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Figgerits game level Answers link search and cheat to all levels are provided on this page, this game is developed by Hitapps and it is available on Google play store. This game is developed by Figgerits – Word Puzzle Game Hitapps and is available on the Google PlayStore & Apple AppStore. Figgerits is a kind of cross logic and word puzzle game for adults that will blow your mind and train brainpower. Play IQ logic games, solve brain puzzles, and complete top word games to win. Use clues to decrypt the message and decipher the cryptogram. A Figgerit is a brain word connect puzzle game. When the mind task is completed, it will yield a little truism written onto the solution dashes.

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To stir from sleep
(syn.) Reprimand
(syn.) Irons, shackles
Green food for cattle
(past tense) To be done with something
Charles Lindbergh was one of them
She is totally out of my __
Dark kind of wood used for furniture
The dog is __ its tail
He frowned, a __ expression on his face
One of the New World vultures
(syn.) Dread, fright
Blank, empty, devoid of matter
__ should be made of sterner stuff
To transfer in stages
Standard, something expected
To tell you the __, I am tired
(plural) Herbal tea
Sudden explosion of emotions
Limp and soft
(plural) Medical instrument
He made a __ on this one product alone
The coldest season
Ritual with a doll
The edge of hair on a person’s head
Secluded spot
(plural) Aspiring young actress
Making fun of somebody
No __ = no problem
Don’t judge him too __
To make an innocent person appear guilty
Someone with books of their own
All people are born __
Wartime friend
(3rd person) To keep from happening
(syn.) To rely on
(3rd person) To recall, recollect
Sadness, great distress
(syn.) Tiresome, boring
Let’s go to the __ to watch this movie
(plural) Exchange
(syn.) Hoodlum, ruffian, thug
Her attitude is really __ me
To wreck or smash to pieces
Unscrupulous lawyer
Freud’s concept dealing with attachments
The sound a foot makes when stepping into the mud
The muddiest or slimiest
The roots are totally __, you can’t separate them
“You” for Shakespeare
I still remember this dream __
Their candidate did well in __
To carve wood
He always looks prim and __
He went to prison for document __
Silent or very hushed
__ are made to be broken
(plural) Spheres of study
Edible white root
The first part of childhood
(3rd person) To become solid
(syn.) To flourish, wield
Covered with small bumps (about knees)
The bubbles from soap
To take into custody
Hidden marksman
A voice with rising and falling rhythm
To deliver or send goods
Earnest plea
Without companions
A diplomatic skill
Short for “refereed”
Moving without stop, never being calm
Important ingredient for brewers
Money kids get every month
Breakfast oatmeal
He was held __ by a violent robber
(syn.) Assertive, domineering
Scientific work based on research
Someone or something gathering crops
It was ___ luck that I arrived on time
Yellow filling of tarts
Organic venom
To take territory by force
Flaming light carried in the hand
(plural) Hatchet
Title before a person’s name
To confirm that something is true
Sulky like a child
Having a sophisticated charm
Figure used to represent a person
His decision will __ full ostracism
System of courts for legal disputes
Shooting guns
Feeling refreshed or energized
(plural) Heaps, stacks
To permit or to grant
Synonym of tripled
To destroy, totally mess up
Hot drink with milk
Hot water fountain
He has a high __ for pain
(past tense) To put inside
Now then, let’s find the __ ground in this dispute
(syn.) To discourage
Chemical __, __ interest, __ words
Sales and display place
(3rd person) To make an effort, to try
Similar to “headcollar”
Heaviness in the chest
“Beautiful” and “stunning” are __
As __ as a ghost
Angry frown
Violent clash
Process of buying and selling
Native American dwelling
(plural) Thin cuts of cheese
(3rd person) To get used to something
I’d like to __ the problem so that we could discuss it again
Wild brutality
__ you like it or not
To jump to conclusions
Hideous or extremely large
Stonehenge priest
Job applicant
We can’t __ such an expensive house
Oil conduit
Someone unknown, an outsider
(syn.) Silly, absurd
Process of avoiding reality
(syn.) Incapable, powerless
He suffers from a __ that he’s the greatest
(past tense) To enrol as a priest
Without a working government
Red steak
Unconventional person, esp. in arts
Military ruling group
Turning motion
To walk leisurely
To exchange goods for money
(syn.) Dismal, bleak, lonely
(syn.) To deceive, trick, dupe
More than just dirty or clouded
(plural) Lump, chunk
He’s uncultured and lacks __
To place inside
Vigorous, full of energy
To try to repair without having proper skills
(syn.) Beating
Honey-__ eyes
Willing sacrifice
Gun for ____
Animal doctor
Son of a sibling
(plural) Printing device
Flower that symbolizes resentment and anger
Someone who makes you suffer
Measure of length
Scene of the crime
Stuff settling at the bottom of a river
Highway, pavement
Process of liquid oozing out
(plural) Lender’s salary
That’s ____ he left
The whole enterprise was hanging by a __
Sending your order
A location or a scene
Style for long hair
Halloween’s costume of a ghost
(syn.) Disgusting, repulsive
Severe pain and suffering
To go back on promise
The most important gadget
To squat down
(syn.) Globetrotter, traveler
He __ upon a real treasure
(British) Amateur, an incompetent person
You need to __ this paint with water
Part of a cake
Someone not present
A long and complex procedure
I can’t stand him, he makes such __ jokes
Don’t __ yourself into thinking I want to be here
Diplomatic representative
Habitual lack of sleep
(syn.) Compulsion, duress, force
(syn.) To agree, concur
It’s so gross, I feel sick to my __
(syn.) Traitor, turncoat
On the spur of the __
Sport for the rich
General __ tickets
(syn.) Assignment, expedition
Periodical publication
(plural) Tiny openings in skin
(plural) Body of soldiers
One of the siblings
Someone with a clear intention to bring havoc
To drop sharply, plunge
To make sure something is true
(syn.) Pedant, formalist
College sport team
He’s a very __ (energetic) young leader
The top of cappuccino
Large, but nearly blind animal
Long deep cut
___ of hostilities
Smaller than a baby
A fairy __
Or being hated don’t give way to __
Drink prepared with herbs and boiling water
I __ somewhat blue today
Something undeveloped and unformed
(syn.) Journey, path
__ coffee
Salary slip
Tell me, I’m all __
To grease a palm
In a shrewd manner
Flower for victory
Rare, medium or well-done
(syn.) Wanting, eager
(British) To loiter around
Sparkling decoration
Many natural resources are now __
Canadian coin
A lock of hair
The crew staged a __ against the captain
A room under a roof
(syn.) To prevent, hinder
Initials used as a logo
Sailing competition
__ Christmas!
To bring back to life
Big cousin of viola
Elaborate and fancy contest
Manual driver’s selection
True happiness, delight
There are 27 of them in the USA
Slender and tall dog breed
Genealogical line
With a husky voice
(syn.) Rebel, objector
Lemon peel
Omnivorous crustacean
Grating, gruff voice
(past tense) To show up, attend
(plural) Bzzzz insects
(syn.) Ordinary, basic
It has 14 lines
Another word for “plane”
(syn.) Hugely, vastly
Short smart saying
Preparation for an exam
To move along but at a distance
__-minded = prejudiced
It is used in triggers
(syn.) Grumpy, irritable
A tinge or a tone of color
I said no. Didn’t you hear that? Do I __?
In this horrible situation, there was a __ of hope
__ nation, __ revolution, __ leader
British currency
Santa’s suit is __ after going through chimneys
Get the __, we’ll grill some meat
A must-have for a White Christmas
You need to __, let off some steam
(3rd person) To choose
Drought ends in __
To decrease amounts
(3rd person) To hurry
Reasons for action
He wanted to preserve the last __ of his dignity
Period of no fighting
Someone wielding a wand
Having angry disposition
Perfect is the __ of good
(3rd person) To avoid, stay away
Case made of silk
Violently separating or tearing apart
Totally in love
The most cordial and wholesome
Ejected saliva
Current status or situation
To appear to be something when you aren’t
His words really ___ (scared) me
To go far ahead of someone
Not those
Old word for “sulfur”
Pyromaniac criminal
Internal and external __
To shuffle in pain
American marsupial
Widening of the pupils
High class supremacy
State of being a father
(3rd person) To unravel or explain
To move about restlessly
Magazine edition
To mute or deaden the sound
__ and “none” are homophones
A large amount or a heap
Neither a __ nor a lender be
Large storeroom
This job is __. I’m tired out of my mind
To rise into the air, not touching the ground
Of mind, body and spirit
__ weapons, __ residue, __ waste
Honeycomb segment
__ diets are very popular these days
Computer screen
Thin wood facing
Muscular and fit
He’s __ on the fence about the issue
A fancy word for “celebration”
In a clever way, “like a fox”
(syn.) To keep, maintain
(plural) Bank worker who deals with customers
(syn.) Restless, agitated
(syn.) Discharge, bang
(syn.) To appear, come across
Mucus or twerp
Priest’s assistant
Example: he’s as sly as a fox
Friendly, kind disposition
(syn.) Shocking, unexpected
Child without parents
Common disease at war among soldiers
(syn.) Serendipity
Standing but backwards
(syn.) To rest, alleviate
(syn.) Wizard, magician
Can you __ me a glass of juice?
Let the dog run freely
To increase gradually
Rodent with constantly growing teeth
Flexible, able to change easily
Earnestly and passionately
(syn.) Friendly, cordial
To fail to appreciate
Someone who introduces large-scale changes
Nation’s warships
Fuel for cars
(plural) Flyers or advertisement handouts
(syn.) To spin around, rotate
(syn.) Soaked, saturated
___ is a kind of wild justice
He was released on __ from prison
Santa’s landing point
If your __ request is approved, we will reimburse you
Impressive duration of life
(plural) Bed covering
Serious offender
Brushing is not enough, you have to __
Likewise or also
(syn.) Impediment, obstacle
I wish you to live long and __
What an __ observation!
Plant used for kissing under
To put back in place
Dial of a watch
Someone who looks just like you
Believing oneself to deserve special privileges
I fully __ this initiative
To remove a monarch
You don’t have to act __. I know all about you
To have goosebumps
Insurrection or revolt
Extremely brutal
To drool uncontrollably
Place to leave your car
Smooth with words
Someone who steals
To distribute into categories
(past) To retreat or to draw back
With very fine skills
Obedience plant
To evoke feelings or memories
(syn.) Kind, agreeable
Hint or lead
Place for a wine cellar
Complex and detailed
To consider
Older married woman
Eggnog spice
(past tense) To yell, cry out
Engine cylinder
Blade covering
To feel ecstatic about someone’s failure
The highest-rate musician
(syn.) Sharp, incisive
To negotiate over price
Legal action against someone
Which __ are you from?
Something glamorous or extravagant
To reverse a previous decision
Soothed or solaced
They can’t __ upon our rights like that
Deep and vivid red
Ripped apart
Strong passion, ardor
To punish without trial
Programmer’s work
Someone with divine information
To deform by twisting
Place to cultivate grapes
An apple a day __ the doctor away
Sculptor’s tool
Herb associated with the goddess Venus
__ you like it or not, I am coming
Having no compassion
Repeated musical piece
Neither advertisement, nor ad
Armed attacker on the enemy’s territory
To lose data by entering new data
To create offsprings
This outcome was a __ pill to swallow for me
(past tense) To construct again
Noise of a wood fire
Food from restaurants you can bring home
Group of musical instruments
(plural) Common workplace
Self-evident fact
Delicately, with fine manners
(past tense) To impose, exact
Type of disease
To set apart from the rest
__ bird, __ comment
Staff, employees
Act of extreme courage
Feeling lacking in some aspect
To introduce good changes
__ essence, __ tea, __ medicine
Deer foot
Flat, disinterested (about voice)
A tropical disease
A leg part
They are ___ in crime
(syn.) Set, kit, package
(syn.) Droll, funny
Place to hang pictures and photos
Exterior of an egg
Gun case
Somebody who gives salary
To misconduct
Another word for fall
It’s no __ crying over spilt milk
Embroidered hanging on the wall
To knead muscles
When a virus enters the body, it causes __
An instrument used for rowing
Important ingredient in baking bread
It ends the night
Which root looks like a human?
A type of hat tied under the chin
Marine algae
Level in society
Don’t speak about it, it’s a __ topic here
State of complete bliss
Covered with little marks
Examined or critiqued
Characteristic of kings
I drew it all myself, __
We decided to __ to another state
Pounded (about eggs)
My phone is almost dead, I need to __ it
Everlasting or perpetual
Eloquent speaker
The plane has ____
___ of service
Cribs, beds for newborns
Person good at poker
Winter, spring, summer, autumn
To break into small pieces
Located at the bottom of the map
After washing, you put clothes in the __
(syn.) Desolate, unpromising
(past tense) To attain victory
To force someone to do something
Price reduction
We don’t want to __ unnecessary attention
Ambassador’s residence
Medicine or vitamin unit
To ask for support or aid
Ladies’ fingers
(syn.) To estimate, evaluate
Could be a letter, could be a number
She was __ deep in work
Purple color or flower
Ancient prophet
Pencil remover
Severe, like winters in the north
Sport with arrows
Deliberate vandal
Funny, silly laugh
Saturday is my __ day
This decision is nothing but a band-aid __
Each or separately
Not fixed, shaky
Large seabird
Father or mother
(syn.) Arrogant, haughty
Only eating plants
One of the most popular sports
Not together
A declared intention to cause harm
Tolerance, letting things slide
Figgerits Level 98
Whatever or every
Adult female
Sculptor or painter
Aphrodite to Zeus
A wound mark
Mentally sound
We are __ friends
Emblem of Scotland
Church law
My go-to breakfast is __ and eggs
The king with a mane
For example, honeydew
Price equivalent
Object to help do magic
__ speaking, I am not the best advisor
Jewelry worn on a wrist
Window in a roof
Gift to charity
Sound of suddenly hitting the brakes
There are 27 of them
Located in the direction of sunrise
Orange veggie
To express a desire
Something that happens or occurs
Ornament for neck
Unusual in the highest degree
Devoid of meaning
Failure to win
To withdraw from a union
Sorry, I’m late = Excuse my __
(plural) A typical cry of an owl
Sweetly innocent and beautiful
I have high __ for this new job
(syn.) To reap, tear apart
(syn.) Burst, disruption
Could be either permission, or punishment
English doesn’t have double __
Study of ancestry
Moon to Earth
Being like no other
(3rd person) To become more solid
Popular costume for Halloween
To scribble in a margin
Type of formal scarf
A male person
Person bearing news
A medium horse pace
The color of milk
Combined, collectively or mutually
A short joke
___ waters run deep
Sport that originated in Britain
Zen state of mind
Compound commonly used in agriculture
Good luck charm
(past tense) To look out or care for
(plural) Dealings or communications
To make someone feel bad
To scroll back to the beginning
Smooth, showing no lines
Tool used for a popular winter sport
New recruit
A problem that makes sinks stop working
Restoring something as it was before
To inflict a severe damage
The Taming of the ___
Coloring chalk pencil
To enter without being invited
If it belongs to us, it’s __
To lift or push up
Her skin had a __ glow
Spikes to grill some meat
It happened __ of the blue
The opposite of longer
The abbreviation of “amplifier”
(syn.) The bravest
He has a very __ schedule
To perform a song
A territory outside the city
__ and bustle
Relating to the sky
Have a good or fun time
To follow rules
Common possession of very rich people
Not a professional player
(syn.) To present (a gift)
Special card in a deck
Scream at the top of your lungs
Bullies always have weak ___
__ confinement
(past tense) To argue the price
Has the cat got your __?
Quiet! I can __ hear myself think!
Additional explanation at the bottom
A small type of hammer
To sum or to merge
General agreement
To become older
Paper-and-string toy
I hate to __ you, but can you help me?
A nameless or unknown person
Small ship
Popular ice-cream delight
To lose liquid through a hole
There is no __ evidence that it works
She eats an __ amount of sugar
Opposite of riskier
Long family feud
To sleep badly at night
To hate with a passion
Prominent person
Bread ingredient
Large-scale tactic
5 o’clock shadow
(syn.) Branch, cane
Dads or fathers
The __ brought rains and cold weather
__ hair, __ cough
Sign that represents something
Minor illness
To give money to charity
An unreasonable or prejudice opinion
Precipitation in winter
Did you talk to her? She looks utterly __
Something useless, (syn.) rubbish
Free food at an event
Making something tidy
Fundamental nature of something
Inquisitive or weird
You cannot __ in my business like that!
To demand something firmly
Resting unconsciousness
To request or petition for
Harsh criticism or disapproval
A place for old expensive stuff
(syn.) To reprimand, castigate
Of vital significance
In the right way
Gnarled or intricate
Flower and yoga position
(syn.) Moralistic, prim and proper
Room for children
Ability to travel from one place to another
The ____ that be
In generous amount
Not worth a red cent
Magicians use this often
(syn.) Sovereignty, rule
The game is not worth the __
(past tense) To pack things or to swell
Stop it, I’m not in the ___ for that
(syn.) Must, ought to
TV show in installments
Deep and beautiful black
To condemn or to blame publicly
To yield flowers
Every person in a group
Part of the split dessert
Demo tapes destination
Stocks or claims
What is left after a fire
Lingerie or briefs
Artificial fiber
(syn.) To argue, claim, assert
__ is the best policy
To do or to perform something
(syn.) Obstruction, block
A term in the wine review
It hurts when you catch a cold
Music with lyrics
A bed hanging between two trees
We had a __ meal yesterday
Offering the all-around view
(syn.) Abandoned, discarded
An anesthetic from the 19th century
(syn.) Information
Insolent and cheeky
Small motorcycle
Object used to secure hair away from the face
Police authorization
Computer data layout
To back off
Favorite thing to do
By which or through which
Small motorless ship
To support, uphold
The process of gaining knowledge
Unhappy, forlorn
To impact or to influence
Computer equipment
DNA unit
Lacking depth or substance
(3rd person) To remain, delay or stay
To get people’s opinions for a study
__ land, __ marriage
To entrench, fix deeply
This episode is a __ on his reputation
A symbol of America
Huge promotion sign
Ear for insects
Speech organ
It can stay behind after a chemical reaction
Not wild
The toll-bridge inhabitant
Peaceful and calm
Antonym of variable
He was __ a leader, but had no influence
Scientific investigation
Expression of joy and humor
Modesty is a __, or so they say
To express public support
To come to a party
Firefighters connect hoses to it
They say, ghosts __ this house
Type of fancy nails
Portable power unit
Angry reply
A short exclamation
(syn.) Thugs, robbers
A bunch of thugs
Raised or increased
Type of jewelry
Lump of blood
Female personal pronoun
Something considered standard
Buoy movement
Someone telling a story
(syn.) Kind or type
Fighting the green-eyed monster
An ugly patch of color
A circlet of flowers or a chaplet
A tiny apartment
Purple stone
Cork or plug
In the __ = on the way
Assignment or duty
Brother ___ sister are siblings
Symbol of lightning
(syn.) To supervise, control
Special bus to the airport
To rest, but not in a lying position
Greek clothing
Mellow, deep and resonant (voice)
A person of a stingy type
Type of mirror at carnivals
None of the two given options
The top or the highest point
Poker ____
Real fact
__ island, __ hunt
Horse barn
Being questioned
Constantly on guard
A ___ o’ both your houses!
(syn.) Gut, bowel
I can’t __ him, he’s too annoying
Antonym for softer
Emitting light
Letter after beta
Sweet on a stick
Towards here
Unnecessary repetition of words
Seeing him was the __ of my day
Chorizo or salami
(past tense) To weaken, collapse
(past tense) To lever or turn on
Between __ and buzzard
__ me a second to collect myself
Channel switcher
Spookie beings
The same as a 2% part
To show to seats
He received a standing __
Elongated circle
Cat’s hand
Makeup product
To tarnish, make dirty
(syn.) To enrapture, enchant
(plural) Attempts or efforts
(syn.) Stunning, beautiful
To prance around
A space or a room used to work in
Salted biscuit
To emphasize, accentuate
People of common language and traditions
Mexican sauce
Extinct animal
A language and a snake
He had a deep __ voice
Huge, enormous
Chimpanzee or gorilla
If you can meet with __ and disaster
Having a glow; being dazzling
To detest, hate
Package of paper
(plural) Powers to do something
Large flat fish
Measured in pounds or ounces
(3rd person) To influence or modify
Empty inside
A smaller river joining a larger one
Oak, fir, elm
To estrange, break ties
Car for celebrities
Reason people get sacked at factories
You need one’s __ to be their friend
Coming from the East
(syn.) Meager, inadequate, scant
A competition between drivers
He’s always been her __ admirer
This company doesn’t do your talents __
St. Stephen or Martin Luther King Jr.
Couple, two people
Common amphibian
Lacking any taste
Healing session
To influence someone or something
Meant to, doomed
Gentleman’s attendant
She sells them by the seashore
Fast horse gait
Thaw in political tension
Tool used to attack someone
Female from a pride
(syn.) Furtive, surreptitious
Anti-inflammatory medicines
Antagonistic or unfavorable
Rhymes with “funky”
Wrinkled or crushed
Shallow part of a river
Deep and meaningful
To divide or disconnect
To manage, deal with something
After this mistake, I was __ on the spot
To make someone tired
To book in advance
To walk heavily
Totally exhausted
To make someone reconsider
The importance of being __
Obedient and mild in temper
To imitate
Extreme love
To drive way too fast
Pestering problem, something annoying
To get off a horse
Plate for artificial teeth
Musician with nimble fingers
The opposite of delicious
(syn.) Hell
(syn.) To unsettle, bother
Rough copy
Parking violation notice
(syn.) Delirium, madness
To relax or to restore mental powers
Tea or __?
(syn.) Pleasingly, politely
This project was the __ of my success
(plural) A shiny lip product
Pants for official occasions
Power, strength, pressure
Antonym of natural
Prudent with money
A word to indicate preference
It’s just a little __ (an injury)
Useful facilities in a hotel
Prevailing tone in music
Pointless, not effective
To contort, twist
Life, liberty and __
Front body region
I have not seen you for ___
The other end of a pencil
Event to advertise something
(3rd person) To reverse or tip over
(syn.) Enterprise, undertakings
Not tightly fixed, ready to fall off
Rich dark wood
Soldiers at war spend a lot of time in the __
Sudden turn of events in a movie
(3rd person) To construct
Damage by water or wind
To divide an angle into two equal angles
Aperture or opening
None of his plans have come to __
To read thoroughly
Something with no borders of space or time
To provide for, feed
Detached from everything
Piece of clothing
(syn.) Forceful, persevering
(syn.) To intrude, interrupt
Meant to by fate
(plural) Light quanta
Disorderly or diseased
You are not allowed to go out after the __
Normal or basic
(syn.) Aim, goal, objective
__ eyes are achieved with some eyeliner
Skin irritation after being outside uncovered
(syn.) To evaluate, estimate
___ hair, ___ food
(past tense) To be informed
(plural) Road ___
To walk in a relaxed way
(plural) Blood vessels
Water strainer
__ card
(syn.) Frankly, straightforwardly
An expert’s advice
He offended her, and now she holds a __
__ in __, it’s a good job
The process of giving money back
Not these, but ____
To be at risk or to be responsible
__ upon a time
(syn.) Resolution
(syn.) Sad, unsatisfied
Curly lock of hair
Unpleasant wound on a heel
(3rd person) To move from usual position
I’ll think about it ___!
Light teasing talk
To take a case to a higher court
Candies, sweets
To melt down
To breathe in
Super funny
A nicer word for red
The result of sculpturing
Extra money after successful investments
Example: Expressionism, Realism
Poirot, for example
Foolish or lacking any sense
Desert succulent
Small American bird
Here only for a short time
CafГ©s have it, but airplanes don’t
Condition of equilibrium
Beam used in surgery
To lurk, sneak or move stealthily
The world is your __!
She’s ashamed, there’s a __ blush on her face
Cheap hotel
Winter statue
(plural) An entertainment program on TV
Football judge
To overcome with force
Let me __ a taxi for you
Dictionary for essays
Everest or Olympus
__ economy, __ water
Wedding passageway
Prefix for “false”
To take money for some time
To mix or to merge something
Total, of the highest degree
Line of policemen to prevent entrance
(3rd person) To remain for some time
(syn.) Careless, lazy
To give money for something
Sculpting material
Somebody looking for newbies
To declare something publicly
Completely by yourself
Lo and ___
Polite in manner
(syn.) Revenue
Opposite to night
To fall over clumsily
Top of a wave
(syn.) Minor, slim, small
Ancient roman vehicle
She knows which way the __ blows
To make a circle with flowers
(plural) A set of possible choices
Making fake documents
It won’t bother me __
Unit of power
Thing to sleep on
Wild canine from Africa
Despotic power
(syn.) To provoke, taunt, irritate
Formal document, subpoena, order
One of the five senses
Robust and vigorous
Type of car
Tooth for grinding
Not on time
If you go to the East, bring me __ sweets
Nasty little insect
(syn.) Soldier, fighter
To make something warm or hot
Inside oneself
Rebounding bullet
It’s time to take __ measures
To decease
Yellowish, sickly
The new regulation will __ smoking in public
Faith or belief
Legacy or inheritance
To cook eggs in a specific way
To make a bomb explode
(syn.) Weirdest, strangest
To put on TV
To care in a loving way
Strongly opposed, unwilling to accept
To take down a notch
Coming from the Middle Ages
Bird’s nose
(syn.) Undisturbed, tranquil
Snake oil seller
Here or toward this way
Not retail
Eyeball cover
(syn.) Custom, ritual, ceremony
To start legal action
Lonely and abandoned
Animal of bad luck in Greece
To validate or approve
Treasure for hoarders
To provoke someone to do something
Someone who copies others
To let the air out
Amnesia makes you lose you __
To warm up too much
Place to buy goods
Too hard to catch
It makes you smell nice
I think he injured his leg. He’s __
The other place, not here
Where can I __ the nearest shop?
(plural) Pad for cups and glasses
Chanting and monotone
Session before the premiere
Seven, eight, __, ten
Brick and __ company
Lesotho, the Vatican City, San Marino
What you say when taking a photo
Feel __ to contact me
Wail or dismal cry
She poured __ hot water into his cup
Not major
Boxing or football official
To scream in encouragement
I’ll just have a __ of salad for dinner
The opposite of Heaven
To stop attacks during a soccer game
Synonym of ilex
Happening once a year
(plural) The constructor of words
We’re already packed like __
Maple or pine
You should separate __ and egg whites
To hold back, prevent outburst
I was in __ need of some help
Sisters in a monastery
Looking jaundiced or unhealthy (about skin)
Firefighters and policemen are issued a __
A type of dried fruit
Sketch or outline
(syn.) Complex, difficult, hard
Palm fruit
Location description
Events that happened over a certain period
I love __ fights in winter!
To get snugly and cozy
Surprise police operation
Narrow-minded person
The way data is arranged
What we breathe
The blow has __ him unconscious
Foam on top of a cappuccino
Criminal, gangster
To show to the world
You’ll be done like a dog’s __, Frank!
(3rd person) To get on a horse
Dominating power or influence
Saliva that comes when fast asleep
His plea fell on __ ears
To bring foreign goods to a country
Dangerous feat
A connection with another person
__ of line, dead __
To assimilate or take in
To mix socially
Shiny metal
He __ away from us, we lost him
He won’t __ himself in my eyes with just one flower
(syn.) Underground, metro
A safe place from rain
Unusual or unexpected
Type of warship
Lounge bar
Luck or destiny
Opposite to bad
High-born, aristocratic
Being sharp or neat
Medieval expedition
Male fowl
Place where one stays religiously secluded
Too quick, hurried
(syn.) Smear, blot
Painful or aching
To engulf, overwhelm
(plural) About 50% of the Earth population
Hot room in a spa
(syn.) Reply
A type of river transport
To make hair white
(syn.) To eliminate, delete
The lengthiest
Fashion creator
(syn.) Miserable, forlorn
(plural) Preference
To bring something to one place
Female deity
The opposite of tall
To adjust, get used to something
Blade attached to a rifle
Very motivated
Rage or wrath
Close-fitting clothes
Mrs. Hudson to Sherlock Holmes
Crisp bread
(3rd person) To understand or comprehend
Hunter in the animal kingdom
Kitchen item and a type of cake
A way of saying something
Large printed advert
(plural) A thousand dollars
__ peek
Smooth and shiny
(plural) Duplicate parts
Soft part of a nut
Relating to money
Your argument is null and __
These are just some __ promises
He has his snout in the __
Oh come on, it was a __ little joke
Contest or combat
“On __” studio sign
Computer programs
A device used for radiolocation
Music group
To assess the value
To speak haltingly
Owner of a crown
Someone with ginger hair
A short record
I hate __ TV shows, I’m too impatient
To comfort and restore confidence
__ potato
Body organ associated with spite
Equipment for a particular purpose
(syn.) The closest
Something in the past, earlier
Runway for airplanes
Lure, ensnare
Chewy candy
You __ what you sow
Beating about the bush
To aggravate for a long time
Animal that smells like eucalyptus
(syn.) Catastrophe, calamity
To cast a spell on someone
To thrill, animate someone
Kitchen mixer
Item used for writing
Being a chicken
A movable barrier in a wall
To put into effect, perform
Reserved only for few
Lacking class
(plural) Something you shouldn’t cross
To occur at the same time
(syn.) Attraction
British motor racing track
Negative fame
To absolve
I __ all my free time to my hobbies
Treaty partner
Privileged classes
Poker chips
To be sorry for sins
Attractive, cute
I can’t do it, I just feel ___
A type of camp
Birds’ nail
To consume food
Tiger Woods, for example
A tall plant
A group of soldiers stationed somewhere
Not there
To hover above the ground
Somebody who comes to events
To restrain with shackles
Military equipment
Guilty but __
Official, ceremonial
The Count of Monte Cristo wanted it
Equipment to get higher
__ nerve, __ overload
Hand movement
Tongue sense
Neil Armstrong, for example
(plural) The largest organism in the world
Beau’s song
(adj.) Usually used to describe dogs
Summing up
Indignation, bad shock
Constantly lazy
Place to store goods
To make fun of someone cruelly
To walk unsteadily or to shock
Causing reality check
Damage, injury
Aggressive speech
A moderate heat
(syn.) Truthfully
(syn.) Tired, exhausted
To dispute or to debate
To turn around on a chair
The month after April
To make something pretty
Do you see what I __?
(3rd person) To change
Not shut or closed
To drive somebody away
Opposite in position
Sound coming from two speakers
__ with toil, I haste me to my bed
Dried grape
Animated movie
To talk without restrain
Lacking fresh air
Reckless, not prudent
Look at him, he’s such an __ seeker!
(syn.) Postponement
(syn.) Frank, earnest
Someone on a horse
Quote source in scientific works
(plural) A famous Canadian tree
(syn.) Windy, blustery
Expensive boat
Different from the norm
Location of an event
Printed fabric
US lawyer
Frightened or panicking
To look like, seem
To channel somewhere else
Careful with money
Socially withdrawn person
The color of grass
It’s __, I want to scratch it so bad
In nature, if you aren’t fast, you get ___
Stop __ innocence and tell me the truth!
To shrivel up
Unpleasant assessment
(syn.) Gloomy, sullen
Beehive item
Thin fog
To try to win romantically
Not intoxicated
A horse burden
Relating to sound
Listening closely, with interest
Dress top
Thing, being, organization
Don’t touch the wound, it’s still __
Something similar to a fin
Big task, specific duty
She felt that her resolve was __
I __ the entire show in 2 days
Color of cowardice
Can’t see the __ for the trees
Excellence, something praiseworthy
(syn.) Cougar
Passage in buildings
A common name for hunting dog breeds
The 5th Greek letter
Wedding artifact
He’s such a __ dresser
Critical essay about a movie
In the kitchen: gas __, electric __
To come with something
To sell on the street or at the sidewalk
A natural stream of water
Male horse for breeding
A time-measuring device
Blushed or crimsoned
It happened only ___
Don’t __ my cocktail with water!
(plural) 7 days
Ship or boat
Charming, smooth in manner
Brutal and rough
Change in DNA
She chose to __ clear from people like him
To recall, not forget
A common name for trailing plants
Cereal crop
To be furious, boil with rage
Space rock orbiting the Sun
Suddenly, she broke __ tears
(syn.) Perks, welfare
(past) To feel grief or to lament
To be keenly interested
Vertical clearance above someone
He’s always been a __ in my side
Birds of a __ flock together
Variant, particular kind
(syn.) Dawn or sunrise
To hold back
___ winds are usually the coldest ones
(adj.) Necessary, important or essential
Leading article in a newspaper
One who keeps living
Clapping in approval
To trust that something is true
To alter (generally for the better)
Room for one person
He was __ for several awards
He shoots and ___
An instrument or item used for work
A shopping event with reduced prices
Curt, brusque, way too casual
Neither in the future, nor in the past
To bring to life; to encourage
A type of hotel room
He was __ for the crime he didn’t commit
To spiral out of control
(syn.) Sleeping, inactive
The first episode in a TV series
To prepare meat before cooking it
Hoity-toity kind
One part of a million
To stare greedily
Part of pipeline controlling liquid flowing
Tight pants
Blurry or frail
Division of a state
Style of clock, but not digital
I have not ____ you for ages!
To have pleasant goose bumps
He’s a ___ arts student
Status of sent order
Large shellfish, expensive seafood
To walk with little sound
Synonym for narcissist
Metal paper binder
(syn.) Carrying or causing a consequence
Engine type
This music will __ with many people
An intense kind of glow
(syn.) To beg, implore
(3rd person) Necessitate, involve
__ painting, __ of the article
A garage for planes
Sinners must __ for their sins
Cover made by leaves
Another word for “apartment”
Selected from various styles
Clinging part of ivy
(syn.) Portion, fragment
Slow-moving reptile
American autumn
To withdraw or to shrink
__ Fund, __ policy
To linger aimlessly, lurk around
Legal power
Painful wound from new shoes
A single try
Object held by Lady Liberty
How __ you talk to me like that?
Part of a car that helps it begin its work
The Queen of __
Inspiring compassion
Microfilm in a flat form
Thick, gooey medicine
Synonym of stick
Salmon or sardine
Place to treat sick people
Not in any place
Do, Re, Mi…
To cut off wool
The company will __ from this deal
To show mercy or softer attitude
(syn.) Forgiving, merciful
In a __, I was fired
(syn.) Gangster, bandit
The meal was warm and wrapped in __
__ non grata
Famous Indian dish
Thank you, I really __ our date
(syn.) To desire, require
(syn.) Hoity-toity, arrogant
__ and square
Place for ads on the side of the road
Elevator in Britain
Pythagoras’ work about triangles
Money is the __ of all evil
Emission, discharge
To silence, eliminate sound
To make up (usually, a nefarious plan)
Mass migration
Desire to act or to achieve something
Quality of being honest
Dirty and disgusting
Heavy downpour
To cling or to attach
Make money or clothes clean
Edible seafood
Happening yearly
To toast or greet
(syn.) Derogatory, sarcastic
I stopped in __ of the shop
Gluttony, envy, sloth…
__ in distress
Pomodoro in Italian
Please take it as a __ of my gratitude
Diagram to illustrate data
Where you cannot see vampires
(syn.) Options, possibilities
We’ll have my favorite Chinese __ today!
(past tense) To give a cute little laugh
To take to prison
Study of eating properly
Printed handout
Web location
Drawings on the wall
Triangle or circle
When I met you, it was a __ encounter
She __ down and crossed her legs
Case for a sword
Homophone for fisher
Referees and policemen have it
Head protector
Slow, bored and lazy
A crime against __
The task seems simple, but it has many __
The opposite in meaning
Cold, showing no compassion
Absolutely necessary
Newbie, inexperienced person
It was a __ decision, we all agreed
Inside the house
Panicked and disorderly retreat of troops
To emerge, pour from
Silent or mute
A huge type of house
Not healthy
(syn.) Nice, affable
Unconscious kind of rest
One million million
I neither like, nor __ this person
Nourishing substance
Juicy part of an orange
__ fee, __ scholarship
__ duty, __ pride
Object, item
Gun used for Russian Roulette
The main object in a cinema
___ opportunity or chance
(syn.) Space
Carpe Diem or “In God We Trust”
She achieved success __ to her diligence
Type of lamp and lighting
A kind of door, entrance
Group of ants
Quality of being scared of everything
(syn.) Reliable, firm
Research center
She smelled of tobacco, was absolutely __ of it
(syn.) High-and-mighty, haughty
Magical in an occult way
To feel remorse
Keepsake from traveling
Guess based on intuition
(syn.) Revolting, abhorrent
(syn.) Shrewd, sharp
Some kind of medication
Something peculiar
An opening in the wall, but not a door
(syn.) To puzzle, bewilder
You can pay with it
To lose weight, he decided to __ sugar
To flinch in pain
Close-___, open-___, narrow-___
(syn.) Earnest, solemn
Do my feelings __ to you?
A night __
Foxy, skilled in deception
Christmas comes __ once a year
The prohibition will take __ in a week
Piece of wood to make the fire burn
Loss of memory
Musical or congruous
Shakespeare’s shorter work
To remain faithful or attached
Drawing tools for kids
Green gem
Life form, body
To knit brows
Figures of speech
To gather together
Movement for equal rights for all genders
(syn.) Lithe, supple, agile
Great or large
__ change, moderate __
From another country
Cutting tool
To have your memory fail you
Someone who likes to take risk
Violent tropical storm
This is a __ of privacy!
___ get stitches
In big amounts, a __ of something
Permission issued to police
Don’t __ your chickens before they hatch
The right moment to do something
(syn.) Uncompromising, severe
Not a dog
Additional info in a study
Construction that provides water
Brewing item in the kitchen
Portable computer
A fancy word for driver
Requisition for goods
To cause someone to be physically sick
Docile, complying with orders
To destroy somebody’s plans
Rural settlement
I’m tired of __ words
Detailed statement
Second-year student
Place for swine to live
I don’t have the __ to argue with you
Quality of being interested in trivial things
The document received by heirs
The moniker of Alexander
Total or entire
(syn.) Shrewd, sharp-witted
Area of math (like Geometry or Calculus)
I’ll __ myself of the opportunity to thank you
It’s dangerous!
She has a very high self-___
Second letter in FBI
Item from a first-aid kit
Side of a coin
Nautical measure
To give a guarantee, promise
__ planet, __ state
Bad sign
Native Australian
Seed that looks like a brain
__ pig
To condemn, speak against
Don’t worry, I’m __ in English
Vortex of wind
He did it on a __, without thinking
Paper that promises a discount
Petty criminal, vandal
Is ____ here?
Bad intentions
Winner’s wreath
(syn.) For the reason that
To run away in danger
Female pig
(plural) Conjecture, estimation
I have no other friends __ my sister
__ activity, __ eruption, __ island
Strange or uncanny
Accurate, based on reality
Easily fooled
Shot to give immunity
Absence or nonexistence of something
River mouth, Greek letter
Smooth and very soft to touch
(syn.) To heal
To spy, pry into someone’s business
(plural) Target, goal
Final part of a job search
Item of furniture to sit in
To explain a word
To attack with questions
(syn.) Work, occupation
Eusocial wasp
Showing prudence, being wise
To maintain that something is true
Stinky animal
To break into pieces
Organ of renal system
Goo, slimy mud
You’re acting like a __ kid
Skilled craftsman
First, reverse or neutral
Julius Caesar never became one
Transport, automobile
He brought all __ of sweets
Someone learning to do a new job
Hostage money
Someone renting a property
The sky is the __!
3 __ 3 is 9
Baseball: __ball
Profit from shares
To cuddle cutely
To cut ties with a relative
Someone who controls an activity
Outer garment from South America
Book genre
(3rd person) To lean against something
Put it on before going out in the sun
Higher in status
(syn.) Repulsive, morbid
(3rd person) To rework text
To be more numerous
One portion of food
(syn.) Nimble, graceful
Sister in church
(syn.) Waste, rubbish
Entrance to a room
To balance precariously
To smell something
Famous Swiss tune
Having no money
Quality of being rudely direct
Title of a cardinal
Words consist of __
Person with profound knowledge
Disgraced or dishonored
To produce liquid that slowly escapes
(biology) Dogs, foxes, wolves
The dessert that means “foam” in French
Quality of being firm and steady
Central theme or melody
To dispel any doubts
A pilot with cool sunglasses
Clergy member
What makes people cry in the kitchen
Someone outside the military
A Greek letter
To lose water
I will love you __ and ever
Bringing people apart
To fetch something back
Process of sticking together
Hard blemish
Substitute for sugar
Sounding rough and harsh
Where there is light, there is __
Type of sausage
(3rd person) To keep in custody
To accelerate
To calm or to bring comfort
___ and found
(3rd person) To sum or append
To ask in a strong manner
Military rank badge
Border between countries
Things to hold onto to avoid falling
Grotesque waterspout
Declaration of truth
Person making clothes
Signal used to announce danger
Together with the peach, belongs to the rose family
(syn.) Brave, plucky
To stay around for a while
(syn.) Amazed, surprised
To save data from the Internet
Primary or first
Cows and bulls
A secluded place
She is an __ reader
He tends to __ the blame to others
(syn.) To erase, remove
To move in different directions
Action with money Polonius told Laertes not to do
Weird in a classy way
I’ve just __ into the system
The test is much __ than you think
__ is a dish best served cold
To flourish or prosper
To take by force or intimidation
Another word for “firecock”
Chair for kings
Moving away from the norm
To be defeated
Men’s hairdresser
Fraud; practical joke
__ her past, she was a gentle person
Equal or identical
To wake up
I used to __ a horse
To prohibit
Blow in boxing
Full of love
Making people free from evil spirits
Outdoor fire
File of information
Customer, someone buying goods
Delivery person
Play it again! More!
Which animal is named after its hands?
If you’d listened to me, you wouldn’t be in this __ now
Lack of civilization or culture
An unexpected or sudden event
Not visible
Large part of the face
Important or outstanding
Derisive look or sarcastic smile
Philosophy that puts people in the center
Describing a permanent attribute
Person checking accounts
Person pursuing pleasure
Extreme and constant fear
Pattern of symptoms
Proven or sampled
Sacred chant
Calm or stoic
To listen
The ___, the better
Not wholesale
Particular material or stuff
Unwilling; not eager
(syn.) Sought-after, desirable
Greed strong enough to be a sin
To accumulate, build up
To determine the value of something
Brushing or hissing sound
Energy important for sportsmen
(syn.) Bizarre, dreamlike
Brief appearance in a movie
Gift from abroad
Using a bullet
(past tense) To gleam or sparkle
To look for, hunt
It __ him a minute to figure out the riddle
__ and effect
Relative of the guitar
Commemorative carving
To dote over, indulge
It was such a __ lie
To regret deeply
Very hard gem
Huh? Excuse me?
Frivolous, careless
To stick to something
(plural) The yellow part of an egg
To reduce in rank
(3rd person) To make up one’s mind
(syn.) Strike, blow
Not an original
(syn.) To start, begin
Old and frail
__ mildew
David is her significant __
Fashionable, chic
Portable light
The opposite of “borrowing”
To make little noise while walking
(syn.) Moody, bad-tempered
Mesmerizing or sleep-inducing
(syn.) Subject, theme
Formal assessment
Persuasive talking
Prairie wolf
Topping of a cake
No __ is an island
__-believe world
Gap in the law
Involuntary reaction
(syn.) To mention, observe
Under legal age
Type of ballroom dance
Not informed
I don’t know how to __ this tension
Positive quality
Practice in a theater
The opposite of affordable
To stay away, abstain
This pill will help you __ your pain
Socially outgoing
Locomotive and carriages
Milky gem
(syn.) Prudent, sensible, discerning
Prophet or seer
Euphemism for a curse word
Advance knowledge
To worship or cherish
Winner, the best at something
Safe and innocent; of no threat
(plural) Short letter
To give directions
I bought this dress just for this __
Confused mixture
Barely visible, almost gone
It was __ other than Dave
__ than that, it’s fine
(syn.) Friendly, affectionate
Referee’s device
He ate a __ of sweets
Strong belief in fate
Bank robbery
Small fleet
Medicine for skin conditions
Funny TV show
Prehistoric remains
Ape with light brown fur
Embalmed body
You hit me, I hit you. Now we are __
To apply warmth
To appear or to arrive somewhere
Neither present, nor future
Less than uncommon or unusual
Reduction in the productivity
To put an end to something
To comment on a text
(plural) Money at the bank, bank ___
Bursting with joy
(plural) Data to be processed by a PC
Answer to a problem
To engulf food
Capable of sound judgment
Indispensable person
Logger’s tool
Not sharp (angle or person)
Pagan, not part of a widely held religion
Surpass in greatness
Mouse catcher
I’ve been __ in this house for years
Let sleeping __ lie
State-of-the-__ technology
Rust = iron __
(past tense) To condemn publicly
To prove to be false
This art had a huge __ on my life
This is a very __ poison, be careful
Person with strong moral principles
To nurture pets before finding a new home
Organ or blood provider
The bedding was of __ white color
Not now, but tomorrow
Liquid from fruit
Frog or salamander
One asked to help settle a dispute
In a tranquil manner
Temporary impediment
She gave him a __ little smile and sighed sadly
Even, silky to the touch
Characteristic of a whole country
Admired by many people
(plural) People usually have 32 of them
(3rd person) To have a meal
Closed, not ajar
(plural) Names of books
To plot a crime
Wedding party
Whirlwind or whirlpool
Something sweet to finish a dinner
To live in harmony
To supply, furnish
I can’t __ him to give up smoking
Commissioned soldier
Computer or mobile phone
To achieve a goal
(syn.) Skillful, capable
Large room for lectures
Courtesy __ many doors
Come freely, go __
Not making a single sound
To display art
Hurricane in a desert
Funny short story
To rest on the surface of water
Dishonest seller
Transport in the sky
Serving no purpose
Tooth doctor
Edge of the sea
Vast land mass
To put up with something
(3rd person) To assume, imagine
Stick to aid walking
The former and the __
Boots, sandals, crocs
Fly-on-the-__ documentary
Neither a victory, nor a failure
Passionate, esp. __ temper
(syn.) Coupon, certificate
Turning around an axis
(syn.) Funny, anecdotal
To twist together
To mean, aim
Earth or Mars
To articulate each word
(syn.) Inclination, propensity
To menace, promise harm
Snitches get __
(past tense) His words __ any sense
(syn.) To predict, anticipate
Something that ends a drought
Rodent pet
Makeup step
(syn.) Standard, typical
To gain or to acquire money
Midterm ___
Pensive, feeling blue
Portion of a whole
St. Peter or Alexander
To come from all directions, to envelop
Thick scarf
He was so stressed, he finally had a __
Muscle spasm
(3rd person) To allow entrance
Sensible or objective
(syn.) Flimsy, insubstantial
Oak nut
To keep and refuse to surrender
Guns, weapons, military equipment
(syn.) Roundabout, contingent
To cause pain
Rattling noise, esp. in the kitchen
To be successful in opposition
Progress in the current profession
(past tense) To call or ring
(3rd person) To necessitate, require
A music term
A folklore story from the past
Miserable and inadequate
Symbol of medicine
Regretful of sins
Decomposing or tainted
Mafdet’s head
A shanty or a crude house
A loud shout
Pie nut
(3rd person) To drive forward
Tendency to inaction
Black wood
Alluring woman or alarm sound
Somebody who was given something
That’s it! I found it!
To understand a secret code
Rear of a ship
Hard yoga pose for the abs
Inhabitants or dwellers
(syn.) To provoke, insult
Act of tempting strongly
Everybody agreed, it was a __ decision
Dense bushes
State of being married
Lump of some food
Far from normal
High repute
Fraudulent scheme
To walk like a duck
A place to hide in
(plural) Autumn carving materials
(3rd person) To expand, broaden
(past tense) To be present
A pool rod
Antonym of slow
To be the second one
One of the parents
Canadian loo
I can’t hear them, we are out of __
(syn.) Designer, author
Chocolate dessert
To try really hard
(syn.) The tiniest
Sacred construction
Equipment for war
Flight bonuses from credit cards
House of an oyster
Mild, not hard
Not guilty
It keeps mosquitoes away
Tool to cut grass
Trusted advisor
They were about to fight, I had to __
(syn.) A bit, somewhat
True nature of something
Sealed so that water can’t enter
A reflexive pronoun for people in general
Someone accused of disbelief
(syn.) Hardly, only, just
Quality of not being hard
Traditional terraced building
A mythical creature, an evil elf
Creature and garden decoration
Gooey kids’ toy
Type of tender seafood
To lift something with special equipment
(plural) Different versions of one text
(syn.) Concept, idea
Side view of the face
To become pregnant
In moral decline
Girl, young woman
Thank you, but your concern is __
A cloud of gas and cosmic dust
Annoying or hurtful
Juicy and rich
Tiny cake
Being well supplied or having a lot
Having the deepest knowledge of the world
Medicinal cream
(syn.) Certified, documented, confirmed
(syn.) Everything
Not wide
Present __, past perfect __
Goods in store
Expensive or precious
(past tense) To reach its destination
Wages time
To humor or comfort
Dash between two words
Curved shape
Woolen shoulder cover
State of being peeved
Poker-faced or emotionless
Unchanging, droning voice
Soapy foam
Bar in a hotel
Common European bird
Water outlet for firefighters
Moonlight __
Very difficult to come by
Common toy for babies
Figgerits Level 52
(syn.) Accessible
To renounce power
(past tense) To say no emphatically
Meek and timid
Bride’s input into the marriage
Please, wait for a ___
Ring-shaped dessert
Not poetry
He __ in absolute horror
Coral ridge
I feel __ to assist him in this matter
(syn.) Tentative, in doubt
(ant.) Singular
To turn over pages in a book
Illustrations in a book
Dwayne Johnson used to be one
Affair of the heart
Edible fungus
She has a thick Italian __
Changing sides unlawfully
“Your” back in the day
To persuade in a gentle, but cunning manner
(plural) Unknown people
(plural) Mosquito barrier
A game and a drink
__ of habeas corpus
Spade-like tool
(plural) Goal, intention
(plural) US unit of weight
(plural) Pardon from jail
Air force unit
The system of cables in a house
The explosion __ all the windows
When he was fired, I felt __ curiosity
Cheaper floor covering
Rubbish container
On __ of my son, thank you
C’est la vie = That’s __
Preparing to fire
A nose that can’t breathe
You’d __ clean your room right now!
Scotland has a lot of cold, __ lands
Sparkly decoration
Gnawing mammal
You must learn to __ between the truth and lies
Design from tiny stones
To restrain, hinder the action
Window part for flowers
(syn.) Rich, affluent
Formal written report
Someone who saw a crime
(plural) Domineering country leader
(syn.) Album, journal, diary
Not good and not average
A part or a share of the whole
Peace treaty
Area of a city
(syn.) Crazy, mad
You have to __ the meat to make it more flavorful
To force the food down
One of the branches of Christianity
__ makes waste
(syn.) To pronounce, speak
(plural) Naming part of speech
A lobby or an entrance area
(plural) A medieval instrument for writing
__ descent, color __, __ slope
To revolve around the axis
Small salamander
Don’t __ down food like that
Paper with tasks for students
Poorly ventilated
Finding a job was a __ experience
Type of pastel color
To copy, do an impression
Glass container with a stopper
For example, this game
(syn.) Allure, enchantment
__ remark, __ joke, __ quote
An employee for personal help
(3rd person) To put into print
(syn.) Shabby, tattered
With zero price
To go back on a deal
To mix with a spoon
Arthropod that can live up to 25 years
Month named after a Roman Emperor
(syn.) Strongly, profoundly
Halloween is called “___ season”
To chop something with an axe
Sickly (of complexion)
He decided to __ his life to this investigation
Not calm
(syn.) University
Good opinion about something
(plural) Prejudices or unreasonable opinions
(syn.) Infant
Peanut butter can be __ or chunky
A small floppy-eared dog breed
To exalt, praise, worship
Dog’s house
Sidepieces on a horse’s bridle
This style has gone out of __
To hurt someone’s feelings
To soak through
Christmas entertainment
Free leaflet
Where do you adjust your phone’s work?
Personal care item
State of uncertainty
A small tool to extinguish a candle
Trendy and fashionable
Santa Claus’ vehicle
Overcoat eater
(syn.) Succulent, lush
Diamond surface
Cheerfully indifferent
Thick (about eyebrows)
Consequence of breaking a law
__ of limitations
(plural) Melodies or sounds
Plush fabric
Another word for “vaccinate”
The end of a run
It’s so cold that I feel __
Almost transparent
To have some doubts
Opposed to strategical
Blot or smear of something thick
(3rd person) To mix a soup with a spoon
There’s a __ of examples when poor people became rich
Soup for sick people
50 percent
Barely awake
Are you coming to the party? – __, yes
To relieve of some toil
(syn.) Inner
Crease in the skin
A deal including two parties only
(syn.) Absolute, total
To react indignantly
Prestigious seal
(syn.) To forestall, prevent
Area of math (like Geometry or Algebra)
Non-linear data structure
Her scream was __ (extremely loud)
Score in football
Easy to read
(syn.) Unconventional, eccentric
(3rd person) To take by threats
To follow someone
Case in court
(plural) Voice communication devices
To become septic
__ or West, home is best
Ability to act without supervision
Dismiss as nonsense = dismiss as __
Lack of anything in particular
Don’t do anything that would __ your reputation
Water decoration
Owned residential unit
__ knows, maybe we’ll find it
To polish metal
Luxurious and expensive
Someone who handles marionettes
(plural) Pigs, boars
(syn.) To illuminate, brighten
People who follow a high-rank person
Desolate (about land)
__ up = improve appearance
Candy on a stick
Giant ancient gun
Legume with edible seeds
Interlinked group
(3rd person) To look good on someone
__ thanks for your help
__, fair sun
Her behavior is so __, she’s like a kid!
Novice employee
The tomato, grape and banana are all __
__ latte, __ extract, __ ice cream
Plant symbolizing aggressiveness and pride
Salvo of bullets + could be added to “ball”
Study that focuses on the meaning of words
Blatant and gross lie
The best thing about marriage is domestic __
(3rd person) To hold a party
Don Quixote fought with it
Secret romance
The king has no real political __
Kind and sympathetic to others
(syn.) To locate, encounter
To come
Flight company
(syn.) To build or set up
She was so excited, she ran outside __
I’m __ = I’m very hungry
“Will you marry me?”
(past tense) To plot something bad
Spot for vows
The president’s __ is very tight, no room for a meeting
Not worth a dime
Part of the leg that pushes pedals
Intense disgust, aversion
Hungarian stew
Cavity for an eyeball
Tom Canty was a __
Deadly dangerous
To sully, discolor
More expensive type of books
Apple + peach = __
A red fruit and a sound of contempt
Open acknowledgment
There is no room for art in her __ life
Useful facility in a hotel
To discuss again and again
Selene’s carriage
To make someone angry or annoyed
Not practical
Operating in a foreign country
The opposite of “urban”
Hot season
(plural) Not quite mountains
The __, and the thousand natural shocks
I’ll make it worth your __
(plural) Public speaker
Message on delivery boxes
Latin-American dance
We will only listen to the information __ to the case
Having 3 jobs will prove a __ to your personal life
He was totally __ of her affection
Leftover stuff
You should __ clear from this gang
Punishment for bad parking
To ask to visit
Prepare a __ piece of paper for the test
Kids hate to do them
Stopping place with passengers
(past tense) To live, dwell
Social class
To spread negative information
Kind of love towards all human beings
It __ on me that I forgot my passport at home
If he has to eat stuff like that, he’ll do it with __
Light sound, typical of ringtones
Stuff inside an hourglass
First installment of payment
A leopard can’t change __ spots
What a __ little excuse!
To live somewhere permanently
Proven thing, truth
School celebration
(plural) Common sushi fish
(syn.) Courageous
I did it for the ___ of our love!
Animal that eats termites
Mentally picture, visualize
To remove all data from a table
Ready, __, go
Garbage can
Vandalizing, harming
__ love, __ fruit, __ City
To stop sleeping
Tropical forest
To chop into small pieces
Ceramics maker
All set to get married
(syn.) If
Number of deadly sins
I’m not __ sure this is true
Seat in a bar
Derogatory term for an illegitimate offspring
TV host
Small cart used by street vendors
__ soul, __ teeth, __ eggs
A memo or a note
Popular fast-food
Fox, cougar, bear
(plural) Public road
Difficult time, adversity
I’ve __ had any soup, why are you taking it away?
To move on foot
They buried a time __ with their wishes
Wheels of a plane
Red-brown color
Massive fall of snow
Type of alternative milk
Natural area of dwelling
He leads a __ life, never getting any rest
Stand-up performer
Roundabout road
Superficial, not detailed
Gone __ = out of control
(syn.) Answer
To hesitate, lose momentum
One of the most intelligent dog breeds
To perceive by touch
Hell hath no __ like a woman scorned
(past tense) To organize, arrange
Obnoxious babbler
To dig in, consume
Allowed by law
(plural) Cute brown spots from being outside
Quarrel or dispute
To be in harmony; to say yes
It ranges from poor to eidetic
Only caring about trivial, insignificant things
Important travel document
In a threatening, sinister manner
The higher rank in a profession
(syn.) Assembly, council
(plural) A false name or a pseudonym
Now is the __ of our discontent
Fully developed, no longer young
Someone who fusses over everyone
Young lady
You can’t __ this argument, because it’s true
Instincts help animals to __
Forest or park officer
To request someone to be present
(plural) Irrational anxiety
Intentionally harmful
Like __, like son
Public expo
(plural) Weapons, arms
Not manufactured in a factory
When life gives you lemons, make __
With imperfections
(3rd person) To help, sustain
Type of conversation with a large audience
Tree secretion
Coastal bird with long legs
Falling star
(past tense) To overwhelm in number
Between the hammer and the __
“Sea” and “see”
(plural) Wrinkled plum
Someone who shows you to your seats
About time!
Joint disease
Don’t try to __ the truth with pretty lies
To dislike extremely
The __ of the Opera
(3rd person) To move unsteadily
Brief raid into a territory
Place to keep a pistol
__ marketing; __ clock
Unsuccessful shot in golf
I didn’t mean to __ on your private moment
Kind of quality people are born with
Concealing, covering up
To annoy someone badly
Loop at the back of footwear to pull it on
Without a word
Chemical fertilizer
To hop on the band__
To aim at something
He was shaken and couldn’t regain his __
(syn.) Amusement, joy, merriment
There will be no swearing in this __, young man!
Mix of veggies
(syn.) Pluck, valor
To talk unintelligibly
(syn.) Fluffy, fuzzy
I suggest you __ from trying to ruin the evening
After 10 years, he tried to __ their love
This skill is his __ and butter
Adults have to pay them
Scowling, looking displeased
Something destroyed by misuse
Beautiful needlework
Mare’s mate
He was but a __ in this big plan
(syn.) Value, merit
Unease, mild sickness
The grass was greener back __
Sugar substitute
Many solar systems have multiple __
Beautiful and fine metalwork
(syn.) To rotate, spiral
Nowadays, people tend to work __, from home
Sport played on water
She’s been __ this meeting off
(syn.) Factory, workshop
Gangster underling
She __ in this moment of true glory
O judgement! Thou art fled to __ beasts
Skin injury
He tends to __ on the fence for ages
(syn.) Sponsorship, backing
(adj) Going on repeatedly
Dark time between dusk and dawn
Underwater animal with two stomachs
Your crude jokes are frankly __
(syn.) Unattractive, plain
Cure for the eye
To become wet
To accuse in court
Breath of a dragon
You can’t __ him, he’s a genius!
Suspended garland with flowers
Factory with horrible working conditions
Herb of remembrance
You should stop __ in self-pity
She’s always remained on the __, not taking an initiative
Encountering, locating
(syn.) To slander, libel
To write music
(3rd person) To steal small things
(syn.) Cure
The __ fly feeds on blood
(syn.) To brew
To speak poorly of someone behind their back
Result of crossbreeding
Critique of Pure __
Pendant with a keepsake
Dove’s call
(syn.) To arouse, excite
Hiring people just to pretend to be inclusive
He ordered __ and __ of food
Legend or fable
(syn.) Small, tiny
Afternoon nap
Rabbit’s house
(syn.) Far-sighted, shrewd
The class is __, you may go
(3rd person) To shine, sparkle
On/off switch
If you can force your heart and nerve and __
Example: pistachio
To __ profit, to __ weight
Doom or big fortune
He left __ after you
Gift cover
Quality of using way too many words
Circular revolving platform for records
His pupils are totally __
Synthetic fabric
(plural) Consequences or outcomes
Which flower symbolizes joy and romantic devotion?
Bright in an unpleasant way
Very good citizen
Ay, there’s the __
The opposite of the West
To drag someone into a conflict
Beauty and the __
(plural) An alarm and a nymph
After what he did, she __ the sight of him
Habit is second __
Language of programmers
Relating to mushrooms
Military unit
(3rd person) To take away
A public event with a lot of money at stake
Put the additional information in the __
More than 5000 feet
(syn.) To show up
“Dude” in Britain
(syn.) Prudence, thriftiness
(plural) Cooling device
With passion, ardently
__ prices are always lower
(syn.) To crave, deeply desire
Kind of game-birds from the Old World
Dramatic style of makeup
Young female horse
Pile of grass kept for winter
Type of street art
Ordered arrangement
To estimate, consider carefully
(syn.) Parade, spectacle, extravaganza
Wreath of flowers
Russian ___
(syn.) Menacing, threatening
Woody plant
Allergy trigger
Acid salt
Water descending from the sky
(syn.) Depiction, picture
Someone who prefers to live in isolation
(past tense) To toss, cast away
Not thick (about hair)
I feel __ whenever I think of that bastard
(plural) A pool of money
To move lower in a class
Grilling event outdoors
Cicero was a famous __
Doing something for the sake of convention
(plural) Impact mark
Steaming mad
The king decided to __ a knighthood upon him
Example: flu, mononucleosis
Brief summary
Limited in time
(syn.) Pixieish, playful
To hex somebody
To convert information into a secret message
(syn.) Boring, dull, insipid
(syn.) Insistent, assertive
(past tense) To protect, block
Imbued with something
High female singing voice
A well-built attractive man
Sorry for the crimes
Small game bird
The correct way to write a word
A shapeless lump
a __ day = an excellent day
A small shop at a fair
To catch up and then do better
The largest living primate
(3rd person) To notice briefly
I __ you, please don’t do it!
(syn.) Ashamed, blushing
Dot on a screen
Someone who deliberately destroys stuff in a company
To be placed on top
The boss tried her best to __ this blow
With extreme dedication, energetically
The opposite word
(plural) Large stone
Short fun trip
The job went __, and I decided to quit
Plowed, cultivated
(syn.) To bet, gamble
She was __ to get this job!
To sweat
Ballet twirl
To seize and clutch
Warm bed covering
(plural) Reason for action
Styling product and a soft dessert
The __ of relativity
A __ in Time of Plague
Happy __!
Someone in favor of violent methods
Cost of flying
I strongly __ with this idea
Color of yolk
To make holes in something
Gramophone record
To impose unpleasant work on someone
Fermenting agent
Careful and diligent with resources
(syn.) To drool, salivate
(syn.) Cruel, cold-hearted
Unhappy life = __ life
He suffered the __ of being scolded publicly
Extension of subscription
To be in shape
To scatter water
(syn.) Majesty, impressiveness
She’s but a __ of who she used to be
He was __ to accept this at first, but eventually agreed
(plural) Expertise, ability
I can __ be free
(syn.) To change, transfigure
I’m really __ some pizza right now
Strong, eager desire
Large and plump
Jealous and resentful
Intentional action
To jump or dance with joy
Becoming worn and shabby
Part of a euro or a dollar
To ridicule, mock
Presence of water in the air
Where the Sun doesn’t __
(syn.) Dramatically, extremely
(plural) Chemistry, biology, physics…
The state of wellbeing
(syn.) Subsidized
He likes to __ his wealth in front of the ladies
To form a clot
Wall used against flooding
Female protagonist
To design for the first time
Declared intention to harm
Outline of a figure
The book __ back to the 18th century
(syn.) To brood, fret
Exotic lizard, often kept as a pet
(syn.) Jovial, cheerful
(plural) A breed of small dogs
Hades to Zeus
Fans feel that towards their idols
Food hall at school
Doctor who deals with operations
Spear used to hunt wales
She decided to jump on the __ and buy this coat
Medical center
Quick vacation
She was filled with ___ indignation
He was constantly __ in all his exams
E.g.: Capricorn, Virgo
(plural) Long ribbon worn by royalty
__ the wiser
(syn.) Eternal, infinite
Legal killing
One portion of tequila
(3rd person) To pay heed
To bring the eyebrows close together in displeasure
Lion’s hair
You’d better clean that __ history of yours
To withdraw, go back (about troops)
An injection of a vaccine
Another type of hunter
Stereo equipment to increase signal
Blue gem
(syn.) Lecturer
Item of luggage
In fact, I have more __ left in the quiver
This literary work is going on an extended ___
Uninterrupted possession
Obtaining as profit
Family of baby birds
A number of lectures in a particular subject
Public march
Deep, full (about sound)
(3rd person) To give directions
The word “debt” has this kind of letter
(syn.) Insane, lunatic
Flower representing familial duty
To wrap around, twist together
Don’t __ about your salary to everyone
To get ready for something
The tension in the room was so strong it felt __
Why can’t you see it? He’s __ about you!
Don’t let the boss get a __ of what you did!
Sport device that goes downhill
Strong wine from Spain
He decided to __ her onto his shoulders
Underground pipes
(syn.) Scary, threatening
Harmful or toxic
The more laws, the less __
(plural) Zeus, Aphrodite
Deep involvement
I’m feeling on __ after that stupid mistake
Able to perceive, conscious
__ end of the stick
All the teachers __ over him at school
Animal, whose main form of defense is their rear
Account of news
(syn.) To supply, furnish
Precision or exactness
She was crying and __ quietly
She clearly has a __ for violence
Striking or flamboyant
__ crime, __ delinquent, __ justice
Production in general
(plural) Craftsman with skills
Popular winter sport
Flower, which is a symbol of healing
__ potatoes
(plural) Female deer
Something you can’t breathe without
Badly loud, noisy
Person with a medical degree
You need to add __ cream
He’s gone on a __ to Britain
Member of a political party
Another word for “letter”
Able to soak up
She gave him a __ glance
To hunt for food
(syn.) Impulse, incentive
Money given to the unemployed
Fast and rapid


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