
100-4 Possibly, Peradventure, Perchance: PERHAPS
Gravity, Ponderosity, Heaviness: WEIGHT
Ship’s shelter: HARBOR
Emma Watson, in a 2017 film: BEAUTY
Engaged in combat: FIGHTING
Degree requirement: THESIS
First in the field: PIONEER
Tokyo electronics giant: TOSHIBA
Island neighboring Barbuda: ANTIGUA
Darwin’s “___ of Species”: ORIGIN
Pension plan payment: BENEFIT
100-5 Fine wine attribute: AGE
Audio show: PODCAST
Take a photograph: SHOOT
They meet at corners: WALLS
Doctor focused on the teeth: DENTIST
Laborer’s payment: WAGE
College income item: TUITION
Source of fresh water: WELL
Gain possession of: OBTAIN
Soup-holding dish: BOWL
Art that combines visuals and text: COMICS
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  • October 5, 2023 at 21:19

    Thank you so much, Looks too much hardwork in this. i can now sleep peaceful/


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